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Great uplifting, energetic, groovy dance pop music featuring electric guitars, pianos and catchy synth beat.
0:58 , 0:15, 0:30, 1:34U
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Inspirational and motivational pop rock track, with electric guitars, strings, bass and drums.
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Happy loop, with a country village Wild West atmosphere.
1:44 , 0:20, 0:31, 2:04
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This is my new, energetic positive corporate music track with confident bright mood, which contains happy optimistic piano and synth solo, driving electric guitars, drums and live bass.
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Bright and emotional, modern classical orchestra track with melody, that's built to an exciting climax.
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Upbeat and uplifting indie rock music track.
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An adventurous, magical orchestral piece in the spirit of Disney / Pixar.
1:40 , 2:11
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Magical and inspirational winter holiday track with rich piano keys, fairy flutes and strings, positive shiny bells, cinematic drums, orchestral horns and brasses, sleigh bells, catchy melodies.
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Inspiring, fresh, motivational and background track with piano, electric guitars, synth pads, drums, bass.
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Corporate motivational track, expose a lot of positivity, creativity and confidence.
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Traditional Chinese track meets modern flavors.
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Happy and upbeat pace typical to festive atmosphere of Irish pubs.
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Inspirational and motivational music track, featuring electric guitars and piano, with beautiful melodies that will evoke feelings of success and achievement.
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An inspiring and motivational track with an uplifting feel.
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An upbeat, positive and celebration style Brazilian percussive track that is perfect for the Rio Olympics and latin samba feel.
0:52 , 0:57, 0:57U
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Grand orchestral cinematic track.
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Uplifting and inspirational Coldplay/U2 style folk pop/rock.
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This instrumental features acoustic guitar, bells, ukulele, and violin.
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A youthful, fun and energetic Indie-Rock track.
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Simple but energetic track with lot of Latino elements.
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Road to the Olympics Small Cover
Hard work and dedication followed by success. That’s the journey these melodies inspire.
22 Melodies
Come on and Line up Small Cover
Grab your friends and your board and hit the waves with these surf-inspiring melodies.
20 Melodies
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