Bluesy Piano

by Manuel Ochoa

BPM 60
Piano blues, slow tempo and sweet. This music will fit well for ambient music, sexy moments, warm background.
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  • Bluesy Piano by Manuel Ochoa

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    Sunshine Lullaby by Strat 56

    A positive sweet solo acoustic guitar instrumental. Heartwarming and wholesome. A Nashville Tuning on the guitar gives this tune a unique and pleasant sound. This composition also has a unique original style, a little Celtic, a little southern with a touch of classical. It was also specifically recorded to maintain it's organic earthy sound.

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    Dining Room by Manuel Ochoa

    Sophisticated and tender, slow tempo piano composition. Brings to mind a diamond ring, lazy early morning, and a cup of delicious English tea. Suitable for lounge settings, restaurant dining, nostalgic scenes, sweet dreams, and more.

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    Live For The Moment by Alex Borg

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    Back Porch Blues by Andy Littlewood

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    American Countryside by Eitan Epstein Music

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    Acoustic Guitar Sketch by Ilya Truhanov

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    Next Turn by Alexander Lisenkov

    This is calm and quiet track featuring muted bass guitar and ambient synths. It would be nice for financial or hi tech videos, also it can be used for video games.

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    Calm River by Manuel Ochoa

    Soft Piano music, relaxed and warm. This music track is easy and touching and will fit well for ambient music, background music and voiceover

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    Relaxing Ident by Alex Borg

    This is positive lounge short acoustic music track with bright mood, which contain happy guitars and percussion. Mellow, relaxing melody. Perfect for background music for webcasts, advertisements, television, radio or personal presentations.

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    Slide Blues Ident by Alex Borg

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    Sweet Smile by Manuel Ochoa

    Delicate piece of piano music, slow and soft. This music is tender and sensitive, great for laid back soundscape.

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    Close To My Heart by White Cat Music

    Smooth, peaceful acoustic track, very versatile. Sparse at the beginning, then it builds up a fuller, inspiring section. All real instruments played by real musicians. Full version also available.

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    Caring About You by Manuel Ochoa

    Sensitive music, great for caring situations and warm moment. This music is laid back and easy going and will fit well in ambient situations and background usages, lazy day off, feelgood carefree moments.

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    One of These Days by Mike Nowa

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