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    • An intriguing yet peaceful bell theme. Perfect for commercials, phone apps and more!

      A reflective winter piano piece. Perfect for commercials, presentations, and more!

      An immersive, catchy, ambient guitar track. Perfect for presentations, videos, commercials and more!

      Nostalgic song performed on synthesizers, with a leit motiv performed on bell keys over a blend of pads and rhythmic synth strings. A mood of longing for the past but not being able to recover those days.

      Versatile track with synth arpeggio, cello, glass marimba, piano and filtered drums. For all tech promo videos, slideshows and much more.

      Hip Hop instrumental background soundscape featuring piano, bass and various synths at 110 bpm. It could fit well with corporate videos, dramatic movie scenes, urban and suburban settings. The piano theme is serious and conveys a sense of dramatic nature

      A very strange ambient, cinematic track. Almost sounds like it would be perfect in a Quentin Tarantino style Western or something of that vein.

      A very poignant guitar track. Nostalgic and sad, yet hopeful and uplifting. Very similar to the work of Anathema and Porcupine Tree. Perfect for cinematic productions, including documentaries.

      A very deep and melancholy piano track. Perfect for many applications including commercials, documentaries and much more!

      One of the saddest pieces to even be written in the history of the repertoire. Its most notable usage was in The Godfather.

      An upbeat, contemplative acoustic guitar and piano track. Perfect for presentations, commercials, and more.

      An ethereal piano plays alone. This track takes you in distant lands. Perfect soundtrack for any sophisticated advertising or romantic movies scenes.

      A pensive, thoughtful and strange Celtic inspired track. Perfect for cinema, presentations, and video games.

      A groovy and chilling hip hop beat with funky drums, smooth bass, and cool keys.

      A cinematic, serious, driving guitar track with drums accompanying.

      Musical representation for piano solo of the Palais des Papes in Avignon, between majesty and memories of past mundane glories.

      This is motivational, easy,and driving corporate track. It starts with delayed guitar tune and continues with active, dynamic drum beat,bass and piano sounds. Confident and inspiring but in the same time energetic and bold.

      A peaceful, contemplative guitar track with a drum accompaniment.

      Feel My Heart is an emotional and deeply inspiring track featuring Great Vocal Atmosphere Melody. After an introspective intro, This track started quite and deep and grows into an uplifting and heartwarming theme which gives a feeling of pride, unity and peace. Paired with orchestral strings, this track is perfect for films, emotional tv ads or documentaries. Moving, touching and warm.

      Slow new age song performed on synthesizers. A mood related with watching a tranquil scene, being meditative, serene, at peace

      Chamber music style harpsichord composition with French horn, woodwinds, cello and percussion. Suggested for patriotic scenes, customary military ceremonies, formal period rituals, political events, public service announcements and basic images of tradition and stability. Key of C, 125 beats/min

      A sloppy played acoustic guitar, glockenspiel melodies and pizzicato strings. The main piano theme is combined with a dulcimer sound. A bassoon for a haimish attitude.

      This powerful hip hop fusion music is a strong mix of drama and emotion. The gritty hip hop beat is complimented with a soft flute that dances to the beat. This dramatic music loop is great for a wide variety of applications including video game, sports, flash, ads, and more.

      It is a sequence of electronic style with an easy pace and a brilliant melodies that is designed to serve as background music in video games.

      This contemporary film score combines a haunting vibe with a uniquely mystical melody. The exotic bell melodies combine to create a fusion of sounds that scream with emotion as the bass and drums add the drama.

      Here there is a soulful and ethereal instrumental song with a french taste melody perfect for love scenes or commercial TV of beauty products.

      Majestic choral and orchestral track. Not suitable for business needs, it is instead a solemn and dramatic underscore for special occasions, or particularly intense and dramatic videos and images.The text consists of the first four verses of the famous Carme 101 by latin poet Catullus.

      Uplifting and positive track that works extremely well to promote products and services in TV, web and radio commercial campaigns. It's also perfect to motivate salesforce with igniting corporate videos. The style is Coldplay sound-alike due to its urgent drums, toms, snares and guitar riffs.

      This is an electronic style musical sequence that is designed to serve as background music in action games. Contains fantastic melodies full of vigor and energy.

      It is a musical sequence on electronic style music to serve as the basis for a video game. The piece contains three distinct melodies: -The first one is played by a flute. -The second line with a piano and a sharp synth companion. -The third is the refrain.

      A slow and ambient track in a calm mood with simple melody, huge drums and bass.

      A pleasant atmosphere with eastern flavours. Electronic drums and pads make this track modern, while joyful melodies with sitar and acoustic guitar add a pinch of adventure and cosmopolitan culture. A great soundscape, perfectly effective and fitting in documentaries and travel TV broadcasts.

      Slow motion cinematic piano with cello. Fit for drama and emotional scenes.

      Abstract and intimate atmosphere. Female vocals and saxophone in the foreground, on a texture of electric organ, synthesizers and acoustic guitar arpeggio. The audio is of great quality, not "pumped". Turn up the volume to enjoy all the nuances of sound.

      A dramatic orchestral track filled with an emotional arrangement of instruments, including strings, percussion, horns, and caustic guitar. A great track for communicating a sense of honor, sacrifice and glory. This track is well suited for action flicks focusing on war, struggle and good versus evil.

      Spiritual new age lounge loop. Flowing uplifting tropical island music for world love, underwater, ecological, green tech, tranquility and hopes. Hypnotic meditative ambient in a clear and lively feel.

      An ethereal piano with some electronic sounds and some loops. Great FINALE with orchestra and orchestral percussions. You can use this track for action and romantic scenes, psychologic and drama as well.

      Pensive and anxious ambient track with a deep atmosphere created by ample reverb effects and a hypnotic guitar lead.

      A ethereal orchestral-piano cinema based composition recording with original voice.

      An emotive, sweet, modern, and sophisticated track with full strings orchestra laid down on filtered drums loop and hypnotic keyboard loop. It is optimistic, ethereal, intimate and great for movie, adverts, radio, podcasts and tv among other things.

      This is a beautiful song of style made with soft electronic sounds of piano and sax. It contains a high melodic content.

      A wild dubstep track mixed with an evocative part with piano and strings. Great for your suggestive videos. Jumpy, strong, hard, lively, weird, intense. Great for video games and youtube. Great for TV sport broadcasts and also advertising. Check also dubestp logo, ident and jingle for shortcuts.

      A very sad piano piece. Perfect for cinematic productions and more.

      Calming, organic track with acoustic piano,smooth strings and guitar.

      Dreamy and hopeful cinematic ambient score. Flowing electronic new age track in an atmospheric fantasy style. Featuring ethereal keyboards, bass drum beat, synth×¥ Mystical, bright and sentimental.

      French Fiddle, Dulcimer and Piano create this slow, easy and upper class slow ball room style dance track with a romantic sensual edge oozing with style and class. The melody boasts contemporary unique style with traditional French Elements.

      This instrumental theme performed with piano, violin, classic guitar and accordion, reminds mediterranean flavours and is great for documentaries, travel channels and broadcasts regarding southern europe, TV shows and journalistic reportages about Italy and France in particular.

      This is a song made from simple sounds and has been designed to serve as background music retro video game court. It has a certain air of old video games at the time.

      This track was made in informational background style for broadcasting and TV news. Stock market, weather report, news and other way that you could use this music for yours commercial projects. It is also great for games, television, corporate, film, movies etc.

      A happy, fun track with uplifting emotion and a bit of romantic feel. Nylon guitars, congas and udu adds flavor to this feel good exotic song. Great for commercials and children's media.

      A dark, lonely, ghost inspired track. Perfect for cinematic productions, games, and apps, especially those with paranormal subject matter.

      Very delicate tune features oboe solo along with harpsichord and string orchestra good for sensitive scenes, emotional stories, etc.

      That's a smooth track with a simple loop of drum, bass, electric piano and a synth lead. Sometimes you can hear some vocal melodies. Perfect for dreamy and sexy scenes.

      A sweet, delicate and lively composition for two pianos and three hands. Bright and flaming composition in the style of Michael Nyman. A great piano track ideal elegant corporate videos, web promo and/or advertising.

      An intense and dramatic soundscape that evokes floating sensations. A deep lament. It can fit perfectly to underscore underwater scenes or natural landscapes in any kind of documentary, but also ethereal and delicate scenes in dramatic TV serial or movie, film or corporate videos

      In the mist of your mind traveling through the trippy hills of time. A soothing slow trippy tune. With piano and guitar looped.

      It is a setting designed for the small scenes in video games retro style with large doses of inspiration from vintage games of the decade of the 80/90 sequence.

      It is a musical style dance sequence with a beautiful melody made of piano notes.

      This track is a very energetic highly motivated guitar track driving forward all the way to the top. It inspires great confidence and the drive to succeed. Works great with action and sports footage to bringing out that champion spirit.

      This electronic music has a very smooth and hypnotic presence while being progress and forward thinking at the same time. The subtle pad is contrasted by a melodic and creative mid range that screams sleek and style.

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