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0:44 , 1:51
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Positive inspirational alternative indie rock background. Featuring delayed electric guitars a la Coldplay, as well as a driving bass line and a percussion rhythm in half time which adds a nice little counter-rhythm to the triplet guitar riff. Perfect for motivational and inspiring videos, slideshows, Youtube videos, documentaries, advertisements and more.
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Smooth and gentle, featuring touching clean guitar, light strings and atmospheric textures that create a tender and uplifting mood.
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Bright, inspirational and atmospheric Post Rock track, featuring electric guitars, background E-bow, bass and drums.
1:44 , 2:13
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Atmospheric cinematic music with relaxing, yet confident sound.
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A groovy and positive instrumental piece featuring electric guitars, synths, bass and drums.
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Motivational and driving lite corporate rock. Optimistic and inspiring modern acoustic pop rock music for business achievement, success, commercial, presentation, podcast and ads. Featuring uplifting guitars, claps, beautiful and hopeful piano licks and inspirational strings.
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An uplifting and inspirational post-rock track, featuring ambient electric guitars, big and epic drums and expansive strings, piano and synths.
1:15 , 1:26
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Brighter Sky is a heartwarming positive and energetic atmospheric soundscape that slowly growing, expanding track that starts off with a small and quiet sequence and slowly swells big rocky ending.
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An intricate and enthralling development of pulsations, rich in peace and strength, which transmit wellbeing, optimism and serenity.
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Modern, smooth and somehow sensual blues-rock track. Featuring electric guitars and electric piano. Great for the romantic moments, nostalgia, love romance, memories of the past, passion relationship, building up love between two people, etc.
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A private eye theme in a post rock- electronic style.
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Inspiring, upbeat corporate track for commercial projects, travel videos and youth-oriented advertising.
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A cool, stylish alternative rock piece. Perfect for a wide range of projects including videos, ads and more!
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Building and pulsing, featuring a driving electro-pop guitars rhythm and shimmering synth textures that create an optimistic, youthful & inspiring mood.
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Touching post rock track. Calm ambient intro with lots of delay and reverb guitars turns into emotional hook.
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Inspiring post rock track that features many gentle and melodic guitars that build to an epic emotional climax. Perfect for visuals that require motivational theme and overcoming adversity.
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A lush and pretty gradual buildup to a climactic crescendo. Ambient indie rock and folk vibes.
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Inspiring post rock track that builds from a soft and ambient beginning with guitar to an air of victory and triumph made with guitars lots of delay that combine with huge sounding drums.
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A fresh and uplifting 'indie rock' style build up track. Evoking vibes of The Fray, and Coldplay, this track would be ideally suited to voiceovers or to motivational montages.
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This is a heartwarming positive and energetic soundscape/atmosphere track that slowly growing, expanding track that starts off with a small and quiet sequence and slowly swells into a crescendo and into a big buildup with big drum sound at the end.
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Electric guitar and drums create a modern rock style theme tune, suggesting driving a car or truck on the road. Very suitable theme music for motor sports such as formula one or off-road racing. Track features many moods such as being competitive, challenging and motivated.
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Slow, spacious 12/8 british psychodelic rock in Gm. Drums, electric bass,electric organ, electric guitar, synthesizer pads, synthesizer female vox.
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This is an inspiring and motivational track.
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A very savvy, cool track.
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A very strange ambient, cinematic track.
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This is a little sad melody that resembles the ebb and flow of the sea.
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Up tempo dance pop with a catchy acoustic guitar riff layered over thick house beats.
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Inspirational uplifting track with epic soaring piano riff and down tempo heavy dub step beats.
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Alternative indie guitar ballad with dreamy synth hooks.
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Energetic electronic track in a melancholic mood.
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Small tribute to Pink Floyd .

Atmospheric Playlists

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Rules are meant to be broken. These melodies can help you push past yours.
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Grab your friends and your board and hit the waves with these surf-inspiring melodies.
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