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  • Easy-going, acoustic guitar and piano based, mid-tempo background track. Pleasant, laidback and uncomplicated with an acoustic feel and sound.

    Optimistic and friendly pop song with ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and accordion. Brings that easygoing and joyful feeling in every project.

    Soft acoustic instrumentals overlaid with colourful ambient washes create a mild sense of escape and luxury. The melody itself is very flowing and calming, making it useful for short travel, documentary or photography video show reels to convey relaxation and chilled out atmospheres.

    Easy-going, acoustic guitar and piano based, mid-tempo background track. Pleasant, laid-back and uncomplicated with an acoustic feel and sound.

    A heartwarming, inspiring alternative acoustic piece.

    Sweet piano music, slow, tender and warm. This music is easy and sentimental

    A peaceful, uplifting acoustic guitar track. Perfect as a background to a wide range or projects.

    A positive, uplifting and upbeat ukulele featured track. In fact, it is all Ukulele. The rhythm is strummed with a confidence and joyous soul, while the lead Ukulele adds a syncopated, yet perfectly complimentary vibe as an accompaniment.

    A soothing, uplifting and inspirational indie track. Featuring acoustic guitars, tambourines, piano and strings. Perfect for a background or an inspiration scene in a video project or project.

    An ideal track to convey achievement, dreams coming true, life events, or inspiring moments. The track features elements of sadness and hope, whilst maintaining a positive sense of relief. Ideal for projects requiring a theme to convey success. Also ideal for charity theme music.

    Laid back and mellow acoustic music loop. Sweet, positive and sentimental romantic ukulele theme with claps and xylophone. Light and peaceful inspiring music for love, hopeful, nostalgic and heartwarming scenes.

    A peaceful, relaxing and heartwarming acoustic piece.

    A simple and beautiful stock music song, featuring a piano theme, bass and harp. This track is perfect for corporate videos, short film, wedding videos and any other multimedia project.

    A funky,sultry and slow grooving track,featuring smooth beats,piano and celeste.Melodic and enticing.Suitable for most productions

    An elegant electric guitar solo, a chorused, gentle arpeggio and a deep acoustic guitar describe an elegant, quiet, dreamy or romantic place or situation.

    Calming flute leads track, fea, turing stringpads and gentle piano. Relaxing and invigorating productions this track is ideal for any relaxing.

    A pop-rock, indie track. It gives a sense of hope, movement and achievement, at the same time maintaining a unique vibe. Consist of many electric guitars, synth, bass, acoustic drums. Perfect for corporate use and commercials.

    Capturing the feeling of the fishing village at Ngawi.

    This is a heartwarming positive and energetic soundscape/atmosphere track that slowly growing, expanding track that starts off with a small and quiet piano sequence and slowly swells into a crescendo and into a big buildup with big drum sound at the end. Ideal for any presentation sport or drone flight videos

    A peaceful, calming guitar track. Also featuring piano, glockenspiel, marimbas and lead guitars.

    Let Them Fly is a very inspirational and uplifting track with a touch of indie rock bands like Snow Patrol, Coldplay, The Fray. Quiet and romantic intro evolving into a splash of positive emotions in the final part of the composition. Simple repetitive guitar riff, reversive guitar pads, bright acoustic guitars. Works well for YouTube videos, commercials or tv series, websites.

    An emotional, warm and folki track full of positive mood. Great for ads and personal moments that need more energy and positive movement. Features nylon guitar, mandonlie and soft drums beat, fit for commercials, wedding video, photography slideshows or freindship scenes.

    An upbeat and even somewhat rocking ukulele track. Featuring whimsical bells, eclectic lead guitars, rocking drums, an upbeat ukuleles and violin pizzicato plucks.

    Piano and high pitched acoustic guitar licks combine backed with sweeping nostalgic background washes.

    A deep, heartwarming acoustic guitar track. It has a very nostalgic atmosphere, perfect for cinema and film.

    A sophisticated jazz instrumental track great for any TV/movie scene, romantic video, documentary, hotel lounge paylist, sexy entertainment footages and night club. Super Smooth Jazz featuring piano, acoustic guitar, electric jazz guitar, strings and drums. Perfect for any sweet subject.

    Newborn Dream is an atmospheric, dreamy and romantic track with a simple and catchy melody performed on a nylon guitar. Smooth and sweeping synths, dynamic changes, fx and percussion. Will fit your needs in a creation of romantic, pensive and ethereal mood for your video.

    An inspiring, powerful and engaging track! Based on a motivating electric guitar, accompanied by electronic beat and warm pads.

    Easy Ukulele is a happy and frendly ukulele track with a simple and catchy melody. This music will help you to provide a positive and carefree vibe to your video or presentation. Works well as background music for corporate promotional videos, advertising projects, cartoons.

    Positive acoustic music with guitar, glockenspiel and light orchestral moves. Hopeful, mellow and sentimental in an optimistic pensive sweetness. A perfect background music for content love, peaceful walking through open fields and calm nature, romantic hope and subtle happiness. Great underscore for loving, green, ecological and corporate presentations, videos, television or advertising.

    This smooth technology music combines style with sophistication and uses a dynamic clean sound. The hypnotic melodies are complimented with a mellow plucky synth and drums that kick. This innovative business music works great for a wide variety of apps including explainers, ads, television, tech, and much more.

    A sweet, slow, nostalgic, romantic, slightly melancholic pop track featuring a simple electric guitar solo, an acoustic guitar arpeggio, wurlitzer piano and percussion, maracas, claves, kick drum and an elegant electric guitar arpeggio.

    A light and airy piano solo that may be used as background music in a wide range of media applications.

    Positive and festive soft music. Acoustic guitar, percussion and excellent performance create a cheerful mood. Made with love for people.

    Laid-back solo piano plays jazz influenced 104 second loop inspired by stride and chord melody genres, suggested to underscore intimate scenes of reflection, sequences set in hotel lobbies and cocktail lounges. Also for PSAs, nostalgic slideshows and rolling credits. Key of E flat, 120 bpm

    Touching post rock track. Calm ambient intro with lots of delay and reverb guitars turns into emotional hook.

    Friendly and optimistic uplifting track, made in a warm and comfortable way. Perfect as a light, melodious underscore for positive, emotional footage.

    Chilled-out, happy and relaxed track that resembles a fusion of reggae, African and alternative pop/rock music. Chilled out clean guitar solo.

    Magical mystery melody in the style of Blues for saxophone, electric piano, Grand piano, guitar, bass and drums.

    An offbeat, relaxing, cool jazz track. Featuring bass, drums, piano, and saxophone.

    Bright and breezy, featuring acoustic guitar, mandolin and a cheerful bell melody that creates a joyful and celebratory mood.

    A soft and peaceful, uplifiting inspirational acoustic track with an organic and light instrumentation of acoustic guitars, piano and tasteful modern percussion of airy snaps, shakers and claps.

    Calm song with a soothing mood. Familiar drum sound with electric guitar and cello. Beautiful background track.

    Look Into My Eyes is a dreamy, romantic, light and gentle piano melody which is supported by soft synths and atmospheric pads and creates a heavenly, harmonic mood that just make u feel like in heaven.

    The ultimate acoustic positive, optimistic track. It's about that energy that make us believe in ourselves, hope, improve and get better. It's very catchy and it builds up to a sweet uplifting part and calms in the end.

    60 second loop featuring finger picked classical nylon stringed guitar slightly detuned for a woodsy feel, with a light bass and electric piano accompaniment. The effect of this song is quite light and subtle, a quiet but pretty classical sounding composition.

    This loop is one in a series of 5 tracks that are simply a fingerpicked steel stringed guitar backed by a light pad. All tracks were recorded with a similar mellow and sentimental feel at 102 BPM.

    60 second loop featuring lightly finger picked acoustic guitar, piano, a pad sound, and electric piano. The feeling is very light and subtle imagine being out camping on a summer evening, watching the sun set. Mellow, laid back and folksy.

    Really tender and romantic music. Gentle deep sound, easy acoustic and electric guitars, soft brushes drums, sweet electro piano. Made with love for people.

    60 second loop featuring piano, acoustic guitar, bass, and drums. Starts out light and positive, and builds to a more triumphant feel. Motivational and inspirational. Perfect for background music for corporate presentations, television, film, radio, or personal projects.

    60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele and piano. Has a pretty, laid back but driving feel, perfect for catchy but non-distracting background music for any number of applications. Evokes images of lying in the sun on a secluded beach.

    An upbeat, contemplative acoustic guitar and piano track. Perfect for presentations, commercials, and more.

    A warm and inspirational track with piano, Electric Gutiars, strings and drums. Perfect for a cinematic background or heart-felt productions. A track that conveys a sense of potential, genius and opportunity and perfect for documentaries.

    A peaceful, contemplative guitar track with a drum accompaniment.

    A very inspirational piano and orchestra track. A reflection of a life fully lived, or a triumph over trials.

    Slow new age song performed on synthesizers. A mood related with watching a tranquil scene, being meditative, serene, at peace

    This is a romantic, tender and soft piano theme with a big and mellow orchestra sound, Ideal for any drama, Romance, Trailer and movie scenes

    Inspiring and sensitive music with huge feeling of hope and love performed by leading piano and string orchestra. Evokes images of sky, clouds, sea etc, Also can be used as warm background in human relations scenes.

    A happy, light, heartwarming Ukulele track. Perfect for commercials, introductions, and more!

    A slow traditional French style track featuring traditional instruments such as Accordion, Dulcimer and French Fiddle. Ideal for slow romantic projects, or travel and tourism purposes requiring French style elements.

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