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Big heroic and pompous hip-hop with an epic and dangerous mood.
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Synthetic, passionate, and a powerful ambient /new age groove featuring electronic synths that create huge emotions. Suitable for new discovery, progressive technology, wide open landscapes, nature timelapse video, and any inspirational content. Think about Sacred Spirit or Deep Forest.
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An atmospheric, graceful, beautiful orchestral track with rousing strings, horns and synthesizer.
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An energetic, action packed, adventure track with driving drums, electric guitar, synths and orchestra.
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A dramatic cinematic track featuring the bright sound of emotional piano and the velvet sound of cello. This is an ideal underscore for romantic movies, inspirational moments, lifetime decision, unique opportunity, creativity, agitation mixed with excitement and more.
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Modern cinematic music for technological, business and corporate media.
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A powerful and dramatic orchestral soundtrack, with deep, dark strings, powerful horns, bass drums and military snares.
1:14 , 1:49
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Strong orchestral track with inspirational melodies, big cinematic drums, and epic orchestral sounds as well as modern soundscapes. Great music for trailers, games, presentations and sports.
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Epic and climactic cinematic music, with powerful horns, spiccato strings, hybrid synth sounds and deep percussion.
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This beautiful, cinematic piece features synthesizers, bass, drums with violin and piano melodies. It is soft with an inspiration mood, perfect for background music in all sorts of video projects.
1:55 , 0:51, 2:27
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Creative sounding, modern, innovative track in chillstep / electronic chillout genre.
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A powerful, uplifting and dramatic cinematic orchestral track that conveys determination, heroism, optimism and positivity.
1:35 , 1:40
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Epic, emotional cinematic track with warm strings, beautiful woodwinds and a haunting solo cello.
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The energetic pop looped track, with a punchy drum beat and an inspiring, soaring chorus, with just the right amount of a vintage flavor.
1:44 , 2:37
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A gentle, inspiring groove filled with optimism and positivity, featuring electric guitar, acoustic, strings, synthesizers and electronic percussion.
1:41 , 2:06
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Emotional cinematic track with mellow and a bit tragic mood.
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Ethnic cinematic music with modern elements.
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Progressive trance track, featuring deep bass line, aggressive kick, and easy melody.
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Arabic cinematic track, combining ethnic duduk melody along with stylish synth beats.
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Disturbing intense dynamic cinematic background music.
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This epic & dramatic music starts with a powerful minimalistic strings melody and sweeping horns, then ends with a grand full choir melody.
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An intriguing yet peaceful bell theme.
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A positive motivational track that reminds someone of the good times and positive memories.
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Positive, uplifting and motivational track with beautiful synthetic piano, bells, bass, leads, pads, cool synths and drums.
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A positive and modern orchestral corporate piece, featuring dynamic pianos, uplifting strings and subtle horn and backing choir sections.
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