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  • This is a slow ambient music with piano, smooth pads and percussions. Fit for slideshows,YouTube videos, documentaries, photography and background.

    Calm and quiet track in a relaxed mood. It features acoustic guitars and ambient piano. Good for vacation video or a slideshow.

    Ukuleles and antique sleigh bells play light-hearted arrangement suggested to underscore winter holiday scenes, seasonal ecards, slideshows and film sequences, inspired by images by Norman Rockwell and Thomas Kinkade. Key of G, 120 bpm

    A storm is brewing in the Mississippi Delta in three Movements; Part 1. The Quiet before the Storm; Part 2. The Storm is Brewing and Part 3. The Eye of The Storm. This soundtrack can be mixed/mastered to your specific requirements - Just Ask

    Light, slow and warm track, with an oldie feel and rhythm drums beat, featuring a great guitar and an enchanting vocal melody that creates an enthusiastic and optimistic mood.

    Melodic, laidback arrangement of pianos, synthesizers and percussion suggested for underscoring of heartfelt moments, peaceful scenes and segments depicting relaxation, leisure and rejuvenation.

    A slow but emotional blues guitar riff, with bass and drums. Sincere and honest emotive playing.

    Medium time, steady, mellow country rock. Featuring electric bass, drums, electric piano, banjo, acoustic and electric guitars, slide guitar.

    Exciting, upbeat and happy music track featuring guitars, ukulele, glockenspiel, bass guitar and drums. Great for commercials, films, TV series, motivational and inspirational videos, adverts and promos, presentations and much more. Uplifting and energetic motivating music filled with joy and fun.

    A southern blues electric guitar riff. A slow emotive shuffle with a tinge of overdrive.

    Slow and sensual bluesy track. This solo piano music track is very smooth and has a warm acoustic sound. Cool, fresh music with nice improvised melodies.

    Bluesy, stylish melancholic jazz tune featuring electric guitar, brass, grand piano, upright bass and brushes. Ideal for hotel lobby, music on hold, product launch, call waiting.

    Laidback arrangement of acoustic guitars, bass, organ, percussion and antique sleigh bells in 104 second arrangement, suggested to underscore feel-good scenes of seasonal family gatherings, holiday animations and electronic greetings.

    Emotional and touching instrumental music track featuring acoustic guitars, soft drums, bass and percussion. Passionate and romantic track great for films and videos, documentaries, commercials, travel videos and much more. Uplifting and inspirational composition for your successful projects.

    Hopeful relax music with electric guitar and soft pads. Versatile, atmospheric and positive song for wellness business, corporate, travel projects, slideshows and much more.

    Acoustic ballad recorded on Piano, Soprano saxophone, flugelhorn, double bass and drums. Slow tempo, warm, sensitive, sweet and hopeful. Very relaxed with cool solo melodies will be great for ambient, background and lounge music

    Finger picked acoustic guitar mellow piano melody and prepared vocal pad in an optimistic and contemplative background music. Best for friendly and nostalgic moments, sentimental and rustic advertising, peaceful and inspiring feel and romantic scenes.

    An upbeat, positive, somewhat atmospheric indie rock track. Featuring sitar, electric guitar, and percussion. Suitable as background music for video or podcast. About travel, relaxation, yoga, and dynamic meditation.

    Stylish 60s-like american rhythm and blues rock tune featuring drums, electric bass, overdriven guitars, electric piano and blues harp.

    Cool guitar and piano music, smooth melodies and easy listening mood. This music will fit well for relaxed background music and ambient music

    This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, human whistle, glockenspiel, piano and drums. Perfect for presentations, commercials, youtube videos and more.

    Lounge music recorded with acoustic piano, fender rhodes keyboard and a percussion loop. This music will fit well for chill out, ambient, corporate, on-hold waiting and commercials.

    Trip hop/hip hop instrumental with cool background noises, a hypnotic beat and funky synths. Great for fashion show, corporate presentation or on hold background music.

    Soft and atmosphere track,with a very smooth and gentle piano movement in the background,This heartfelt, beautifully, reflective, mellow piece is fit for movie productions which looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood.

    This is a track for the blues lovers just with piano, bass and drums that brings you under an old porch on the bank of the Mississippi.

    Nice lounge summer track. Featuring electric jazz guitar, acoustic guitar, smooth bass line, electronic drum design and waving synth sound. Easy going indie music for a different kind of projects.

    Smooth jazz with a chill out, laid back groove as a alto sax plays a sexy and soothing melody.

    Happy and positive upbeat whistling fun instrumental featuring acoustic guitar, shakers, ukulele, clap, happy reggae beat, and bass. Clapping, ukulele and acoustic guitar give happy ,cheerful break free and carefree music that is popular in tv advertising. Perfect background music for an ear to remember if you need an instrumental that will give a positive and uplifting vibe or music.

    Dangerous action riffs, electronic drums and groovy bass with sound designs to rock up your project! Works well for extreme sports, action movies, videos about strong men, cool bikers, prelude to a fight, etc.

    Bluesy piano melodies, very sensual and smooth. This music will fit well for ambient, background, climatic situations. Very casual and crative

    Easygoing and joyful acoustic country rockmusic. Optimistic and easy going playful instrumental back ground music i an American style. Featuring acoustic guitar finger picking, sweet piano melody and oboe. Best for happiness and nature, hope and joy scenes, holiday and vacation and simple western life and love.

    Laid back positive lounge, consisting of acoustic piano, many synths, ethnic instruments, percussion, soft bass and drums. It's ideal for corporate videos, presenting data, new product launches, technology and other business.

    A tender, new age track. Featuring flute, piano and subtle fx. This track is ideal for romance/nostalgia and nature productions.

    Imagine to be in a bar in New Orleans and an old man is playing a bluesy song on his piano...

    Angelic, romantic sounding track. Featuring blissful harps and angel voices.Very relaxing.

    Electric guitar plays laidback country licks in 81 second loop, accompanied by antique sleigh bells, acoustic, bass guitar and piano. Suggested for electronic holiday greetings, slideshows, media ads and underscoring seasonal narration of rural, farm and country topics, PSAs. Key of A, 71 beats/min

    An upbeat optimistic track, featuring celesta, piano and light percussion. A warm and gentle sound, good for lighthearted, natural productions

    Folkloric Cuban salsa guajira tune featuring rich brass, flute playing the melody, grand piano and guitar arpeggios, congas, percussion. This upbeat tropical music best suits for any vacation video, travel adverts, video games such as Tropico, also good as on-hold music.

    This is a fine acoustic folk track. featuring Acoustic guitar, mandolin, glock and smooth piano. Perfect for the open door, free field, travel, road, riding scenarios.

    A slow, relaxing, melodic track featuring soft pads and synth bell sounds. A good track for either relaxation or nature / space / technology productions.

    Happy, positive sunshine reggae composition with an upbeat guitars, organ, electric piano, brass, percussions bass and drums. Radiates cheerfulness and an easygoing atmosphere. Perfect summer sound to feel good. Fits for shopping, lifestyle and leisure.

    Piano plays blues inspired jazz licks in 96 second loop accompanied by electric bass and finger snaps. Suggested to underscore scenes depicting leisure, accomplishment and confidence. Also for slideshows, transitions and light-hearted comedic sequences. Key of A, 120 bpm

    Pop, Smooth Jazz Instrumental with a taste of a Latin flavor groove.

    An avant-garde jazz piece, with minimal structure, but with a unique mood.

    Modern styled relax music with electric guitar and ambient sounds. Versatile, atmospheric and positive background for wellness business, corporate, travel projects, slideshows and much more.

    Friendly and positive song with acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, cello and piano brings an estival mood in every project. Highly suitable background music for commercials, children themes, lifestyle and much more.

    A sweet, almost bittersweet moody, evoking an evening of fun and dancing, perhaps for a farewell to someone dear. Ultimately positive and heartwarming.

    Happy track with a village-country atmosphere. Played by banjo, electric guitar, electric organ, bass and drums.Perfect for corporate projects, films, and videos of all kinds.

    A melodic,piano led ambient chillout track.Features soft pads,tight funky groove and subtle fx.

    Vibrant acoustic guitar backed with a happy uplifting beat featuring playful xylophone. A creative track, designed to bring happiness and creativity to projects requiring an everyday style mood containing a simple feel. Useful for children's themes, commercial or advertising.

    Acoustic Guitar and Lap Steel guitar combine to form sweeping uplifting melodies.

    Calming flute leads track, fea, turing stringpads and gentle piano. Relaxing and invigorating productions this track is ideal for any relaxing.

    Capturing the feeling of the fishing village at Ngawi.

    Guitars and Ukelele combine to form a light and uplifting melodic tune with tropical influences.

    Melodic,atmospheric piece, featuring pad, soft choir and subtle windchimes. Soothing and relaxing. Ideal for dreamy atmospheric productions

    This positive and uplifting melody loop full of ethnic colors and traditional catching rhythm is mostly suitable for happy carefree life scenes like playing children, rest on the beach and etc. The track performed with drums, cajon, piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, marimba.

    Medium slow, mellow, sophisticated smooth jazz tune featuring drums, upright bass, electric piano, strings and muted trumpet playing melody.

    Cool blues track, medium tempo and easy listening. Left hand play a constant rhythm and right hand play sensual bluesy, jazzy melodies.

    Gentle and optimistic acoustic country folk music. Featuring soft steel guitars, ukulele and piano. Hopeful, bright and sentimental underscore that go best with romantic, loving, blissful and contemplative scenery.

    Very easygoing loop with acoustic guitar, charango, ukulele and acoustic piano. Brings that innocent and natural feeling in every project.

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