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    • Easy and light song with piano, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel and organ. Friendly mood for many successful projects. Played in a mellow but driving and friendly waltz time, this song evokes images of happy children on a carousel or merry-go-round in the summer. Driven by a strummed guitar, piano, and an electric piano melody, this song is fun, childlike, wholesome, and a little bit nostalgic. An epic, cinematic, uplifting orchestral track with glorious horns, powerful percussion and ethnic celtic instruments. An intimate, atmospheric start builds soon builds to a triumphant climax. Great for game and movie trailers and projects that need a confident, energetic soundtrack. The King is dead, long live the King! Here is a positive, melodic and energetic track for your projects. I hope you like it. Funny and bouncy song with catchy melody and some tuned vocals. Happy mood for comedy, children themes and much more. Very versatile track with piano, glockenspiel, pizzicato and some pads. Positive and light feeling. Perfect for a slideshow, presentation, explainer video and much more. Some peppy chiptune music. Good for a theme song. Laid-back, casual reggae-inspired 99 second loop of sleigh bells, bass, drums, guitars, organ, clavinet and tubular bells reminiscent of church bells. Suggested to underscore ecards, commercial spots, winter holiday vacation slideshows and scenes set in tropical vacation destinations. Key of C, 116 bpm An easy-going swing track starts a boogie woogie piano riff with a bouncing double bass and smooth brushes. A vibraphone plays the main melody. Perfect for every kind of carefree advertising or trailers of comedy movies. Magical ambience, full of waiting and childlike wonder, highly cinematic. In the orchestral texture stand out the bells, piano, flute and violin. Conceived for Christmas, this loop is quite suitable also for delicate video and background. Very positive, cheerful and playful music with uplifting ukulele ,bells,upbeat claps and drums. Rhythmic, lively music, good background for commercial, videos, television and web adverts. An uplifting, heartwarming, traditional orchestra Christmas theme. Light pizzicato strings begin the piece, progressing to playful, excited spiccato strings with delicate woodwinds and percussion. At the half way point, joyous, bright french horns arrive with a full orchestral ensemble and heavenly choirs to build to a momentous climax. Great for adding a seasonal Alan Silvestri style Hollywood score to your project. Bouncy and funny loop with twisted melody. Good for comic, energetic and active moments. Funny loop with tight rhythm, banjo figures, bluesharp and modern synth accents for a lively sound. Perfect for action scenes with kids, comedy and much more. A Christmas track filled with wonder and discovery. Featuring bells, strings and choirs. Little kids are very curious. This sedate loop is the perfect choice for the right mood. With slow piano, clarinet and celesta, some strings and glockenspiel. A short and catchy melody in waltz tempo executed in digital piano. Funny loop about kids destroying a kitchen in good old manner. Some decent noises of a flying cooking pot gives this piece the right mood. Beautiful lullaby loop with bell melodies. Perfect for baby or children related videos or commercials and much much more. Alternate version with a more festive mood available. This funny track brings life and cheerfulness in your project. An authentic toy piano sound reminds nearly everyone of his childhood. Perfect for Christmas or children related applications and much more. Using simple major chords, this song is all about being fun and happy. It's a musical interpretation of a bunch of smiling faces - optimistic, childlike and positive. The seven dwarfs are on the way to Snow White. Funny track with catchy melodies for a happy mood. Ideal loop for commercials, adverts and more. This song is perfect for many children related applications. Sedate acoustic rhythm guitar with an arrangement of glockenspiel, basson, banjo and pizzicato strings. A happy, upbeat track designed with keyboard and electronic sound effects creates a joyful, bright and sunny theme which implies fun and happiness. Electric Guitar is brought in mid way through to add more depth to the theme tune, making it ideal for Children's use, or game theme tune. Great for puzzle game or animation scene. Country swing inspired by folks dressed up in a farmyard barn, and dancing during one of those sunsets that make the surroundings golden coloured. Lead by harmonica backed by steel guitar, and accompanied with a honkytonk piano. Happy go lucky, lifting loop inspired by an old truck pulling up a hill with the folks in it being playful. Country Rock beat you can really get into, lead by spirit lifting strings and backed with guitar sounds. Fun, light and exotic piece with bouncy kalimba accompany ukulele and glockenspiel. Perfect for use in commercials and children's media. Bouncy loop with happy mood. With acoustic guitar, brush drums, strings and a catchy vocal theme. This track features whistling, acoustic guitar,bells,ukulele,and piano.It has a bright,upbeat,happy,and fun mood that is used for background music by corporate companies in modern advertising commercials. Catchy and positive light pop rock music. A perfect way for uplifting your production. Sweet, mellow and optimistic contemporary instrumental music. Bright and happy feeling for film, commercial and corporate. A strange, magical, intriguing orchestral theme. Perfect for cinematic productions, especially those in the fantasy genre. Can be used in other productions as well. Very straight pop loop with lots of energy. Perfect for a wide range of applications. 80s influences with strong rock guitars, fat synths and glockenspiel melodies. Very positive, cheerful and playful music with uplifting ukulele ,sweet bells,elegant strings, upbeat claps and drums. Rhythmic, lively music,good background for commercial,videos, tv and web adverts. A breezy uptempo pop loop with a light feeling. Bright and lively melodies for a happy mood. A catchy and playful xylophone theme gives this song the special touch. Calm loop with friendly mood. Mallets, acoustic guitar and a soft drumsound. Versatile piece for many applications. an old-style retro music for your platform and casual or puzzle menu games. You can use it also for short gameplays. Welcome to the tropical island. We invite you to experience a great adventure. Dynamic and very energetic percussion for any kind of your projects. I hope you like it. Orchestral and celebratory christmas loop with piano, strings, bells, harp, pizzicato and sleigh bells in the background. A beautiful winter theme with a classical approach. Festive mood for slideshows, advertisement or movies. A sloppy played acoustic guitar, glockenspiel melodies and pizzicato strings. The main piano theme is combined with a dulcimer sound. A bassoon for a haimish attitude. Groovy funky techno loop-ready track with some jazz harmony and optimistic mood. A happy, light, heartwarming Ukulele track. Perfect for commercials, introductions, and more! This is a song that has been designed to acclimate retro video game style. Basic simple piano melodies and sounds that evoke videogames 80/90. A soft percussion guitar with a synthetic background. Dreamy, tender and delicate. This version is very close to a lullaby feel, moving and heartwarming, composed with a nice glockenspiel, grand piano and orchestra. Well suited for content geared towards children or projects that include a touch of fantasy and Ideal theme for a foundation due to its hopefulness and sensitivity. Also suited for youth advertisements and movie scores. Upbeat slide guitar with busy upbeat drum beats creates foot tapping, hand clapping, western style rural jig suitable for comedy or western themed projects. Suggests escape scene or car chase. Instruments include electric guitar, drums, bass, slide guitar and banjo. Children´s Games On The Beach is a style dance sequence with a very fresh and lively melodies. It is designed to serve as background music in videogames and multimedia projects containing images of children playing on the beach, by the pool, eating ice cream, etc. Have a kids magic touch. The main melody is performed with piano. This instrumental features acoustic guitar, bells, ukulele, and violin. It has a very bright, upbeat, happy, and Irish folk vibe that is used for background music by major corporate companies in modern advertising commercials. A sneaky, quirky comic style Children's piece designed with bright instrumental bursts of Pizzicato, Xylophone, strings and Celesta. Works great with Animal themed projects demanding comedy and mischievous themed projects. This is a motivational and uplifting track giving a feel of kindness and happyness. A brisk, lively orchestral track with intricate strings and soft horns which conveys a spirit of activity and excitement. Great for time-lapse footage, underscoring day to day life, such as a rush hour, and people getting ready for a big event such as a wedding. Superb for nature documentaries. A simple and sweet instrumental array featuring Glockenspiel , piano, synths and percussion designed to create a happy, exciting and joyful feel. A funny and playful childish tune in the reggae style. This track is perfect for children TV shows and funny advertisments about infants' or children products. Guitars, bassoon, piccolo, steeldrums, bells in a very positive, uplifting track A positive sunny piano theme with acoustic guitar . Fit for presentations, tv/film, commercial and corporate use. Stylish House but without losing the identity that characterizes it as Acid. This is a song that has been designed to acclimate retro video game style. Basic simple piano melodies and sounds that evoke videogames 80/90. A soft percussion guitar with a synthetic background. Corporate background music, with acoustic guitar, piano and bells. It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence. Roll up, roll up and enjoy the atmosphere of the circus, funfair or carnival! A wacky, fun track with an organ, accordion, tuba and goofy percussion. Mellow and happy acoustic music. Warm and uplifting in a new beautiful day atmosphere. Bright and innocent pure love underscore that also best for delicate happiness and tender spring joy. It's a positve song. Remember monday's morning, when you feel energetic and you like your life. Orchestral Halloween track with spooky atmosphere.
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