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A dark, sad, and alluring hypnotic experimental and independent piece of music . Works great for dramatic moments, flashbacks to better times, reliving the past. Very intimate and emotional track. Experimental, Progressive Rock, Electronics, Avant Garde.
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Lush and wondrous, featuring pulsing strings, synthesizers, ambient percussion samples and future house kick creating a hypnotic atmosphere.
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Tension and anxiety, atmosphere of great dramatic impact, with a close dialogue almost entirely atonal between piano and cello. Ideal to create a sophisticated suspence for dramatic scenes.
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A peculiar piano piece, written improvisationally.
0:44 , 0:29, 0:59, 1:12
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Suspenseful music with a strange mood recorded with piano and effects, synthesizer.
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The mysterious mystical track with a repetitive melody and strained mood.
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Melancholic track, with a great electric guitar solo and the musical atmosphere of the best music of the 70s.
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Track rich in pathos, with wide use of digital synths, drums, strings and a powerful piano sound.
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A strange and bleak ambient soundscape.
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This melancholic and evocative track with a mixture of classical and modern instruments.
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A nostalgic, powerful, and driving Indie rock track.
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Playful and colorful track, cinematic and childlike character.
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Gentle track easy listening, captures the atmosphere of a classic jingle.
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Only a dry piano to create an atmosphere of silent film.
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Loop progressive style, majestic and melancholic, with dominant synths and electric guitar.
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Looped track in slow tempo, pulsating and rhythmic, lively but with a subtle trace of melancholy.
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Slow and majestic pop track.
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Female vocals on a background full of rhythmic pulsations create a charming and enthralling atmosphere.
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Folk track, sweet and just veiled in melancholy, with essential instrumentation of guitar and strings.
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Beautiful and hopeful melody, new age style, dreamy and relaxing, with good feel.
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Sort of a funk/rock/jazz instrumental version of this old Christmas standard.
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An orchestral track with addition of modern digital percussion and electric guitar.
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