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1:46 , 2:08, 2:13
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An adventurous Middle Eastern track with a mysterious feel. Great for espionage video games, oriental style films or documentaries, Persian history, exotic antiquities, and more.
1:34 , 0:36, 1:43
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This is a powerful epic dramatic cinematic scene trailer music intro with exciting sound. The track contains different bright instruments – big war battle drums, violins, cello, live bass, strings, brass, epic vocals (it was me :), synths. This track can be used in war games and movies, documentary scientific films, as a movie trailer or epic, adventure musical website's background, travel programs "Lonely Planet" alike.
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Restrained and melodic asian fusion track with exotic sound and a a slightly melancholic touch. Suits perfect in documentarys, travel videos or even in a movie.
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This is a loop with a combination of latin elements and technical sounds.
1:00 , 2:00
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Powerful Epic Dramatic Cinematic Scene Trailer music with exciting sound.
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Cinematic and melodic ethnic piece.
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Ambiental and peaceful track.
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Dramatic and passionate cinematic music.
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A beautiful piece that gives a sense of rebirth, new discovery etc.
2:00 , 2:11
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This is bright and modern future bass track with the dynamic, intense and powerful atmosphere.
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Arabic cinematic track, combining ethnic duduk melody along with stylish synth beats.
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A strange, authentically medieval music loop featuring wolf howling sound.
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Think Game of Thrones or Vikings.
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This inspiring and motivational track brings together a beautiful Pan Drum tune with some strings, piano, bells and an uplifting drums groove.
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A cool and funny latin loop.
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'Emotional Dreams' is a peaceful,quiet & soft melody with a soft and warm pads and atmospheres and a cool marimba/soft african beat.
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Female vocals on a background full of rhythmic pulsations create a charming and enthralling atmosphere.
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Two acoustic guitars for a classic and lively atmosphere, full of pulsating rhythm.
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Track for classical guitar solo, full of Mediterranean flavor enhanced by the contrapuntal technique.
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Middle Eastern female voices and violins with strings.
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A nostalgic, instrumental song, performed on synthesizers and electroacoustic guitar.
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Strange nostalgic song performed on synthesizers, bell style sound arpeggios, a few drums with a middle-east style.
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You are very successful - good luck is your companion.
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Deep atmosphere of evening forest, good for relaxation.
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Authentic Cuban song "Guajira" with slow touch of melancholy.
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