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Inspiring indie folk background track with acoustic guitars, airy pads, pianos etc. Creates a mood of hope, uplift the energy, evoke the search for new discoveries, and wanderlust.
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Beautiful melody with optimistic vibe and mood of the french air.
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A very melodic tango with Spanish-Italian like influence.
1:40 , 2:05
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This is beautiful and inspiring acoustic folk music with light optimistic atmosphere. Main instruments are acoustic guitar, piano, strings, bass and drums. This uplifting track can be perfectly fit for any corporate products, motivational video, YouTube media, radio jingle, presentations, commercials, and more.
0:24 , 0:34
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Nice and happy jazz swing with funny melodies recorded with acoustic guitars, drums and bass.
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This is very beautiful acoustic folk music with live warm electric and acoustic guitar, piano, strings, bells, light drum kit. Joyful and romantic atmosphere together with sunny and spring mood. Peaceful and inspiring music will be perfect background audio for your videos.
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Folk track, sweet and just veiled in melancholy, with essential instrumentation of guitar and strings.
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A beautiful lyrical composition in Russian folk music style played on the piano and accompanied by accordion at the end of the track. Could be used in any project which needs sentimental background music.
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Acoustic Latin guitar music track with a beautiful and emotional melody that evokes feelings of nostalgia, romance, passion and affection.
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Thought driven acoustic guitar and strings piece.
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An acoustic guitar and flute combine to elicit feelings of forest birds and tranquility.
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This loop is one in a series of 5 tracks that are simply a fingerpicked guitar (or pair of guitars) backed by a light pad.
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A sloppy played acoustic guitar, glockenspiel melodies and pizzicato strings.
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Cinematic background music with catchy emotive soundline .
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Authentic Cuban song "Guajira" with slow touch of melancholy.
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Gypsy Balkan music.
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