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    • Hopeful acoustic music in a romantic, loving and optimistic mood. Content folk music for love, hope and positive underscore in nostalgic, peaceful and bright scenes. Innocent, soft and mellow.

      A dynamic track in an energetic mood. Featured instruments are electric guitars and synths. It would be nice for advertising or sport video.

      Modern Gothic track. Medieval mood. Gregorian choir mixed with trendy drums and loops.

      It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.

      A light hearted post rock track that builds from soft and light to a soaring, hopeful and inspiring crescendo with driving guitars, bass and energetic drums. Perfect for visuals that require motivational theme and overcoming adversity.

      Inspired plot that combines a dominant piano over a continuous arpeggio, on a texture of cinematic strings with the inspired entry of the cellos. Warning: the audio is not "pumped". Turn up the volume to appreciate better the sound. Great for documentaries, TV themes, media projects. Peaceful and tranquil background.

      This track gives you a sense of moving forward on a journey and expanding your horizons or taking flight with a new project,It has a pulsing guitar groove and some trance pads giving it an airy yet groovy feel to it.Enjoy!

      Upbeat and happy, sweet acoustic pop music. rhythmical and free joy with a happiness whistle. Motivational and successful background music for video projects related to modern happiness, vacation, young love, joyful time, progress, optimistic feel, feel good, summer and spring.

      Abstract and thin atmosphere in this classic and ambiental loop. Women's Choir on a charming background of synthesizers, brass and piano. Great underscore for your projects.

      It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.

      A light, crystal clear piano solo that conveys a sense of wonder, discovery and limitless imagination. Magical, inspiring and beautiful.

      It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.

      Elegant track, classical style in Bach modern key. For all projects require a sophisticated and gentle underscore for solo piano.

      This progressive electroclash music combines modern elements of trance, the dramatic feel of electro, and a hypnotic blend of electronic melodies. The powerful percussion adds a gritty and strong vibe to this music and the overall tone works great with a wide variety of applications.

      This is a little sad melody that resembles the ebb and flow of the sea. The main instruments are guitars and keyboards.

      A sensitive, beautiful and inspiring track with feel of hope and waiting for a miracle perfect for a calm or emotional montage. The track features piano and orchestra, mainly violins, cello, oboe and glockenspiel.

      This track features acoustic guitar, bells, ukulele and piano. It has a bright, upbeat, happy and fun mood that is used for background music by corporate companies in modern advertising commercials.

      Very calm and gentle romantic music for vibraphone, flute, piano and cello. Best for romantic movies, slide shows and relaxation.

      A bass heavy funk tune that has a sense of danger about it.

      Royalty Free Music with the sounds of Lounge and Bar Grooves, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. Perfect for use as Background Music. Buy once and use again and again!

      This loop combines influences of asia and middle eastern. Although its very universal. For me a favourite in documentarys, travel videos or live shows.

      Upbeat and bouncy electronic music loop. A perfectly positive vibe for uplifting corporate and motivational business videos, websites, urban advertising, Youtube videos and New Media.

      This is a chillout style melodic sequence full of energy and good times.

      It is a motivational and inspirational track featuring piano arpeggio, orchestral strings, pads, and inspiring solo cello. It starts with a piano melody and builds into an orchestral climax with solo cello. Great for corporate and business projects, presentations, and more.

      Slow motion, minimalistic, suspense cinematic looped piano. Fit for drama, and emotional scenes.

      It is a kind of melodic dance track loop style with vibrant, fresh and full of pure energy sounds.

      A lonely, passionate and sad tale of loss and despair conveyed through a Romantic, emotional Nylon guitar with strings accompaniment in the background.

      This is a serious cinematic music bed written for piano, violins, cellos, bass, orchestral percussion and french horn section.

      Dreamy and atmospheric electronica loop. With its slightly pensive and flowing feel it works well as background music for scientific, space, travel projects and more.

      Music with piano and cello. Sad but hopefully mood. This music will be great for loving, romantic, dramatic, cinematic situations.

      Piano, harpsichord and subtle percussion play dark, suggested to provide a haunting underscore to formal theatrical scenes, as well as background atmosphere for scary film sequences, commercials, slideshows, video games and multimedia. Key of G minor, 122 bpm

      Soft gentle guitar melody looks like a trip to the evening train. Main instruments: guitar and keyboards.

      Hypnotic and dreamy, middle eastern ambient underscore with mystical mallets, desert flute, downtempo beat and woman vocals. Sentimental, reflective and hopeful. For contemplative romantic exotic drama, eastern journey and voyage documentary.

      Optimistic acoustic folk rock with uplifting ukulele, positive piano, soft drums, beautiful romantic string melody and clean guitar. Bright, hopeful and comforting track. Light and blissful background loop for corporate road trip, happy and sentimental scenes, nostalgic loving and romance.

      Contemplative chillout track, great atmosphere sustained by groovy drum sections, it can sound great with any kind of visual media that requires a stylish track.

      Laid back and mellow acoustic folk with a sweet and optimistic flute melody. Warm, positive and hopeful loop able underscore for love and romantic scenes, friendly nature and road trip, talking a walk and sunny atmosphere.

      Mellow and exotic lounge track. Flowing new age ambient for exotic world of ambiance, underwater, tranquility, love and hopes. Hypnotic meditative instrumental with keys, electronic, flute melody. Clear and reflective for peaceful sphere, relaxed mystical scene, presentation, informational, web pages of atmospheric, ecological, dreamy feel.

      Rhythmical acoustic guitar strums, piano melody, percussion and choir in an uplifting acoustic folk music. Evokes images of coming home, open fields, road trip, happy memories, talking a walk with positive thoughts. Optimistic, hopeful and mellow loop able underscore.

      Although I had the technical or electronic focus in mind, this loop suits good in different applications. A catchy piano theme, static rhythm, pulsating synth elements and the song stays suspenseful.

      Bright, uplifting and modern country folk pop with acoustic guitars, bells and Strings. Optimistic acoustic music for new beginning, good times, celebratory feel good underscore and holiday happiness.

      Classical ambience and nostalgic colours in this perfect loop. Piano, harp, flute, cellos, horns, strings for any media that requires a gentle orchestral underscore.

      Melody-led guitar riff with British indie sound. Simple and clean sound.

      A chilled chemical beat with acoustic piano and spacey guitar. Driving and determined with a hint of melancholy pensiveness.

      Piano, strings and light percussion play slow emotional A/B patterns suggested for end credits, main title sequences, dramatic montages, bittersweet romantic scenes of lost love and underscoring of serious narration requesting donations for relief. Key of F minor, 55 beats/min

      Music with piano and cello. Sad but hopefully mood. This music will be great for loving, romantic, dramatic, cinematic situations.

      Strong corporate loop for a wide range of applications. Perfect for image videos, factory shots and much more.

      Dark ambient track featuring digital synth. Ideal for creating atmosphere of loneliness and night silence.

      Hypnotic and "spatial" track, with digital synths and background female vocals. Psychedelic and abstract atmosphere for your multimedia projects.

      This is a pure guitar record. Romantic in style, the lyrical melody flows above the guitar accompaniment in B minor.

      Cello plays slow, lonely, somber, haunting A/B solo pattern . Suggested for funeral scenes, sad transitions, foreboding film sequences or montages and to underscore narration requesting financial aid for disaster relief funds, voice-overs.

      Drifting airy electronic synths backed with a quick drum beat and spacious zonal electronic elements create an ideal background track for travel or demonstration purposes. Modern two step style drum beats are gradually re-introduced creating a modern element conveying the sense of movement or motion. Ideal for sport demonstrations or visual scenery projects. Also suggests flying or flight in aeroplane or sky diving.

      Dramatic industrial song performed on digital synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar over a power drums uncommon pattern and a sequenced bass. Suitable for catastrophes or tragedies documentaries, drama tv shows, thrillers, investigative, police, crime, detective and mystery television series.

      Perfect track for industrial, corporate or factory shots. Tight drums and bass with synth elements. A versatile high tech groove for your impressive promo video.

      A very synthetic theme which gets a little organic touch by the slap bass. The synth elements are kind of technical. It's useful for science themes, charts, graphics, large city pictures, big building projects, factory shots, machine scenes and many more.

      'Emotional Dreams' is a peaceful,quiet & soft melody with a soft and warm pads and atmospheres and a cool marimba/soft african beat. Ideal for an atmospheric underscore, Documentary films ,nature ,animals,travel etc..

      This is an electronic style musical sequence environment. Low speed. Se trata de una secuencia musical de estilo electrónico ambiental. De poca velocidad.

      A Lounge intro for your media projects.

      60 second loop featuring acoustic guitar, ukulele, piano, B3 organ and drums. This composition has a swinging, mellow feel, slower but driving and swingy. Sentimental but with a sense of purpose.

      An intimate and dreamy atmosphere in this walzer for two overlapped pianos. Good for your delicate projects.

      Calm and blissful corporate music. Relaxing positive and optimistic with light digital synth, soft strings and beat. Best for new age and ecological business model presentations and modern background music related to green energy, organic products, computers commercial internet banking communication.

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