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This is a scary and suspenseful track, full of horror and fear.
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An epic and atmospheric piece with defenseless and hopeless mood. Featuring intense impacts, piano melody, orchestra, digital sound effects and sound design elements. This track will perfectly suit for Playstation like or Xbox like game menu, horror movie scene, advertisements or any other media project looking for dark, suspense and cinematic mood.
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Mystery music track recorded with piano and nature sounds, wind, water.
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Lightweight, atmospheric and universal, very beautiful and upbeat music bed for any multimedia presentation, footage and other needs.
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Mysterious melody with magic sounds of hang drum, bells and deep atmospheric effects. This background music is suitable to use for games, documentary, films and web applications.
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A cosmic chillout track that gradually builds over time.
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An ambient piece with upbeat drums, electric guitars and soft piano.
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Ethnic cinematic music with modern elements.
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A dark, creepy drone with a distant, estranged piano lead.
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A repetitive, otherworldly drone soundscape with calm and hypnotic mood.
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A dark, strange drone with frantic, bizarre lead guitar parts.
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Finest dramatic trip-hop loop with nice multi-sampled choir theme, smooth bass line and vinyl-beat for Your Project Needs.
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Spooky organ chimes, theatre style orchestra with choir, and Harp elements creates a slow spooky melody useful for horror projects.
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Soundtrack with many wide synths and deep low end that creates heavy and dramatical atmosphere.
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Dramatic industrial song performed on digital synthesizers and overdriven electric guitar over a power drums uncommon pattern and a sequenced bass.
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This is an electronic style musical sequence environment.
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Emotional and dramatic electronic track with elements of breakbeat and jungle.
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Edgy and Reflective minimal techno track.
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This music is a dark yet cool electronic track with progressive synths and spacey percussion.
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Dark break-beat song performed on synthesizers.
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Medium slow new age background piece.
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Climbers aspire to reach heights.
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Underwater acoustic mystery emulates slowly motion of shark fins among billions of water blebs and ultrasound signals somewhere in ocean depths.
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