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    • Easy light and funny music with a weird melody and bizarre sounds. The really positive music bed. Light percussion and guitar plain, simple harmony and very emotional performance. Positive Christmas tune played by bells with positive mood. Very childish, simple and merry. Jazz piano jazz-guitar and a funky trumpet creates a slightly contemporary inspirational comedy style melody with lots of fun and happiness. The melody is catchy and very useful for advertising as it holds a feel good style piano melody. Very simple and inspirational catchy jazz which could easily represent a product or advert. Suggested end use: Comedy advert or advertising. Groovy latin dance music, salsa & merengue style Light colorful melody played on the keyboards and electric guitar. This piece is a bit of orchestral-neodama-funky dance cool. Kind of trippy with a drop beat and oboe/bassoon flavor. Here is a cute melody for children. Sweeping orchestral piece - perfect for big, emotive moments. Sad but majestic. Sweet, fun and gentle easy listening track with sweet metal and wood Xylophone melodies, clean gentle guitars and open/festive drums and percussions. Perfect for happy segments, gentle build ups and mellow video clips and children related presentations/videos/segments. A fun, children's piano solo track that loops seamlessly. Works great as background music in projects, commercials, youtube videos as well in the classroom. Very simple, light and merry melody. Very useful track for any kind of project related to kids. A fun, slow tune designed for kids commercials or something.Synth Bells theme with piano and banjo on background. Festive theme, giving feelings of happiness and light. Consist of synths, bass and light drums. Remember, how in 5 years you dreamed to mature and go to study to school! Here now to appear the kid and to feel warmly parent care again... Come into our shooting gallery and win the greatest toy. Toys will suffice on all! All remember an eight-bit expression of computer games in 90th. Pulsating trumpet with piano and glockenspiel creates a happy go lucky fun factor style melody suitable for childrens or kids themes. Very pleasant and carefree style track with bright playful instrumentals boasting character and fun. Solemn and triumphant orchestral music in Hollywood, Disney style. Perfect soundtrack for an important event as the opening of the festival, awards ceremony or inauguration. Light as a cloud, airy, sunny music track. This loop reminds of tenderness and calmness. Imagine a smiling baby that wakes up early morning at the room full of sunlight. Nice and positive, feelgood music. Performed on accordion, acoustic guitar, marimbas and strings. Perfect for traveling or family vacation videos, friendly footage, commercials, also can be used for children's parties to create easy-going, happy atmosphere. Positive track with medieval melody. Featured instruments are synths and guitar. Good for casual flash games. It can be played in game menu or during gameplay. Funky style track with happy vibe. Consist of solid drum section, electric bass, clean guitars, synth and Hammond organ. Great for adverts , TV and radio. Motivational song with some calypso style and synth congas Powerful and melodic track good for entertainment. Electric guitars, robotic vocoder, digital pad synth, drums and bass. Piccolo and glockenspiel create a delicate musical effect to suggest a playful and fun feel. Ideal easy listening track suitable for chilldrens theme or mellow background. Happy, traditional Polka Dance style piece featuring accordion, fiddle and piano creating a fun and playful composition. Calm and peaceful melody in lullaby-like clockwork rhythms and performed on bells. Delicate flute swiftly plays throughout with strings in the background to create a pleasant atmosphere suggesting a small animal or summers day in a meadow. Light childrens tune with bubbly melody, suggesting playful activity. Fragile middle boasts cheerpy percussion and electric piano. A Short Honky-Tonk cowboy melody with classic cowboy and western elements, which has plenty of character in a fun stereotypical cowboy environment. Positive military orchestral track performed by brass section. This piece will create an energetic, victorious and patriotic feeling. Great background music for comedy, military video games, advertisement or historical celebration. Catchy electronic keyboard chords create a catchy retro gaming melody in a busy futuristic style backed by more electronic synths making the track ideal for problem solving app background music or video game puzzle or childrens animation scene within a game or film scene. Track suggests enjoyment whilst being busy doing something like solving a puzzle often found on cell phones or handheld devices. Slide blues guitar and playful flute combine to create a rural, entertaining track designed to bring a sense of mischief and playfulness with detuned piano. This is my favorite and it's a little sad. But I expressed my calm mind. 70s-style TV theme presents a promenading wobbly character. Retro synth and organ stand out from the instrumental morass. Cheerful children's piece with bouncy clarinet melody and featuring toy glockenspiel, and marching drums. Includes contrasting bridge. Stylish Ambient Background Music Loop, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. Short chirpy animated loop featuring lots of fun and playfulness with a hint of magical mystery, featuring playful xylophone and comical drum snares. A mischievous catchy melody plays throughout making it very useful for comic, animation or childrens projects. This clip showcases a fun and light spirited piano melody with subtle percussion. Sweet strings and flute combine to create a flowing pleasant melody with a slight childrens style atmosphere, full of love, happiness and brightness, suggesting pleasant countryside or beautiful setting. Playful childrens adventure track with a sense of intrigue and adventure melody featuring piano, flute, pizzicato strings, xylophone and synthesizer effects. A pulsating tuba melody adds a childrens adventure feel towards the style of the track whilst holding a playful edge. Very useful for Adventure theme or scene involving a character, maybe small animal creeping along, suggests intrigue and discovery. Chirpy and playful instruments such as piccolo, xylophone and chimes create a perky and chirpy childrens loop. Acoustic bass melody carries the delicate childrens theme to a magical place which could suggest a baby, small animal, children playful or enjoying themselves. Cheerful Christmas melody with jingling bells sound effects, piano and drums. Perfect background music for holiday season. These cute, funny toys in shop windows amuse us, making to smile Steady modern country rock track. Drums, upright bass, electric piano, acoustic guitar, harmonica. A peaceful instrumental with piano, strings and flute. Gives solitary and thoughtful feelings within. This is a fun piece of traditional country music. It will make you smile and create a good mood. A slight sneaky feel, with rhythm, brass & piano. A bit "Pink Pantherish". Really cool. This track was originally written for a particular cleaning ad but did not get picked up, thus the title. I was told that it would be better suited for children. So with that said, the track is written only with an acoustic guitar. Light music for jazz quartet: electric piano, jazz guitar, bass and drum. A bit witchy. Has a slight Hitchcock feel. An orchestral piece written with penguins in mind. Bassoon basically mimicks the penguins twitching movements. A duet of bass clarinet and plucked viola's give this piece a sense of just casually strolling along. Puts you in the mind of the tortoise and the hare This little ditty features a bit of banjo and full ensemble and gives a unique playful, fun and kiddy like vibe. It puts you in the mind of Sesame Street music or a commercial that shows kids frolicking and just being happy. Urban hip hop, suitable for lots of different projects, multiple version, instrumental and rap versions. Strong drum and bass beat with addition of piano. 60s like Bb rock and roll with a large intro part. Drums, electric bass, electric organ, electric guitar playing riff. No melody, background only. Relaxing mellow track that builds up. Very positive, outdoors type of feel. plighting feeling. Funky style melody performed by electric piano with guitar. Drums and bass play catchy rhythm. Music to fill the air at a fun rair or at the coast with big pads and a catchy lead riff An upbeat track with a catchy space themed melody
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