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Minimalistic electronic corporate tune. Include deep bass, minimalistic synthesizer parts, and groovy percussions. Perfect for fashion projects, business presentations, digital slideshow, technology and innovations.
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Retro organ and deep bass instruments create a laid back yet slightly cocky and confident corporate advertising melody which contains elements of wonder and intrigue.
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Technological, modern and electronic corporate background music track.
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Positive track made with acoustic guitars.It would be nice for positive video, video game or slideshow.
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A lively Bossa Nova groove, perfect for use as elevator music.
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An ambient and atmospheric electronic piece.
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A cool, yet uplifting electronic track featuring plucked harmonics, orchestral strings, electric guitar arpeggios and melodic pianos, all driven along by cutting-edge lo-fi swing beats.
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Background music for corporate, business presentations, technology innovations, and modern era advertising.
1:19 , 1:24U
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New York Mood is a classic east coast hip-hop / chillhop track suitable for commercial projects.
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Smooth, gentle & Relaxing track, featuring soft & gentle synth repetitive riff with light strings and atmospheric textures that create a tender and motivational mood.
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An uplifting, inspirational, can-do style instrumental featuring sensual piano, inspiring pizzicato strings and modern bass .
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A happy, upbeat track designed with keyboard and electronic sound effects creates a joyful, bright and sunny theme which implies fun and happiness.
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A fun downtempo loop with sound flavors of dub reggae music and upbeat breaks.
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A gentle track with big strings, giving the feeling of being adrift on a calm blue ocean.
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A dynamic house track.
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This music screams this is modern, cool, and sophisticated.
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Positive and driving track for intellectual games, puzzles, quests.
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A catchy song, a little funny, a little melancholic - different!
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A retro '2-step' vibe which is becoming popular again.
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Positive, invigorative, sunnyday melodyloop.
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