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    • Upbeat building introduction for something new. Positive and energetic electronic track. Good for high tech videos or presentations. Positive and energetic electronic track made with synths. Good for high tech videos and documentary films. Energetic techno track. Used a synthesizer sound of drums, percussion sounds, arpeggiator, atmospheric effects. Perfect for the construction filming, news, corporate presentation and so on. Very positive and optimistic motivational track made with guitars and synths. It would be nice for corporate videos or advertising. Beautiful space track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, the sound of the strings. Perfect for web sites, relaxation and other projects. A quiet simple song performed on synthesizers; a few seconds of real cricket sound effect wich turns into another effects. Hypnotic ambient track. Good for a slide show, presentation, website etc Ambient pulsating track. Good for news stories, documentaries and thematic TV programs. Quiet repetitiv song performed on synths with some sfx Techno sci-fi song, loop-ready, performed on synths (piano, strings, drums). A mysterious song loop, performed on synthesizers simulating an harp, string keys and muffled sounds, suitable for pursuits scenes, sci-fi, mystery, investigative, etc. Steady, positive smooth jazz background track featuring drums, electric bass, electric piano and various synthesizers. Good for ads and videos. Dark synth track feauturing synthesizer & arpeggiator. Perfect background music for any use. Hi-tech style contemporary loop with revolving sine wave passage with the merest hint of traditional instrumentation and delayed synthesised horn phrases, very useful for product launches and hi-tech corporate applications. Dark break-beat song performed on synthesizers. Simple and subtle techno song suitable for background on documentaries, on hold music and ending credits. Bouncy mysterious song performed on synthesizers. Energetic pulsating track. Used instruments are drums, percussion, bass guitar sound, synthesizer. This background music is great for projects where the sensation of speed is required. Aggressive electronic track made with synths and electric guitars. Good for videos about extreme sports or high tech. 8-bit Track. Funny and easy electronic tune. Good for arcade games. Cheerful electronic track made with synths. Good for videos about high tech. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast. Dynamic space ambient track. Featuring digital drums, synthesizer, arpeggiator and atmospheric sound effects. Perfect background music for action scenes, hi-tech news or radio podcasts. That's a pretty positive melody. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator and surround sound effects. Perfect as a background music for corporate videos, presentations or computer games. Energetic, uptempo, pulsating track. Featuring synthesizer, percussion, digital drums, arpeggiator. Perfect for racing games and multimedia projects where digital robotic sound is needed. This hi-tech energetic background music gives your project a professional finish. Great for business presentation, podcast and video. Cheerful background track made with synths. It would be nice for podcasts, corporate videos or as a background music for broadcast. Industrial mechanical track. Featuring drums, synth bass and bass guitar. Perfect background music for alternative multimedia projects that need new sound dimention. Mysterious neutral track. Featuring drums, synth, arpeggiator. Perfect for websites and multimedia applications. Space ambient track. Featuring synthesizer, atmospheric effects, arpeggiator. This track will suit many projects . Dynamic futuristic track with drum'n'bass style rhythm section. Featuring digital synth sound and a driven groove. Perfect for computer games or a high energy workout. An upbeat electronic track with Hi-Tech synth effects. Perfect as a background music for computer games, corporate presentations or podcasts. Cheerful electronic track. Would be nice for corporate videos or podcasts. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast. Neutral background music with atmospheric effects and walking bass line. Perfect for any type of creative projects. Here's minimalistic electronic track with an arpeggiator synth sound. Perfect soundscape for mutimedia projects that need some movement in the background. Amazing trance track with atmospheric synth sound effects and a silent arpeggiator in the background. Perfect soundscape for presentations, websites, video games and other multimedia projects. Kind of background music you can listen to over and over again. Positive electronic track with working mood. Good for corporate videos or advertising. Also it can be used as background music for broadcast . Positive electronic track. Good for corporate videos or podcasts. Electronic keyboard phrases and digital synths combine to create a hi-tech style track. Frequent retro sound effects suggest video game style theme, very useful for handheld gaming, Apps or puzzle games. Pulsating, ambient, instrumental gives us a feeling of a light, distance, sci-fi surroundings. There is lot of synth sounds. Industrial mechanical melody loop combining lead instruments, drum beats and synth sound effects together with some arpeggiator in the background. Perfect background music for corporate projects, scientific presentations or computer games. Cool bouncy bass melody with laid back drums and a gentle synth style lead. Bouncy bass melody with groovy drums and a gentle synth style lead A gentle track with a floating melody giving the feeling of flying through the clouds. Light, spacious, peaceful sci-fi track featuring dulcimer, drone, synthesizer pads and effects, orchestral percussion. Good for games/advertising. Light, spacious, peaceful sci-fi track featuring dulcimer, drone, synthesizer pads and effects, orchestral percussion. Matches the Galactic Peace, but add rhythmic elements. Meant for LongoLoops. Good for games/advertising. Absolutely experimental background music made of jazz rhythms, a little space rock at times, but melodic and catchy. Instruments: marimba, bass, and digital synthesizer. Perfect for presentations, radio podcasts or video on a sporting theme, news or something else. Slow viscous melody with a simple motif and hypnotic synth rythms. Suitable for meditation and relaxation. This background music will catch your audiency's attention and help generate the best clickthrough rate. Dancing and powerful house track. Stimulating and groovy. High energy beat with euphoric synth in second part of the track. Energetic cheerful tune featured drum synthesizer sounds. Perfect for corporate presentations, news, video podcasts and website background music. Minimalistic ambient background music created for use in any type of educational, scientific and documentary projects. Downtempo ambient track with a deep bass groove and stately synth strings. Suitable for documentaries, video games and all multimedia projects that need some mysterious sound cover. Hypnotic ambient track with smooth digital lines and sophisticated piano keys guide the listener to the dimension of true digital relaxation. Perfect for corporate videos and any types of virtual projects. Dark techno/industrial electronica with throbbing beats,blended with a variety of synth sounds. Suitable for racing games, documentary or scientific videos and any projects that need nanotechnology style. This loopable track has an ambient lounge feel and laid back attitude. Suitable for all kinds of corporate projects, business presentations or commercials. Catchy dream house loop featuring electro synth and piano. This background music would work great in a video game, documentary or research videos. This inspirational and energetic background music gives your project a a professional finish. Great for business presentations, games and video. This dynamic track describes the rush of movement forward to victory. This inspiring and positive melody will be useful for corporate projects, presentations of achievements or future plans, as well as educational purposes. Scary acid jazz electronic track featuring electronic drum machine and lot of synthesizers and effects A beautiful starry sky is fascinating and takes us to distant galaxies, to new worlds. High in the sky shining star.
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