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    • This melody loops is welcoming a brand new day with full of joy. The combination of piano and drum work makes the composition mirthful.

      BRIDGE OVER is an elegant fuse of rich piano work and chiming sound. The thumping background makes this track a perfect anthem to start a fresh day.

      THE RALLY sounds like a master piece of some genuine electric guitar, drums and violin work. It has a contemporary touch yet sounds purely inspirational.

      TRANSFIGURATION is solely commanded by some excellent piano work. It has a grand and rich romantic touch to it. Overall, it is a mellowing and mesmerizing tune

      Dramatic cinematic orchestral music with strong patriotic feel. This music is ideal for scenes of war and prelude to the great victory.

      NEW BEGINNING sounds very jovial, pleasant yet energetic. It's predominated by wonderful piano work with slight techno elements included. Just a perfect melody loop to start off your day.

      SECOND CHANCE is predominant by piano's magic with soft thumping sounds. The tone of the rhythm fits perfectly with the times when hopes are high.

      TOO BUSY is a calm and rich composition of piano work with delicate hush of chiming sound and soothing elements. It sounds like some elegant romantic melody.

      Drum beats give a slight rock feel to COMBINE. And the techno elements like chiming sounds make it a fantastic track, making your feet tap to its rhythm.

      Gypsy Balkan music.

      MY SHIP WILL COMES hits the mirthful mood from its first beat. It's composition has a slight 90s touch to it. This melody loops is blended wonderfully with some jazz elements.

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