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This one is an excellent experimental track for your presentations and various projects. Spectacular parts accompanied by flutes will not leave you indifferent. Enjoy!
1:40 , 2:54
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This is deep and futuristic music with nice texture and wide space atmosphere.
1:52 , 2:41
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An inspirational modern corporate track featuring piano, electronic synths, strings, modern percussion and deep bass. Will be perfectly suited as background music for accelerated or slow motion video project, medicine and high technology, advertisement and TV commercial, media project and podcast, You Tube and website, science and invention, design and architecture, computer and robot, industry and factory, innovation and more. The building instrument structure will give a development, growth, prosperity sense to your visual project.
1:15 , 2:07U, 2:07
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It's powerful, uplifting, heroic pop-rock track.
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A upbeat electronic track with bells, bass guitar, and crispy drums!
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A calm atmospheric piece which will perfectly suit for various projects.
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Traditional African instrumentation such as marimba, African Flute and Tribal drums.
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Soft but groovy ethnic fusion tune flavored by Indian percussion, synth pads and bells.
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A deep futuristic soundtrack for science fiction films, artificial intelligence, high technological reviews, future life.
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This title is clearly inspired by the ideas of Abhay Ashtekar, Carlo Rovelli, and Lee Smolin.
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Modern music for contemporary business, technological and corporate media.
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Light melodic chill tune, featuring acoustic piano, violin, and electronic drums.
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The energetic pop looped track, with a punchy drum beat and an inspiring, soaring chorus, with just the right amount of a vintage flavor.
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This catchy and lush background music.
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An entrancing, deep and nostalgic soft indie melody with an inexpressible atmosphere of sensuality.
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A technological music loop with electronic percussion and ambient synthesizers across the track.
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