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The title of this thing doesn't mean changes of seasons, but the senses and relationship between people. This thing has several parts and each has its own mood from romantic in the beginning to brave and epic in the middle and tender and gentle in the ending. Most suitable for cinematic scenes. Performed with grand piano, strings, brass and percussion sections.
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An enchanting, peaceful track, featuring evocative flute and harps.
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Epic and panoramic, cinematic orchestral track with beautiful lush strings, horns and atmospheric synths that convey a sense of respect, awe and wonder.
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Light and flowing background music, featuring piano and smooth underlying textures that create a heartwarming and nostalgic mood.
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Emotional Piano with gentle string backing creates a dramatic sense of love, sorrow and emotional sadness. The soft, timely piano chord melody was designed to suggest someone leaving for the last time, or about to never been seen again. Very useful film production music for heroic scene conveying both positivity and negativity for an ideal film end scene.
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Inspiring, peaceful and emotive orchestral piece with beautiful strings melodies.
1:35 , 1:40
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Epic, emotional cinematic track with warm strings, beautiful woodwinds and a haunting solo cello.
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Beautiful, powerful and inspirational trailer.
1:53 , 2:26
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Beautiful, emotional and sincere epic cinematic track with a bittersweet feeling and romantic atmosphere. Featured instruments are a grand piano, orchestral strings, horns, basses, toms, timpani and choir. Good production music for any sentimental videos, patriotic narrations, dramatic heroic films, eternal love and bright future.
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Emotional heartful track with melancholic, touching and reflective melody.
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Elegant inspiring and minimalistic classical track with cinematic and uplifting atmosphere.
1:56 , 2:19
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This epic track with cinematic orchestra sound and glorious climax. Perfect for trailer, video games, and fantasy adventures films. Featuring powerful strings, synths, and huge percussion. In style of James Bond movies.
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Background documentary track for films and video projects.
1:49 , 2:36
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Emotional piano track with romantical and inspiring mood.
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A dramatic and cinematic piece with piano and lush strings. It has a deep, emotional and epic quality with uplifting tones. Think about Ā«Amelie PoulainĀ» piano soundtrack by Yann Tiersen.
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Atmospheric and emotional cinematic track.
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This rousing, beautiful orchestral track conveys a sense of breathtaking magic and wonder.
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A beautiful, emotional, warm, uplifting cinematic piano and orchestra piece that conveys love, romance and togetherness.
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Emotional and touching military & patriotic style theme filled with an emotional arrangement of instruments, including strings, percussion, horns.
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An introspective, slow piece And elegant and tender piano track.
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Traditional news report theme or jingle containing orchestral instruments creating many highs and lows with inspirational and dramatic edges traditionally noticed on news builds ups.
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