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This is modern music with a contemporary future chill beat and chillstep groove.
1:51 , 2:01
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This is serious corporate background music with dramatic and suspense atmosphere. Suitable for the medical service industry, police investigation, scientific experience, crisis management, the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.
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This is an ethereal track with a hypnotic synth bass and an FX piano melody.
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This dubstep music is a compelling mix of dramatic action contrasted with haunting piano melodies. The fusion of styles creates a dynamic sure to grab anyone's attention.
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Solar Energy is a future sounding electronic track.
1:16 , 1:23
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This is an inspiring and emotional piano theme.
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Energetic and focused loop in chillstep genre with stylish breakbeat rhythmical drum beats, angelic pads, warm synthesizers, airy plucks and analog leads.
0:12 , 0:13, 0:16, 0:16
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Glitchy and futuristic sounding, this file is suitable for neat and clean flash intros with slick and high-quality logos.
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Atmospheric, pulsating track featuring piano, full strings and various other elements.
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Upbeat, easy listening music ideal for tv, film, cable and corporate training videos, as well as background music for children programming, cooking, and family-oriented programming.
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High energy track with a very uplifting touch.
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Inspirational piano licks accompanied with uplifting sweeping strings.
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This is a simple innovative track starting out with piano and building to include pizzicato strings and counter melodies.
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Elegant loop for piano solo, in classical style.
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Great for some chill moments in the movie.
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Building Together Small Cover
Working together for a brighter tomorrow. That’s what these melodies represent.
25 Melodies
In The Kitchen Small Cover
With this cooking-inspired playlist, your dishes will literally sing in your mouth.
31 Melodies
Corporate Island Small Cover
The place where all dreams come true, without any worry and fuss, but with the pure energy of action.
25 Melodies
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