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  • Corporate motivational trackfeaturing classic electric guitarsbassdrums and strings. Feel free to contact mein case you need editingin order to fit perfect in your project. Enjoy,

    It is Thanksgiving time and the whole family gets together to celebrate. A light and gentlevery acoustic and organic track appealing with a sense of festiveness with pizzicato stringsglockenspiel and vibraphone. Fit for commercials and children's media.

    Starts out with just the guitar and ukulele strumming and picks up from there. Has a driving but laid back and very positive feel.

    Following a fun, swingy, driving and simple strumming pattern on the acoustic guitar using mostly major chords, this song builds up into a strongly positive and cheerful feel.

    Modern RnB Pop Instrumental track with analogue synths, acoustic guitar and cool beat.

    Positive, happy, fast, carefree pop track, featuring a loop of real drums, acoustic and electric guitar, both clean and distorted, bass and synth sounds.

    Influenced by 80's style glam heavy metal. Features screaming electric guitars, vintage synths, tear jerking piano, orchestra, bright brass stabs, and thick heavy aggressive drums. Dramatic contrast in dynamics elicits strong emotions.

    Important: exact value of BPM is 90,4. A catchy melody and a driving drum groove with stutter effects. Could be used in many ways, city pictures, travel pieces or television opening and end credits for example.

    This melody sounds like one of those minimal tracks of old computer consoles from the 8-bit era of video games. Just imagine a middle ages adventure story that wants to be funny but is really just a weak adventure story without humor.

    This is a loop with a combination of latin elements and technical sounds. An easy listening feel, but a little different...

    A pleasant and positive track that feature a nice simple piano and building pads. Great for corporate and motivational use as well as providing a warm and positive backing to your productions. Reflective and thoughtful

    'Day By Day' - This positive track has a great uplifting and joyful mood. It is perfect for corporate and business presentations, advertisements, commercials, news broadcasts, podcasts and TV and radio shows.

    Upbeat and lively, this song invokes images of shopping in a crowded outdoor market in the summer with the hot sun shining above and a cool drink stand in sight.

    Very positive and uplifting track! Good mood, atmosphere of unity and fun. Reiterative phrase on the piano and a steady beat driving the piece forward. Sweeping effects, pulsating guitars, in the middle of the track the dynamic changes, then returns to the initial theme.

    A dark, hybrid, epic trailer underscore that contains huge drums, epic taiko rolls, digital sound effects, and pulsating percussion.  An intense strings ensemble introduces epic horns that leads to majestic string melody.  A break then leads to an monster ending with an epic choir and electric guitar power chords.

    An energetic and playful melodic theme, played by piano and glockenspiel over a funky-style guitar and a bouncing, clappy, upbeat shuffle groove. This is the rhythm of many succesful pop hits and it will inject your project with an unstoppable positive energy.

    Easy listening spirit lifting powerful with dancing angels on the beach in sunset.

    Has a mellow but fast paced, driving feel, evoking emotions of running through the fields on a summer day or riding in a car with the top down.

    This is a dramatic cinematic composition with strings, piano, choir, and percussions. Great as a film soundtrack, corporate projects and videos, broadcast production and commercials.

    Sweeping orchestral piece - perfect for big, emotive moments. Sad but majestic.

    This colorful, energetic and bright easy listening track evokes great positive feelings and is very uplifting. Acoustic piano, guitar aka U2 and lush strings melodies make up a great positive, feel-good track for any corporate or video use.

    Positive, easy-going, laid back track with mellow modulated guitars and powerful drum hits. This track is laid-back but at the same time energetic with it's powerful climax.

    A simple yet fast moving piano theme that loops seamlessly.

    Wake up and look on the world in a new fashion! You practically two steps away from the fine Future. In this Future there are no illnesses and credits, but everyone receives what it is worthy!

    Urban hip hop, suitable for lots of different projects, multiple version, instrumental and rap versions. Strong drum and bass beat with addition of piano.

    Acoustic guitar playing country style melody.

    Straight in your face loop with strong rock drums and well distorted electric guitar melody. Crunch electric guitars with clear pad on the background.

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