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Futuristic inspirational background track, with light electronic drums and minimal house elements.
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Atmospheric, yet dramatic chillstep / chilltrap track. Perfect for video games, presentations, futuristic videos, relaxation after a hard workout challenge, background music for youtube channel and more. Featuring punchy trap drum beats, warm sub bassline, bright and emotional piano keys, futuristic synthesizers, magic pads, cool cosmic arpeggios and more.
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A straightforward and determined crossover between a classical music harmony and 8bit chiptune styled theme.
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A dynamic track made with synths and electric guitars.
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This dubstep music is a compelling mix of dramatic action contrasted with haunting piano melodies. The fusion of styles creates a dynamic sure to grab anyone's attention.
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Lush and wondrous, featuring pulsing strings, synthesizers, ambient percussion samples and future house kick creating a hypnotic atmosphere.
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This ethereal graceful hybrid orchestral track with lush strings, horns and synthesizer moods can add an extra sense of wonder and awe to your project.
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A dramatic synth and drum combination with string swells and percussion hits.
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This is an ethereal track with a hypnotic synth bass and an FX piano melody.
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Dramatic misterious song, performed on synthesizers, continuos analog bass pattern, sequences on middle-high frecuency range, some synth strings and strong percussion.
0:54 , 2:34
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Futuristic sounding, creative, modern track in Synthwave/ Retrowave electronica genre.
1:41 , 1:48, 1:48
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Great, modern, vintage sounding track in retro electro synthwave genre.
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This is a modern electronic track with dynamic and atmospheric sound.
1:56 , 2:10
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Futuristic, inspirational, dreamy high tech track with modern SFX sounds, piano, electronic synths, strings, guitar, modern percussion and deep bass.
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Futuristic, atmospheric, melodic track in future chilltrap / chillstep genre with punchy drum beats, deep wobble basses, creative cosmic fantasy arpeggios, airy plucks and more.
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A trailer-style music, with a dark mood and dangerous tension feeling.
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Dreamy, atmospheric, futuristic track in chillstep genre with cosmic airy pads, emotional piano keys, fantasy synthesizer, trance arpeggios, space sound effects and more!
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A dark and obsessive track, with the sense of determination, full of synths and deep percussions.
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Moody and grooving, featuring dreamy harp, flowing synth and a distant cello that create a dreamy, hypnotic mood.
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Cool and straight pop track with groove.
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A ambient technological looped track with a little touch of IDM.
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Great powerful track ideal for scenes of adventures, action, thriller.
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It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.
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Automated synthesizers, staccato piano, punchy bass and clipped percussion play 87 second loop of repetitive motifs suggestive of investigative reporting, TV journalism, and news magazine shows.
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Cold ambient track with synth sound effects and ambient mechanical ringing in the background.
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