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Futuristic, hi-tech, cool, and robotic are the words best to describe this modern robotica music. The rhythm plays an echoing melody that is highlighted by plucky hybrid synths. The arrangement is minimal but has a sound that is ultra progressive.
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This is an electronic track with atmospheric piano pads.
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This cinematic music uses a mysterious sound combined with a dark energy. The mysterious pads are complimented with a plucky synth to create a psychological track perfect for drama, mystery, horror, and more.
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Dark ambient backround music with a spooky feeling. Suitable to use in a thriller or horror films.
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Hypnotic piano loop in a disturbing mood. Use it for scary games, thrillers, horror movies, also great for halloween.
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Great for atmospheric scenes and moods like: paradise, heaven, crystal, relax, hypnotic, angels, ghost, phantom, paranormal activity, haunting house, supernatural creatures, fairy pixie or elf, eternity and much more.
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Mysterious piano theme full of chilling suspenseful atmosphere. Suitable as background music for videos, games, horror visuals etc.
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Dark progressive glitch hop style music creates stylish ambiance for the dark scenes.
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Background music while waiting and the clock is ticking.
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A creepy and sad music box theme.
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Mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects.
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This cinematic inspired soundscape really captures your attention.
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Urban Hip Hop track, cool and groovy.
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An ambient mysterious background loop.
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Sinister, driving deep tune with heavy bass.
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This is a creepy track filled with earthy sounds and moving strings.
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Sinister sounding drums and bass with a stong lead synth pad adding a touch of darkness to the music.
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Dark ambient mid-tempo track.
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Singsong meditation of the hermit stayed alone with his mind somewhere in the depths of the forest .
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