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Classical guitars Duo, as the title.
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This is a calm and relaxed acoustic laid back and calm love song with a simple ukulele and a gentle piano in Chopin style.
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Sad Ballerina Waltz is a beautiful, nostalgic and emotional track for acoustic piano. The track was recorded in a real dancing room with a real piano. Melancholic, deep, meditative, calm, relax, dramatic and reflexive. Perfect for emotional projects, photo album, slideshow, web video, films, documentary and more. In the style of Mark Richter .
0:48 , 1:26, 1:26U
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Gentle and bright, featuring sparkly melodic bells and light ukulele that creates a happy and festive Christmas mood.
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Almost classical in nature. Lovely classical guitar accompanied by tasteful drums, acoustic strummed guitar and bass.
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A flamenco-inspired melody evolves into a restless melodic line over a bondiana style sordino-string section.
1:55 , 2:11
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This is very romantic and lovely cinematic music with sentimental and warm atmosphere. Main instruments are piano acoustic guitar, strings, cello, choir, and bells. This beautiful track can be perfectly fit for any wedding videos, love stories, romantic and sentimental videos as well as for other media, TV series, and more.
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Sentimental & romantic track with a classical guitars and a smooth a gentle piano. Well suited for romantic movie projects, video background about traveling and holidays.
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A recomposition of the Beethoven Ode to Joy based on a folk guitar improvisation. Featuring acoustic guitar, percussion, and bass.
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Perfect for film underscore, documentaries, anything needing an emotional and cinematic background.
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Sweet piece for classical guitar solo.Peaceful, gently melancholic and elegant, for your multimedia projects
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A crystal clear gentle piano theme with a very soothing and relaxing melody and progression.
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This title is clearly inspired by the ideas of Abhay Ashtekar, Carlo Rovelli, and Lee Smolin. I tried to translate the complexity of quantum loops with a dense counterpunched weave, generated by three acoustic guitars, one of which is heavily reverberated and plays the solo part.
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Track for classical guitar solo, full of Mediterranean flavor enhanced by the contrapuntal technique. Energy and elegance for your listening pleasure.
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Only two acoustic guitars are the stars of this elegant and simple loop. Very sweet, peaceful and subtly melancholic atmosphere, perfect in background, for home videos and multimedia projects.
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Two acoustic guitars for a classic and lively atmosphere, full of pulsating rhythm. Excellent in the background, for example in telephone answering machines.
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Like water drops, this music is delicate and touching.
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Two acoustic guitars engaged in a close contrapuntal dialogue, with sudden changes of musical key.
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This is a happy and funny children's music, featuring clarinet solo.
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Sweet and sad, featuring tender piano over deep, creates a gentle, emotion.
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Soft and light music performed by whistler and cello.
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This is a heartwarming positive and energetic track that slowly grow.
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Inspired by the rhythms of traditional Greek dances.
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