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An eclectic, jazz fueled orchestral piece. Featuring crazy drums and a frenetic muted trumpet lead.
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Upbeat and inspiring alternative rock music with strong motivational "Hey" sound in the style of "Of Monsters and Men".
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A whimsical, intriguing string ensemble piece. Suitable for projects needing suspenseful mood, detective spy films, CSI investigations, intrigues and conspiracy, dramatic moments, thriller movies, bloody murder, crime planning, hidden menace, checkmate.
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This is an energetic and groovy action hard rock music, full of power and intensity.
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This is a hard rock/nu heavy metal music, full of power and energy.
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A fast, frantic and energetic tongue-in-cheek orchestral chase cue. With lively strings, quick, fiery brass and bold percussion, it is great for projects that need a dramatic soundtrack without being too serious. Written in the style of Danny Elfman and Hollywood comedy film music.
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A peculiar piano piece, written improvisationally.
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A transparent and contemplative piece featuring piano, vibraphone and synths sounds.
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Spacial music with a touch of suspense and some moments of sensitive feeling.
0:44 , 0:29, 0:59, 1:12
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Suspenseful music with a strange mood recorded with piano and effects, synthesizer.
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East coast hip hop loop featuring keyboard synths, bass, and modded pianos.
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Powerful hard rock instrumental from the 80's-90's featuring acoustic and electric guitars, bells, piano, and pads.
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Bouncy, fun, curios, light and cheerful track.
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Warm, futuristic, emotional and very inspirational track in the style of dubstep.
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A strange, authentically medieval music loop featuring wolf howling sound.
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A haunting, ethereal track, featuring flute, harps and string chords.
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An experimental work for the solo the piano.
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A short and catchy melody in waltz tempo executed in digital piano.
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Noble track in slow time, classical orchestral instrumentation.
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Slow hip hop ballad.
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