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    • Slow electronic piano containing a slight modern, contemporary vibe is backed with delicate chimes creating a pleasant carefree atmosphere with luxurious elements of relaxation and comfort, slightly romantic and contains many elements implying beauty and peaceful scenes such as fields, gardens or beautiful landscapes.

      Feelgood, uplifting and evocative easy listening/pop-rock song with gentle rhythm guitars and clean delayed guitar melodies. This track evokes achievement and positiveness.

      They say that this planet was once a comet and only a few centuries ago, it has found peace in our system!

      A positive, spirited piano theme that loops seamlessly.

      Melodic orchestral loop followed by French horn, strings and piano. Suitavle for romantic movie moments.

      An echo rich guitar riff, with bass and cymbals.

      A forlorn piano passage over orchestral strings.

      A haunting guitar melody, with bass and minimal drums.

      A light and simple piano loop that is suitable as background music.

      A guitar riff in minor chords, evoking a minor version of "Sabine Pass"

      A dramatic and intense piano-centric track with high strings and flute that loops seamlessly.

      Cutting edge, emotive Hip Hop song with sad piano melodies and a sense of mega cities ghetto anger and energy.

      A pensive, solitary guitar riff.

      Light romantic melody played on electric guitar. Perfect background music for love stories, romantic videos and sweet, nostalgic mood.

      A quiet, solitary guitar passage, emoting a sense of silence and thoughtfulness.

      One more difficult day has ended. But instead of coming back home, you decided to follow the inner voice. Having left the vanity of city life, your electric train rushes towards a new dream...

      This active music fills us with energy, and says: "Trust and reached!" Best for business, presentations, videos, games and show.

      Sad and beautiful space/ambient track. Featuring synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator and the sound of bells. Perfect background music for relaxation and meditation.

      Sad romantic melody featuring light piano notes over smooth sax. Relaxed mid-tempo groove for projects about love, relationship and feelings.

      A pensive orchestral passage evoking solitude, promise, the presence of hope.

      Longing strings play slowly creating a sense of beauty combined with loving piano chords gradually becomes a reflective and sensual track designed to contain elements of emotion and mysterious trauma.

      Very mysterious harpsichord plays alongside suspicious sounding piano chords creating a sense of mystery and drama.

      Modern contemporary background track suitable for video presentations or transitions to provide a stylish, cool, crisp sense of production. Synth electronics and contemporary piano add a slight futuristic feel to the track. Very useful for documentary, video production and portfolio end use.

      Uplifting trance song performed on synthesizers with a memorable mood

      Sweet, romantic and dreamy loop for piano solo, based on a fairytale by Andersen. For your moments of tenderness. Good for videos and background.

      Modern and playful loop for piano solo, based on a fairytale by H. C. Andersen. Very elegant and childish, excellent for answering machines, videos and background.

      Powerful loop-ready techno song performed on synthesizers.

      Trance loop-ready song performed on synthesizers, as lead synths there is a rotor organ and keys sequence, as backing pads there are synth voices.

      Classical track for piano solo, fast time, twentieth century style, very mechanical and compulsive. Cinematic, for web, presentations and background.

      This concentrated corporate track will add a very special, calm and busy atmosphere to your project and will bring new work inspiration. Perfect for corporate, space and science projects.

      Nice and quiet track played on electric piano. Perfect for presentations, web sites, travel films and other projects.

      A nostalgic, instrumental song, performed on synthesizers and electroacoustic guitar.

      Mysterious slow song performed on synthesizers, synth piano and drums.

      A beautiful orchestral uptempo composition written in two parts. First part is classical consists of flute accompanied by strings. Second part is arranged by electronic drums and it sounds like modern classical music. Can be used for any creative project.

      Electronic synth track. A little sad. Good for waiting scenes, presentations or visualizations.

      Loop for piano solo, classical style, slow tempo. Sad and nostalgic, for pure pleasure of listening, good in background and for particular atmospheres in video.

      Dreamy and ethereal loop for piano solo, classical style,ideal in background for meditation and relax. Very good for ringtones and answering machines.

      Bouncy mysterious song performed on synthesizers.

      Sinister mysterious very slow song performed on synthesizers, bell style sounds, strings, drums and bass.

      Nostalgic song performed on clean guitar and synthesizers, emulated overdriven guitar and strings.

      Mysterious melody with magic sounds of hang drum, bells and deep atmospheric effects. This background music is suitable to use for games, documentary, films and web applications.

      A beautiful, slightly sad melody. Main instruments: electric guitar, percussion, synth pads, which create airy atmospheric effects. Perfect background music for relaxation and meditation about the past.

      Laid-back easy-listening track with calm and pensive mood. This versatile background music would work well in any project with themes of travel, intimacy, solitude, cogitation and many more.

      A beautiful lyrical composition in Russian folk music style played on the piano and accompanied by accordion at the end of the track. Could be used in any project which needs sentimental background music.

      Sometimes mashine can be more human, and human can be mashine. It depents of point of love

      Lush atmospheric track. Swim in deep blue waters along with your dreams.

      Sinister horror genre music box chimes and ghostly voices in the distance. Threatening descending electric piano with ironic chimes.

      Fine loop for solo piano, minuet style of the thirteenth century

      Lively flute and tuba combine with playful cheeky percussion elements to create a sense of comical mystery and suspense, as if a cartoon character was sneaking up to something before making a prank. Very useful for animation, games or cartoon themes.

      Elegant loop for piano solo, in classical style. Good for ringtones and telephone answering.

      The first of zodiac signs. It's the beginning of the beginnings, a sign of all new, a revival sign.

      You are curious, you are attracted with all new, yet you don't comprehend all true. Stars recommend to you not to endow love for the sake of friendship.

      It is a love and death duality, energy, drama, passion, secret, Individualism, revolt. You know what you want. An essence of your nature is a resoluteness. Your taste to life is tireless. Scorpio doesn't aspire to captivate, but possesses strong and exacting sensitivity.

      You are inclined to the analysis and criticism. You are clever, efficient, reliable in any business. Virgos are burning ice in love. They don't talk about their feelings and love, proving to business more than to words.

      Your talents are numerous. There is a lot of diplomacy and subtlety in you. Your Overall objective is an aspiration to an ideal.

      Your thoughts are always reasonable and clear. You are as patient as time. It is always possible to rely on you.

      Warm - heartedness is possible in every moment with you: at breakfast, in a sudden kiss ... In your gaze. In thy senses. Warm - heartedness can be you!

      When you're happy and carefree. When you're yearning, when you're sad. I'm with you in joy and sorrow. This is my promise to you. This is my love.

      An uptempo orchestral piece featured dramatic strings and soft woodwinds to give the real sensation of ant racing game. This cinematic background music designed for film scoring and projects that need some classical soundscape.

      Hypnotic ambient track with smooth digital lines and sophisticated piano keys guide the listener to the dimension of true digital relaxation. Perfect for corporate videos and any types of virtual projects.

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