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Happy and bright acoustic folk-pop track that is uplifting, upbeat and inspiring. Great for puzzle games, sophisticated videos, beautiful presentation, uplifting projects, whimsical music advertising, commercials, and more.
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This is a sweet tune with a vintage flavor & orchestral elements makes a great track to use if you want to give a creative & magical feeling to your project. Perfect for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, kids projects, winter holidays, Christmas shopping and more. Featured instruments, piano, strings, clarinet, bells, harp, contrabass, drums & percussion. In the style of "Home Alone" soundtrack.
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Corporate music track with a motivational and inspiring feel.
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Frantic and unusual progression and melody. Cinamatic, magical and hypnotizing. This track is smooth and sophisticated. Featuring a prepared piano, celeste and kalimba. Great for comedies and game soundtracks.
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Bright and emotional, modern classical orchestra track with melody, that's built to an exciting climax.
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This is a touching and emotional cinematic piece for any romantic and lovely moments of your life.
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Cool and sophisticated instrumental hip hop, featuring chopped vocal elements, downtempo double bass and pianos. Perfect for online videos, vlogs, travel videos, tutorials and more.
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This is a motivational and inspirational track featuring acoustic guitar arpeggio, orchestral strings.
1:55 , 2:24
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Inspiring, positive and exciting classical background music.
1:56 , 2:39
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This is breathtaking and very inspiring pop-rock music with great energy and bright motivational atmosphere.
1:43 , 2:07, 2:07U
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This is warm and heartwarming orchestral music in a peaceful mood with a deep philosophical sense.
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This is the love story of two butterflies.
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This tune creates a magical Christmas vibe.
1:49 , 3:49, 3:49U
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Very positive and hopeful melodious summer house track.
1:55 , 2:11
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This is very romantic and lovely cinematic music with sentimental and warm atmosphere.
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This is a motivational and inspirational track featuring guitar arpeggio, orchestral strings and an ambient warped piano.
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An exciting melody created using a variety of orchestral instruments provides an upbeat colorful theme suggesting Christmas Day or an exciting magical moment.
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Magic and bright orchestral Christmas music featuring festive strings, jingle bells, and bright brass section.
1:42 , 1:48U
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Magic and kind Christmas music.
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An elegant, uplifting and inspiring chamber orchestra and piano melody.
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Energetic, modern, dance and positive instrumental music track in pop and funk style.
1:00 , 1:23
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Calming Celesta and piano backed with soft choir vocals blend together to make a heavenly, slightly magical, delicate melody conveying joy and happiness and enchantment.
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A traditional big band playing stylish bluesy swing, featuring trumpet and guitar solos.
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Inspirational and uplifting background music track starts from a beautiful and serene ambient piano motive and builds into emotional and strong cinematic climax.
1:56 , 1:59
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Uplifting and positive pop/rock track.
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The cinematic composition used in the award-winning movie "A Rainbow of Adventure".
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Lush, rich, romantic strings and cello solo in the performance of the symphony orchestra, with just the right touch of Tchaikovsky.
1:34 , 4:48
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Jazzy hip-hop track with an undeniably catchy groove and laid back beat.
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Very beautiful soft melody song, good for children projects as well as melody for Christmas/New year.
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A beautiful Christmas music.
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