Lack Of Action

by Mister Mark

BPM 60
Slow jazz feel, saxophone, piano, bass and drums. Suitable for evening walk scene, late night dinner, romantic date, lazy time, as on hold music, and more.
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  • Lack Of Action by Mister Mark

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    Silver Lining by White Cat Music

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    Slow Flood by Mister Mark

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    Moment To Moment by Music Box

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    Sensitive Moment by Manuel Ochoa

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    Romantic Intimacy by SmarTune Music

    A romantic track, soft and classic. Played by piano.

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    Calm Beauty by Tunelight

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    At First Sight by White Cat Music

    Smooth jazz ballad played by a cocktail jazz trio, with brushed drums, upright bass and piano. Melodic and pleasant, very versatile. Think of romance, peacefulness, reflection, conversations or even nostalgia and melancholy.

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    Falling In Love by Tunelight

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    Graceful Dancer by Ionics Music

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    Deep Emotions by Manuel Ochoa

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    If You Ever Leave Me by Manuel Ochoa

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    Nature Beauty by Eitan Epstein Music

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    Tender Dreams by Manuel Ochoa

    Slow sensitive music, delicate and warm. Great music for documentary and touching moments. Ambient instrumental music track.

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    Magical Love by Manuel Ochoa

    Quiet music, great for sensitive situations, warm moments. Slow, soft and quiet in the style of Yiruma. Great background music for relaxation, love stories, romantic underscore, peaceful scenes at home.

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    Meditative Atmosphere by Manuel Ochoa

    Healing music for meditation, spa, yoga, relaxation. Great background music for the hotel lobby, lazy afternoon at home, restaurant reception, reflective moments. Slow track with synthesizer and piano.

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    Resting In Your Hands by Mike Nowa

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