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  • This track shows the memories from the past when you stay in you old house. Deep percussion, electric piano and pads.

    This endless loop is an ideal soundscape for providing a hypnotic effect to your presentation, video or other media projects.

    Light ambient mood of this track is good for presentations. Massive percussion with bass lays beyond and pad, flute, santur flies above.

    Deep atmosphere of evening forest, good for relaxation. Flute, santur and ethnic percussion make a magic in this track.

    The national melody intertwines with mysterious natural landscapes

    Gentle, easy going electronic track with airy pads, subtle melodies and a swing groove. Slightly sorrowful and moody. Moby alike.

    Wistful, elegant ambient / electronica crossover track with a subtle hint of acoustic guitar. Echoes and soft pads.

    Beauty of the underwater world, positive moods

    Just a ballad thing with traditional rhythm section and bluesy electric guitar solo.

    Slow playing ambient melody.

    Wide digital synth with percussion makes positive and relaxed state of mind. A flute and electric guitar play a nice melody.

    A luscious track that gives the feeling of being at the beach and hearing the waves gently ripple on to the shore.

    Deeply romantic and sensual piece written for saxophone with electric piano. A beautiful melody to add ambience to any project.

    Light atmospheric track. Oriental melody played on flute. Some percussion in the background.

    Ambient electric guitar arpeggio placed over digital synthesizer pad. Pizzicato strings makes this loop more dynamic.

    Sweet and tender sound of electric piano and digital pad make idyllic life atmosphere. Brushed drums with bass guitar melody.

    This loop makes dark and intimate mood. Acoustic piano and synth used for harmony, clean electric guitar create light melody. Electric drums with acoustic bass are strong background.

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