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Bluesy, stylish melancholic jazz tune featuring electric guitar, brass, grand piano, upright bass and brushes. Ideal for hotel lobby, music on hold, product launch, call waiting.
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On the horizon is visible crystal castle, from which heard the magic sounds of the harp, guitar, celesta and percussion .
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Cool guitar line is the base melody that keeps on going.
0:45 , 1:41
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A positive summer mood hip hop beat with old school vinyl samples and groovy drums.
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The serene and warm feeling of flying over the beautiful waterfalls of Kauai in a hot air balloon.
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Pizzicato strings combine with acoustic and electric pianos, glockenspiel, synthesizer and percussion in 87 second loop of syncopated arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of espionage, intrigue and precision.
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An ambient and atmospheric electronic piece.
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A slow, meditative and melodic track.
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The mysterious mystical track with a repetitive melody and strained mood.
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Comical, quirky tune with pizzicato strings, clarinets and piano.
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Magical and fantasy beautiful music track.
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A funny tune with a worried spirit.
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A beautiful piece that gives a sense of rebirth, new discovery etc.
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This is sincere, touching romantic track with careful and touching atmosphere.
1:19 , 1:24U
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New York Mood is a classic east coast hip-hop / chillhop track suitable for commercial projects.
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A quirky little track in the kitsch style.
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A very strange and whimsical melody with a broken rhythm would work well as a theme for a kids’ show, video game or on a background of a funny scene.
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Soft and bright acoustic track with acoustic guitar, cello, piano, and glockenspiel - very suitable as background for advertising, commercials, or an animation or corporate presentation for the web or internal use.
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Hopeful and loving new year holiday music.
1:00 , 1:23
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Calming Celesta and piano backed with soft choir vocals blend together to make a heavenly, slightly magical, delicate melody conveying joy and happiness and enchantment.
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Live playful melody with the leader guitar, keyboards, guitar bass, and drums.
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A quiet and delicate theme combining soft enchanting instruments such as piano, harp and marimba together creating a peaceful yet slightly tranquil aquatic theme designed to imply relaxation and wonderment.
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A quirky, fun orchestral track perfect for games, comedies, children's parties, animations and cartoons.
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