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    • Win The Day by ihsandincer

      An upbeat track with explosive energy causes incredible positive emotions! Bright and catchy rhythm with a sonant electric guitar and shouting "Hey!" is suitable for Youtube videos, bright promotion, party mood, or youth-oriented Tv commercials. Also great for travel vlogs, or anything that needs unadulterated joy and fun!

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      Modern Achievements by DimmyPlus

      Uplifting and motivational corporate commercial track featuring muted guitar, warm piano, and acoustic guitar - perfect for inspirational tech videos, corporate outreach promos, and YouTube tutorial content.

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      Cityscape by Nazar Rybak

      Modern ambient electronic. Reflecting progress, buildings and modern structures. Suitable for various use, background music fly through animations, corporate reflections, cityscapes, progress etc. Corporate music for film, videos and sci-fi segments.

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      Lofi Hiphop by Azovmusic

      Chill lo-fi beat. Old vinyl noise, Rhodes, electric guitar, and calm hip-hop beat with calm and lounge mood. Great for Youtube projects, instructional videos, advertising or commercial, various slideshow presentations, tutorials, etc.

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      Dormouse by Andrea Quarin

      Sweet, fun and gentle easy listening music track with sweet metal and wood Xylophone melodies, clean gentle guitars and open/festive drums and percussions. Perfect for happy segments, gentle build ups and mellow video clips and children related presentations/videos/segments.

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      Piano Sadness by Jon Wright

      An emotional, minimal cinematic acoustic piano track accompanied by light flautando strings and synths. Conveys an atmosphere of thoughtfulness and contemplation. Very good sad music instrumental for a sad scenes in videos, movies and theaters.

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      Best Days by MediaM

      Gentle, peaceful, and emotional chillstep music with piano, pads, strings, cello, and slow beats. Perfect for romantic visuals, sentimental video, innovation documentaries, travel media content, tv, youtube, product presentations, commercials, and more.

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      A Life For A Dream by Media Sushi

      Beautiful & inspiring track for your epical video project. Perfect for cinematic slideshow, dramatic video, powerful presentation and epic montage.

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      Tibetan Mandala by Mike Nowa

      Imagine a caravan flowing across mountains and deserts. The melody can bring to mind the vastness of the Mongolian landscape or the endless Tibetan sky. Peaceful Asian bamboo flutes over soft percussion create a heavenly mood. This background music instills a feeling of serenity and bliss—perfect for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and more.

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      Sky Track by Infraction

      Sky Track is pop style corporate royalty free music. Great for use in commercials, business presentations, info openers, corporate advertising, youtube, festival videos, youtube vlogs and videohive projects. I used guitar harmonics, piano, deep drums, percussion, electric guitar.

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      Comic Situation by APmuse

      This is playful and quirky comedy music with funny strings, whistle, trombones and more. Great for children's contents, easy-going youtube videos, prank videos, curious characters, comedy shows, cartoon animations, etc.

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      Corporate Theme 2 by Roman Cano

      This is an inspiring and motivational track. Perfect for presentations and corporate videos.

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      Lets Go Upbeat Rock by Yoav Alyagon

      Exciting and uplifting fast rock track with an upbeat, energetic and happy feel. Perfect for video projects related to sports, fun, action, happiness, and joy!

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      Evening Forest Trail by MintWhale

      Dreamy and melancholic ambient piano music, with calm, deep, and warm synth pads. This music perfectly fits any of your cinematic and sentimental needs and works great as background music for any video project about nature, travel, romantic films, documentaries about people, memorial videos or simply as a soundtrack to accompany you while you work.

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      Inspiring Piano by Roman Cano

      This is a beautiful and inspirational piano piece. Perfect for commercials, presentations, inspirational videos, documentaries and more

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      Last Dance by DPmusic

      Beautiful romantic jazz music with summer feelings and a lovely mood. The main instruments are a grand piano, acoustic upright bass, electric pianos, strings, acoustic guitar, and soft pads. Perfect for dates, rendezvous, restaurant atmosphere, love scenes, sweet life videos, and much more.

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      Getting To Success by Alexander Lisenkov

      Optimistic and positive motivational tune made with synths, guitars and piano. Good music for advertising or corporate videos. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

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      It Is Just Happiness by TreiaMusic

      Cute and nostalgic, country-folk music that brings to mind images of small-town America. Just imagine warm summer air, children playing in the back yard, people enjoying life and the simple pleasures. Features acoustic guitars, hand claps, piano, and Hammond organ. This rustic track would suit scenes about family and friendship, camping and holidays – all those happy childhood moments – or even commercials for simple products with a friendly, folk appeal.

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      Inner Strength by TimTaj

      It is a soft, motivating, inspiring, positive, corporate background track for your projects. Suitable for any video, online advertising, presentation, social media, healthcare projects, video explainers, presentation, infographics and slideshow music, real estate marketing videos, etc.

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      First Time Gardener by Alexander Lisenkov

      This is a happy, joyful, and upbeat track with a sense of playfulness and innocence. It features acoustic guitars, mallet instruments, and glockenspiel. Perfect for themes about beauty, relaxation, travel, adventure, or improvement. Good for corporate videos, commercials about lifestyle products, pets stories, garden or food shows, and children's media projects.

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      Tropic Summer Breeze by Media Sushi

      Summer pop track with a dreamy atmosphere and top sound production quality. Can be a perfect choice for corporate videos, motivational videos, summer videos, explainers, inspiring projects, youtube videos.

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      Technology Century by MediaM

      Modern, futuristic and deeply focused electronic music with laid-back groove and modern plucky sound. This royalty-free track will be perfect as background music for technology promo videos, science videos, sci-fi and documentary films, augmented reality videos, modern developments and innovations projects, design and engineering videos.

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      Live Your Dream by ArtIss

      An inspiring and dreamy track. Bright instrumental music for corporate an business videos.

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      Kids Are Playing Now by TreiaMusic

      Kids Are Playing Now is a light and carefree track with a sense of fun, joy, and happiness! A combination of piano, claps, bass lines, Hammond organ, and drums make this track perfect for various projects. You can use it for YouTube videos, education presentations, TV shows, radio jingles, websites, and so on.

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      Somewhere by Mark Kueffner

      Slow, melancholic, thoughtful and reflective piano piece. Mood transforms from melancholic to hopeful. Instruments include piano and violins. Sad music classical background to use in YouTube videos and storytelling.

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      Emotional Feelings by Eitan Epstein Music

      This is beautiful and touching piano music, full of love and emotions. Great for nostalgic memories and sentimental trailers, sad and emotional scenes, romantic and exciting movie scenes, cinematic and inspirational piano moods, winter and autumn scenes, drama films, warm and hopeful background music, family and wedding background music and much more.

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      Corporative Inspire by Media Sushi

      An inspiring and uplifting background track perfect to set an optimistic and motivational mood. Starting with a tight confident intro and building up to a winning successful feeling. A perfect choice for corporate videos, presentations, digital marketing, innovative videos, websites, tutorials, explainers, slideshows, YouTube videos. Featured instruments, electronic drums, deep bass, piano, mute guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, strings & synth pads, claps & percussion, sweep fx.

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      Chilli Jam by Dopestuff

      A positive and relaxed track with a smooth, jazzy vibe. Features light drums, bass guitar, keys, and a smoothsax melody. Great for vlogs or travel videos, or themed around summer. It’s very easy on the ears and great for any project needing an carefree sound.

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      Upbeat Energy by Ryan Ancona

      This happy and upbeat instrumental background music has positive energy for a corporate business motivational sound needing to be optimistic and cheerful. This is very bouncy bright and carefree. Features Ukulele, Whistling, and Acoustic guitar with bells to give it a catchy melody. Perfect pop rock for website, video, Youtube, Advertising Ads, Youtube and Friends.

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      Beautiful Day By The Sea by Audioflame

      Beautiful and inspiring corporate electronic track. Fits as a background for advertising and commercials, tutorials and explainers, presentations and promo, motivational videos, marketing, and other inspiring projects.

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      Calm Morning by Azovmusic

      Hopeful, optimistic, and gentle piano and acoustic guitar that create a tender and soft mood. Ideal background music for rustic videos, Third Wave Coffee places, travel, and an excellent calm atmosphere.

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      Life Is Worth Living by Premium TraX

      An inspiring and uplifting cinematic composition that brings life-affirming emotions to the listener and signifies the beauty of life. Beautiful piano and glockenspiel melody evolving into a full orchestral soundtrack. Perfect for commercials, trailers, movies, vlogs, motivational videos & more.

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      Teams United by Owen Mulcahy

      The theme of this track is unity and team spirit, It is filled with great drive and confidence, and the energy that invokes achievement and success. It can work well in sporting videos or projects that unite harmony and collaboration of many parts, It can motivate people to come together and work towards greatness and excellence in any project.

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      Happy Mood by Twisterium

      This is a hopeful and uplifting modern pop/folk track for your positive and motivational project, beautiful slideshow with music or film. It will help your video or presentation to stuck in minds and to bring a lot of happy feelings to people.

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      Happy With Ukeleles by TreiaMusic

      A positive, happy, upbeat, and uplifting folk track that brings a smile to people's faces. Featuring ukulele, acoustic guitar, handclaps, organ, and sweet glockenspiel melody that evokes the feeling of being on a tropical island filled with friendly people. It gives a sense of warmth, happiness, and well-being. This track is perfect for commercials, websites, YouTube videos, and so much more!

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      True Colors by Alex Borg

      True Colors is a folk acoustic guitar track with a warm sound perfect for any type of projects. Suitable for travel videos, advertising background, commercial videos, film opener, Youtube, movie intro music, tv show, business videos, viral marketing, interview background, tourism videos, world vision or any other media projects.

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      Emotional Drama by ColourTunes

      Lush, powerful, and dramatic Hollywood trailer track that creates an exciting mood. An essential addition to any cinematic trailers, video game soundtrack, commercials, film score with modern hero scenes, and more! The building intensity of a symphony orchestra will give goosebumps to your audience. So if you're looking for Hollywood-styled theme music, this is going to be a great choice.

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      Inspirational Victory by Yoav Alyagon

      A beautiful, inspiring, emotional, and dramatic symphonic composition for heroic moments. Features a piano with powerful symphonic strings, strong percussion, and choir. 4 versions included.

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      Away From Here by AG Music

      Smooth and gentle, featuring touching clean guitar, light strings and atmospheric textures that create a tender and uplifting mood. Perfect for drones footage , nature & travels videos.

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      Way To The Dream by DPmusic

      A stylish, chill-out music with a laid-back vibe is perfect for creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere in various projects. It combines smooth pianos with uplifting electronic elements to create an exciting yet relaxing atmosphere perfect for any project seeking contemporary electronic music. Ideal background for nature views time-lapses, drone videos, travel resort promos, Instagram story/reels, and many more.

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      Your Exciting Day by Audiocalm

      Confident and modern corporate background music. Good for inspiring visualization, advertising, business presentations, scientific projects, new technology for health, technical developments.

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      For A Bright Future by ihsandincer

      Inspiring and motivational corporate music. You can use this track as a background in your projects, technology videos, slideshows, TV or advert, music for podcasts intros and phone hold music, music license for small business.

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      Lets Grow Our Business by TreiaMusic

      Dynamic, groovy, modern lounge instrumental music with relaxed and dreamy Rhodes and cool synths. It's groovy, chilled, upbeat, and dynamic. Suited for cutting-edge technology, commercials, media applications, podcast, promotional videos, and more.

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      Happy Me by Twisterium

      An uplifting and cheerful indie/pop/folk track featuring acoustic guitars, hand claps, piano, bells, whistling and more. The bouncy feel and happy tune create a perfectly optimistic vibe for motivational films, presentations, openers, Youtube videos, commercials.

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      Inner World by DPmusic

      A beautiful ambient track with warm analog pads, soft piano, light synth, strings, and deep bass. Perfect background for nature views, space videos, night sky observation, prayerful videos, meditations, yoga classes, contemplation, and many more.

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      Inspirational Work by TimTaj

      Upbeat, inspirational, dreamy, uplifting, corporate background track. This track evokes a sense of success, achievements, trust, and a good mood. This track definitely will inspire your work. Perfect for inspiring projects, infographics, technology, promotion, media projects, video marketing, online education music, and more.

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      Round We Go by Infraction

      Get the energy and excitement for your projects with "Round We Go" track. With a deep, low dubstep bass and energetic hip-hop beat, this background music is perfect for videos centered around sports and fitness, concert footage, or promotional videos. It's also ideal for any kind of media project that needs an energetic and trendy background music.

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      Rocking Guitar Ballad by SoundWave

      While driving down an open road, wind in your hair, freedom on the horizon. This driving rock ballad will capture the spirit of open roads adventure. Featuring electric guitars, this is an excellent track for someone who wants to go camping with the family, hunting, fishing, or just getting out into nature.

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      Inspire Your Corporate by Yoav Alyagon

      ‘Inspire Your Corporate’ is a powerful, exciting motivational track in a corporate genre. This inspiring track features uplifting guitars (harmonics and rhythm), piano, synths, strings and upbeat drums and would be great for any kind of promotional media, uplifting marketing videos, corporate presentations and projects related to technology, sports music, design, fashion and lifestyle. This package includes : Long Loop (2:00), Full Track (2:26), 60s Edit (0:56), 30s Edit (0:32), Underscore (2:26)

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      Silly Walk by Elena Naumova

      A funny, clumsy, and very bizarre caricature track with cartoon-like sounds, and animal-like grunting. It's intended for funny, irony and silly scenes and videos. Also good for cartoons animation or puppet theatre shows.

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