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    • Upbeat Happy background music instrumental that features happy ukulele, cheerful whistling, carefree clapping, and positive piano and bells. Perfect music for presentation, music for youtube videos or advertising ads and videos.

      Upbeat and happy track with bells piano and soft percussion. A perfect track for children/animals or anything lighthearted and easy-going.

      Cinematic track in epic mood. Featured instruments are orchestral strings and horns. Perfect for sport videos and films.

      This is a motivational and inspirational track featuring acoustic guitar arpeggio, orchestral strings. It starts with a smooth guitar arpeggio and builds into a orchestral climax. Great for advertisings and corporate projects, presentations and more.

      Orchestral composition with fast and dynamic strings sequence and strong orchestral percussion, suitable for your movie trailer, presentation video or any project which you need to pass a strong feeling of positiveness, rise, rebirth to your audience.

      Laid back positive lounge, consisting of acoustic piano, many synths, ethnic instruments, percussion, soft bass and drums. It's ideal for corporate videos, presenting data, new product launches, technology and other business.

      This is a happy background music instrumental that is a upbeat acoustic indie folk style song that is popular in todays popular music and advertising ad music. Perfect carefree music for video, Youtube videos and ads.

      A sweet and tender track made up of a simple repeating piano phrase backed up by an emotive ukelele. Heartwarming and touching. This track would be Great for corporate and business projects, presentations and underscoring cinematic images of life, nature and the world.

      A corporate inspired laidback track. Featuring a memorable piano melody and a gentle backbeat, this track could serve as the backing track to many productions.

      Positive track featuring piano and strings. Good for family video or advertising.

      Smooth, gentle & relaxing track, featuring soft & gentle guitar riff with light atmospheric textures that create a tender and motivational mood. Perfect for drones footage ,podcast underscores, nature & travels videos.

      Light and atmospheric music. Wide sounding guitar, sweeping synth pads and piano are playing on top of the measured groove of drums and bass. The theme performed by slide guitar and strings.

      Sensitive flute with piano bests for short movies

      This uplifting, powerful, epic trailer contains huge drums, majestic horns and a full orchestra with mighty choirs, all accompanied by pulsating synths and beats. It builds in three sections to an awesome climax. Fantastic for projects that need an inspiring, heroic and energetic theme.

      A bright and happy sounding indie rock piece.

      Uplifting and motivational music. Intro builds up into the strong guitar and bass riff with a straight drum rhythm. Good mood, emotional lift. Works well as an intro theme, tv show, news, sport reviews.

      Inspirational, positive and very beautiful warm track. Bright electric and acoustic guitar, modern groove, mood cheerful and warm summer day.

      This is a heartwarming positive and calm soundscape/atmosphere, Perfect for drone videos, Time-lapse clips and emotional scenes.

      Dramatic, motivational music track recorded with piano, strings and double bass. There is a feeling of tension that will be great for commercials, documentary and videos. Triumphant, conclusive ending.

      Soft music track recorded on piano, clarinet and strings. Great music for sensitive and delicate situations. This slow and warm music will fit well on documentaries and cinematic projects

      Inspiring and emotional cinematic track with a strong epic feel. This impressive mid-tempo arrangement features piano and full orchestra and delivers strong emotions of excitement, passion, hope, courage and sincerity. This touching piece of music would be great for background video use, especially in melodramatic and heroic marketing promo videos, including corporate motivational videos, web advertisement, lifestyle product videos, as well as multimedia training material, explainer videos or animation, and business podcasts.

      Positive and optimistic track in a happy mood. Featured instruments are piano and strings. Perfect for positive videos, slide show or advertising.

      A catchy uptempo track.Featuring a pop dance beat,piano and bell sounds.This track could work well on many corporate/youthful productions

      A beautiful, uplifting and questioning piano piece. With eccentric and offbeat synths and guitars accompanying.

      Slow slightly contemplative ethereal electric guitar strums wash over longing piano backed with zonal synth washes creating melody hinting at encouragement or trying harder. The slow build up with steady heart beat style drums convey a sense of trying to succeed making it ideal for "the story so far" style projects or conveying dreams or achievement.

      An upbeat, energetic and thoughtful string piece. Perfect for commercials, ads, intros and outros and more!

      Deep pounding bass drums kick the track off where gradually muted electric guitar is introduced offering an uplifting feel backed with soft ambient sweeps. The melody itself was designed to create an optimistic feel or striving for success and achievement.

      This is an epic and motivational cinematic track perfect for trailers, presentations, motivational videos, video games and more.

      Hot contemporary Disco track with catchy electric guitar riff wide strings and synths and pumping drums and bass. Great for fashion scenes, shopping TV, sports, fresh footage, technology and other media productions.

      This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, human whistle, glockenspiel, piano and drums. Perfect for presentations, commercials, youtube videos and more.

      Happy With You is a simple cool and easy acoustic guitar & ukulele musical track. Catchy backing vocals can be used on commercials, TV Ads, games, podcasts and presentations...

      This is a beautiful and inspirational piano piece. Perfect for commercials, presentations, inspirational videos, documentaries and more

      A smooth, gentle & relaxing track, featuring touching & uplifting piano riff with light strings and atmospheric textures that create a tender and motivational mood. Perfect for drones footage, nature & travels videos.

      A rich, motivating and engaging track featuring electric and acoustic guitars, piano, strings, glockenspiel, bass and powerful drums. This encouraging track expresses success, optimism and dedication - excellent music to promote corporate projects, any kind of motivational videos, presentations and much more!

      A magical, enchanting and uplifting cinematic orchestral track. Conveys positivity, love, hope, wonder and the power of imagination. Great for projects that need a lavish, luxurious, Disney's Frozen style soundtrack.

      An inspiring, positive and motivating track featuring electric and acoustic guitars, piano, different kinds of percussion and drums. This encouraging track expresses success, optimism and confidence - excellent music to promote corporate projects, any kind of motivational videos, presentations and much more!

      Wavy mellow tune suitable for many uses to give a comforting background to compliment your project.

      Positive, inspiring and optimistic track featuring a motivating electric guitar, emotional piano, upbeat violins and great beat - expresses strong feelings of success, progress and motivation. This powerful track will fit perfectly to trailers, commercials, motivational videos, corporate uses, product promos, presentations, TV, film and much more!

      Positive and energetic theme, contemporary Britpop style. Upbeat bright guitars, drums, bass guitar. Great for TV, corporate, business, presentation. Uplifting and optimistic.

      A gentle, soft and a bit melancholy piece of music - based on a piano tune accompanied by atmospheric sounds. This inspiring and touching music would fit perfectly for videos capturing a moment of inspiration, realization, remembrance.

      Flowing flute combine with strings with distant church bells creating a melody which implies the arrival of Christmas. The track itself is fairly pacy, with many uplifting flurries and exciting elements.

      An inspiring and motivational track with an optimistic,and fabulous holiday mood,played on piano,cello and bells. Great for inspirational videos about Christmas, holidays.

      Easy-going, acoustic guitar and piano based, mid-tempo background track. Pleasant, laidback and uncomplicated with an acoustic feel and sound.

      Motivational and very, very positive music. This is absolutely positive music. Bright and juicy, tasty and powerful. Ideal background for any happy events.

      Motivation, warm and soulful music. Ideal background for successful living.

      A soft and emotional orchestral track. Light, tender Violin and Piano with Acoustic Guitar. Additional woodwinds and percussion in the second part of track. Perfect for promos, commercials and trailers.

      A heartwarming, inspiring alternative acoustic piece.

      A peaceful, uplifting acoustic guitar track. Perfect as a background to a wide range or projects.

      This graceful, beautiful orchestral track with lush, rousing strings, regal horns and deep synthesizer moods conveys a sense of cinematic power, awe and wonder. Great for documentaries, video games, adverts and trailers Influences of Hans Zimmer. A wondrous, majestic trip through space and around our natural world.

      A pop, easy listening love ballad. The type usually heard in a commercial, on a film soundtrack or providing the perfect romantic backdrop for a television scene.

      High energy track with a very uplifting touch. Explosion of positive emotions. Beautiful and wide slide guitar solo. Corporate video, business, presentation, background music, advertising.

      Bright and merry music performed by the orchestra. Festive music with pizzicato strings and a lot of bells creates festive, New Year and Christmas atmosphere.

      An understated, epic orchestral track, perfect for games, trailers, apps and video projects.

      High energy track with a very uplifting touch. Clean, bright sounding guitars in the verse. Explosion of power and positive emotions in a refrain. Corporate, business, presentation, background music, advertising.

      A poppy track featuring piano and guitar melodies. This track is full of energy, inspiration, and forward motion: great for corporate projects!

      Positive, uplifting and happy instrumental, based on the modern guitar sound. Dynamically evolving structure of the composition, with an explosion of positive emotion in the final part. Sounds like U2, Snow Patrol and Angels & Airwaves. Corporate video, branding, ad campaigns, sports and news.

      A soft and peaceful, uplifiting inspirational acoustic track with an organic and light instrumentation of acoustic guitars, piano, warm string pads and tasteful modern percussion of airy snaps, shakers and claps.

      Imagine attending a royal waltz in a far away land full of wonder and just a sprinkle of magic. This rich, cinematic orchestral track with a sense of majesty and opulence. A warm, lush string section is joined by woodwinds and brass towards and uplifting finale. Great for trailers, projects that need to convey luxury and even romance. With an enchanting Disney vibe.

      A powerful and building cinematic orchestral instrumental. Perfect Dramatic music for a cinematic trailer needing beautiful yet powerful rising energy. Featuring strings, cello, and brass gives a modern orchestra mood yet the acoustic guitar and electric guitar and powerful percussion give that modern hybrid orchestra movie trailer feel. Very inspirational and motivational. beautiful cello strings brass

      With a slow and deliberate pace this song suggests good times and memorable. It can serve as background music retro gaming videos or documentary.

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