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1:50 , 2:15
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This motivational and inspiring track will make your projects sound awesome.
1:57 , 1:33, 2:37
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This is beautiful, light and emotional cinematic music with magical and uplifting dramatic orchestra. Perfect background audio for romantic and inspiring videos, love stories, cinematic project, film credits, heart-felt slideshow for Valentin's Day and other video projects. Here we have a bright emotional piano, strings staccato, cello, viola, violin, glock, horns, sub bass.
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This is great energetic and inspiring pop rock indie music with uplifting feeling and bright optimistic atmosphere.
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Slowly building up an emotional and inspiring piano with an expansive and wide orchestra.
1:42 , 2:48
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This is powerful motivational and strong inspirational music with optimistic and positive feeling.
1:03 , 0:11, 0:15, 1:00, 1:36U
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A festive Christmas track featuring piano, orchestral strings, sleigh bells, bells, brass, bass, and drums.
1:42 , 0:20, 2:53
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This beautiful track is perfect for anything that needs a romantic or inspired feel including weddings, inspiring video montages, documentary, films, tv ads, and more.
1:29 , 1:36
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Powerful energetic modern dubstep royalty free track with coll and trendy sound.
1:35 , 2:16
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This is beautiful cinematic music with truly inspiring atmosphere and cinematic orchestra sound.
1:42 , 2:30
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Dreamy, inspiring, melodic, beautiful music in the Rock style.
1:56 , 2:39
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This is breathtaking and very inspiring pop-rock music with great energy and bright motivational atmosphere.
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This is beautiful, inspirational and light corporate music with atmospheric and beautiful melody.
2:02 , 1:14, 1:34, 2:41
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Positive heroic orchestral theme with a courageous noble, and brave melody.
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Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel.
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Atmospheric corporate track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood.
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Upbeat and inspiring alternative rock music with strong motivational "Hey" sound in the style of "Of Monsters and Men".
1:03 , 1:13
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Magic Clouds is pop style corporate royalty free music with a modern tropical beat.
1:59 , 1:28, 2:45
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Positive, motivational track with inspirational mood, that evokes the feeling of success and new achievements.
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Inspiring indie folk background track with acoustic guitars, airy pads, pianos etc.
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Intense and powerful future bass royalty free track, featuring emotional piano, synthesizers and heavy drums.
1:39 , 1:49
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This is bright orchestral music with a mood of victory and triumph.
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Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel.
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This is beautifully inspiring music with emotional and uplifting atmosphere.
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Modern music for technological, business and corporate media.
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A fun classical music piece with lots of movement and playfulness.
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Beautiful inspirational classical track with bittersweet and heartwarming mood.
1:25 , 0:36, 1:35, 1:35U, 2:03
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Inspiring and motivating epic track.
1:58 , 2:18U
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Uplifting cinematic orchestra track with the majestic mood, that conveys the spirit of victory and inspiration.
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