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This track was made in informational background style for broadcasting and TV news. Stock market, weather report, news and other way that you could use this music for yours commercial projects. It is also great for games, television, corporate, film, movies etc.
1:51 , 2:01
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This is serious corporate background music with dramatic and suspense atmosphere. Suitable for the medical service industry, police investigation, scientific experience, crisis management, the process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues.
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Modern loop with harp, piano and synth arpeggios. Ideal track for tech themes, research, science or corporate and much much more.
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This electronic music combines a cool style with futuristic vibes. The plucky synth melodies are complimented with a clean keys, bass and stylish percussion. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including ads, business, corporate, explainers and more.
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Solar Energy is a future sounding electronic track.
1:44 , 2:37
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A gentle, inspiring groove filled with optimism and positivity, featuring electric guitar, acoustic, strings, synthesizers and electronic percussion. Ideal music bed for promotional and marketing videos, product presentations, corporate and business projects.
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Corporate upbeat track with confident business mood and uplifting summer vibe atmosphere.
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News opening theme.
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Versatile background track for many applications. Suits perfect in corporate, tech videos and much much more.
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Incidental piece of instrumental rock with a Cold Play style dynamic drums section, bass, piano and synthetizer. Uplifting, driving and positive, perfect as baskground music for corporate, motivational or promotional videos. Advertising, commercial. Forthcoming success. Winning people.
1:36 , 1:40
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Dramatic hip-hop track with tense beats and melancholic mood.
0:12 , 0:13, 0:16, 0:16
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Glitchy and futuristic sounding, this file is suitable for neat and clean flash intros with slick and high-quality logos.
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A positive and modern orchestral corporate piece, featuring dynamic pianos, uplifting strings and subtle horn and backing choir sections. Perfect as a background to corporate or business presentations or any media that requires a gentle orchestral underscore.
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This electronic tech music combines a mellow vibe with futuristic and advanced style.
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Modern cinematic track with a creative and inspirational vibe.
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Stutter vocals combined with futuristic drums and anolog synth arpeggios generate an intense tech atmosphere with a human touch.
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A very synthetic theme which is useful for science themes, charts, graphics, large city pictures, hi tech, laboratory, and many more.
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Versatile track with synth arpeggio, cello, glass marimba, piano and filtered drums.
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Bouncy bass melody with laid back drums and a synth style lead
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Rythm with strong bassline, usable for any situation.
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A positive motivational track that reminds someone of the good times and positive memories.
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Groovy funky techno loop-ready song with some jazz harmony, performed on synthesizers making riffs, in an optimistic mood.
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Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood.
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An energetic pop loop with a periodic bell theme.
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A bustling activity goes on in this track.
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A magical tune with a fantastic crystal sound melody, that will carry away you in the world of tick-tock time.
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