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    • On the horizon is visible crystal castle, from which heard the magic sounds of the harp, guitar, celesta and percussion ... Gentle mellow flute melody played against an ambient strings and drums section Cool dramatic background music theme with clear sound and pumping beat. Great for presentation, corporate videos or news. Delicate romantic music in the classical style. Solo piano, classical guitar, strings, bass and drums create a mood of harmony and peace. A little "Celticese". This is the end section of a quick-paced instrumental "After the storm" that is light with sort of an Irish flair. With a combination of guitar and strings how can you go wrong? Moving but with no real movement, your mind will wander and contemplate where and what you've come through in your life. Very peaceful music for two pianos and string orchestra. Here the light is replaced by a shadow, a shadow by light. This song is perfect for relaxation and meditation. Instrumental with piano, strings, drums, bass and effects that give this track a slight ominous feeling. Simple but tells a story of twisted minds/events or situations Imagine evening on the ocean's beach when sun is set but air is still hot. Warm and ambient classical track played by piano,flute and strings. A deep moody track that has a resonating pulse and chilled beats, layered with strings. Ambient class Dark atmospheric track. A large bass synth opens with a nylon guitar, creating suspense and tension. It then builds into big beats laden with silky strings. Slow hip hop ballad. Electronic drums, synthesizer bass, pads, effects, acoustic piano, strings. Slow Am rock ballad. Drums, electric bass, electric piano, acoustic guitar. A subtle yet progressive track. Atmospheric and original. Has a slow breakdown in the middle which build into an uplifting hook at about 1.35 in the full length version. Good track for some sad moments in the movie. Consist of clean electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and orchestral strings. Great track for movie with classical influences. Harp, piano, strings and percussion. Great for some chill moments in the movie. Piano plays main role in this track. Background consist of drums, pad sound with some addition of orchestra. Great track for create some mysterious feeling of something unknown in movies, games, scientific films and other projects. Dark strings with piano and harp. Calm but dynamic track great for movie. Consist of harp melody, piano, orchestral strings and massive percussion. The planet called Nibiru is approaching.The clock is ticking, and the time is running out. An extremely powerful and bittersweet piano melody about change and hope theme.This soundtrack is ideal for some TV show, movie or documentary film or whatever you like Deep atmosphere of evening forest, good for relaxation. Flute, santur and ethnic percussion make a magic in this track. Gentle, easy going electronic track with airy pads, subtle melodies and a swing groove. Slightly sorrowful and moody. Moby alike. Chilled, relaxed and evocative. Spanish guitars complimented by crashing drums. A tense atmospheric track featuring big beats with dark strings. Dramatic and powerful. Features dark synths and heavy bass. Beauty of the underwater world, positive moods Just a ballad thing with traditional rhythm section and bluesy electric guitar solo. Raindrops run down the window and its cold out here without you, but hope brings people toghether. No matter where you are i will always ... A lost childhood buddy, a son leaving his parents home , a past away friend... sometimes we all have to say: farewell... Years may pass and places may change but one memory will always stay with you. And when you look back, the picture of your parents house and your childhood will bring a smile on your face After many years have passed, open the letter you wrote to yourself back when you were young making great plans for your life... Its time to sleep! Hush-a-bye and sleep tight! Special for youthful moms and their babies. The quiet theme is played in the piano. Melody by thirds creates a relaxed mood, and ostinato figures creates a dramatic effect from the middle to the end of the composition. A laid back ambient piano melody creating a blend of upbeat and downbeat feelings and emotions A laid back ambient piano melody creating a blend of upbeat and downbeat feelings and emotions A smooth, hard-hitting club banger with piano melody and huge orchestral strings. Works great for anything directed towards youthful, trendy audiences. Great for film and television dance or party scenes. This mellow, atmospheric track features a laid back drum groove, airy synth pads and dreamy leads. Both acoustic and electric pianos play lead melodies. Hip Hop loop featuring brass, acoustic piano, electric piano, strings, and heavy bass. Autumn is here and leaves begin their round dances. Leaves are covering the ground around the trees to protect its roots from frost. Relax and chillout mood with light touch of old drum and bass groove. This melody loops is welcoming a brand new day with full of joy. The combination of piano and drum work makes the composition mirthful. BRIDGE OVER is an elegant fuse of rich piano work and chiming sound. The thumping background makes this track a perfect anthem to start a fresh day.
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