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  • This melody in the style of ragtime uplifting and fills us with joy and light. Think about Charlie Chaplin and silent movies.

    An uplifting, heartwarming, traditional orchestral Christmas theme. Emotional strings are joined by light flutes and brass to convey a mood of happiness and togetherness.

    Pure 70s feeling with funky rhythm guitar, hammond organ, brass and vintage analog synths. Some space hype combined with disco sound for that glitter in your eyes... ;-)

    This loop is one in a series of 5 tracks that are simply a fingerpicked guitar (or pair of guitars) backed by a light pad. All tracks were recorded with a similar mellow and sentimental feel at 102 BPM.

    Really tender and romantic music. Gentle deep sound, easy acoustic and electric guitars, soft brushes drums, sweet electro piano. Made with love for people.

    This powerful hip hop fusion music is a strong mix of drama and emotion. The gritty hip hop beat is complimented with a soft flute that dances to the beat. This dramatic music loop is great for a wide variety of applications including video game, sports, flash, ads, and more.

    Groovy funky techno loop-ready track with some jazz harmony and optimistic mood.

    A cool retro styled rock loop. Acoustic and distorted guitars with straight drums, tambourine and hammond organ. Ideal as background track.

    It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.

    Music with piano and cello. Sad but hopefully mood. This music will be great for loving, romantic, dramatic, cinematic situations.

    An energetic pop loop with a periodic bell theme. Different synth, guitar and drum elements and a distorted guitar pattern.

    A classic surf rock track with drums, bass and 2 electric guitars characterized by the extensive use of the "wet" spring reverb to respect the Fender amplifiers from 1961!

    A breezy uptempo loop with a light feeling. Bright and lively synth elements for a happy mood.

    Positive, energetic, uplifting and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and victory. This track will give everyone confidence in the success and strength!

    Digital keyboards, samples and beat-box accompany retro analog synthesizer for experimental piece with quirky melodic hooks. Suggested for retro club scenes, media spots and underscoring of scary animation. Key of G minor, 153 bpm

    Very beautiful soft melody song, good for children projects as well as melody for Christmas/New year.

    A catchy song, a little funny, a little melancholic - different!

    Quiet, joyful, positive, inspirational, motivational instrumental track inspired to country-rock and new age. A nature inspired composition featuring acoustic strumming guitars, arpeggios and synths.

    Energetic, happy and lively, 1960's surf track with a fun in the sun, beach party time vibe. Featuring authentic Fender guitars drenched in tremolo and reverb, vintage Farfisa organ, electric bass and drums. Good for summer themed media projects.

    Featuring acoustic guitar, piano, bass, and drums. The composition is acoustically driven and in waltz time with an old time feel.

    Synthesizers, electric guitars, bass, clavinet, piano, percussion and drums play energetic 55 second loop reminiscent of pop/rock eras. Suggested for retro and dance club scenes, crime-in-progress sequences, depictions of fast lifestyle, transitions and montages. Key of C Minor, 130 beats/min

    This is a spy movie type loop based on an upright bass line with an ethereal sounding electric piano melody. Tremelo electric guitars add to the covert mood.

    Positive, optimistic, and relaxed track. Designed for unobtrusive, mellow background music.

    Here is a beautiful magic track with expectation mood in fairy-tale style, with bells, harmonica, guitar and mandolin's. This track can be used anywhere in kids games and movies for children, telecasts, background for websites etc. Very romantic calm music.

    A beautiful Christmas music. Waiting holiday, chimes - Santa always arrives on time! Meet him!

    Odyssey is an Atmospheric Rock sad and melancholic theme ideal for shooting driving takes and autumn landscapes

    Twang 60's guitar and a solid organ based rythym section produce a lively melodic peice that could sit as a modern western backdrop.

    Hard rock melody. Main instrument electric guitar.

    An echo rich guitar riff, with bass and cymbals.

    Medium tempo melancholic cool jazz tune featuring drums, upright acoustic bass, electric piano, electric guitar and muted trumpet playing melody.

    Cutting edge, emotive Hip Hop song with sad piano melodies and a sense of mega cities ghetto anger and energy.

    Medium tempo electric blues featuring drums, electric bass, electric piano, electric organ and 2 electric guitars.

    Happy sixties, free love, long hair, an amazing guitar. Playful, a little crazy music in Tarantino style. The warm sound of vacuum tube devices. Good times!

    A mellow symphonic orchestral track featuring piano, pizzicato basses, cello, strings, horns and flute

    Thy streets are so familiar to me. I love your dynamics of the day and a beauty of the night lights, romance of the parks and grandeur of the high-rises. I meet with you again. I am glad to meet you!

    This song is easy and dreamy with soprano sax lead, strings and rhythm section. It will make you daydream

    Mid Tempo funky track with live band elements including bass, drums and guitar.

    These cute, funny toys in shop windows amuse us, making to smile

    Light music for jazz quartet: electric piano, jazz guitar, bass and drum.

    Medium slow Em heavy metal piece. Power drums, electric bass, overdriven electric guitar, synthesizer pad, arpeggiated synthesizer.

    This forest is welcoming, trees not too close and not too far let the sunlight In, opening a new place every once in a while, a small pond or a swift spring, a glade in blossom. Little inhabitans of this woods rustle here and there, giving you a feeling that you are about to enter a fairy kingom of gnomes who invite you at their feast!

    Take a deep breath. Imagine your house near vineyard on the coast. Smell all wonderful fragrances that the mother Earth provide to you.

    Powerful drums gives a lot of energy. Colorful electric guitar plays a beautiful melody.

    Mellow, light, adorable and candy-sweet melody, playing on the acoustic guitar. This is a perfect background for little kids audience, prince and princess, far away kingdom, magic fairytale, romantic honeymoon, girlish dreams, la vie en rose.

    Gypsy Balkan music.

    TRAVEL DREAMS is an interesting combination of the piano and drum sounds. It binds to an elated feel from the starting beats itself making it a jovial tune.

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