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    • Mysterious, meditative ambient track with dark synth pads, nocturnal atmosphere and guttural vocals. You can use this enigmatic background music for relaxation, meditation, slide show or other projects that need a touch of mystery. Disturbed, mysterious, pulsating track. Used a synthesizer, arpeggiator, string sounds. Perfect for any type of corporate or multimedia projects. Dark uptempo ambient track. Featuring digital synth and drums. Us this background music as you wish. Sacred meditative track. Featuring synthesizer, percussion, arpeggiator. Perfect as a background music for relaxation. Hypnotic piano loop in a disturbing mood. Use it for scary games, thrillers, horror movies, also great for halloween. Twisted horror piece with disturbing reversed vocals and spiritual voices that give the sense of souls being trapped or desperately wanting to be set free. Note: These were not real childrens voices. This is a creepy track filled with earthy sounds and moving strings. Electric drums with synth bass and orchestra like sounds. Nice for some short opening theme. Ambient leads and deep synths with a groovy mid tempo beat. Dark electronic action track combined with complex sweeping synth melody and pulsating rhythms. Perfect soundscape for fiction movies, games and multimedia projects that demand high energy. Scary acid jazz electronic track featuring electronic drum machine and lot of synthesizers and effects Huge cinematic space sound pads with a gentle drum and bass backing. Dark and powerful mid-tempo Hip-Hop track. Consist of drum beat digital synths and piano. Mysterious piano theme full of chilling suspenseful atmosphere. Suitable as background music for videos, games, horror visuals etc. Fat synth lead backed by a slightly sppoky pad sound a big drums and bass sections Massive guitar attack - the wall of sound with atmospheric sound flying above. A driving up tempo track with heavy punk-rock guitars will perfectly suited for film, web or anything background you may need it for. Catchy rock guitar licks and riffs that sear into your brain with their intensity and Southern American feel. Groovy rock track with a catchy descending and rising melody This track incorporates industrial and orchestral elements. A great build up to a climactic finish providing a heart pumping, spell binding trance like piece. Careful...This might make you hurt somebody. A dark orchestral suspense segment for tv/film. Timpani's and Orchestra Ensemble with flute and timpani's at the end. Powerful orchestral track created for movie, TV show or animation project. Long long way through desert. Hard, step by step, passing obstacles. Patiently coming nearer to the purpose. Cheeky catchy melody with a hard driving drum and bass backend. Mighty orchestral track great for war movie or documentary. Consist of strings, woodwinds, strong percussion and brass. Track with Hard Guitars Riff and amazing drums! Upbeat ambient synth groove track with a catchy lead Upbeat bouncy synth track with an instantly catchy groove A dark and foreboding hip-hop track, designed to create an urban menace atmosphere. Pumping and ghetto gangsta style hip-hop loop. It's great background music for adding energy, tension and urban edge to your projects, presentations, etc Also great for rapping to. Deep sounding groove track with fat bass line and subtle lead melody. Well suited for sci-fi documentaries about alien contact or shot movies about futuristic nightlife. Ambient Background Music, great for websites, TV, Jingles, corporate videos etc Sinister sounding drums and bass with a stong lead synth pad adding a touch of darkness to the music. Well paced upbeat groove great for adding a sense of action and movement. A strong lead guitar rhythm and melody, great for driving and action sequences. Heavy rock rhythm guitar with pounding drums, making great music to complement any aggressive sequence. Electronic lounge groovy background piece with lot of drum fills, vinyl scratches and synthesizer effects. An ambient background loop. An orchestral heavy track with a classic film score sound. Melodic and inspiring. Slow dark industrial metal rock background piece. Drums, heavy guitar, electric bass, synthesizer effects. Good for trailers and spots. Morphine flows through optical veins of DigiCity.
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