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  • This world music fuses together an island spirit with a modern vibe. The exotic marimbas play a positive tropical rhythm while the pan flute provides a beautiful melody.

    Elegant bohémien track performed with classic guitar and expressive flute, percussions and acoustic drums. Imagine you're sipping a sweet coffee in a sidewalk café in the centre of Paris. Modern melodic background instrumental music ideal for restaurants, elegant pubs, hotels and shops.

    A smooth stylish chillout track,featuring piano melodies and a lazy tripped out beat.Good for many ambient/chilled productions

    Positive corporate track with an electric guitar theme, piano and staccato strings. Perfect song for image videos, slideshows, financial themes and much more. This piece stays for teamwork, success, straightness and professionalism.

    A positive and happy funk tune. A funky-house arrangement with sexy and attractive guitar chords. A catchy and commercial song track for fashion broadcasts, catwalks and any event with cool boys and sexy girls under floodlights.

    Background music without attracting attention. Traditional jazz sound for many applications.

    Chilled-out, happy and relaxed track that resembles a fusion of reggae, African and alternative pop/rock music. Chilled out clean guitar solo.

    A soothing, relaxing, sensual ambient, new age piece. This track would be ideal in a spa or anywhere requiring soothing music.

    Jazz fusion tune with electric piano and trumpet melody. Lounge feel with bass, groove drums and percussion beat. Perfect for sports, commercials, parties

    Calm song with a soothing mood. Familiar drum sound with electric guitar and cello. Beautiful background track.

    Uplifting and positive pop track. Emotive flute melody, dynamic, animated synths. Perfect for presentations, advertising or video.

    Straight and positive track with a catchy saxophone melody and cool funky guitars. Versatile song with drive. Trendy sound for many applications.

    Positive and optimistic uplifting track in a good mood. Featured instruments are piano and electric guitars. It would be nice for slide show, advertising or positive video.

    A cool, groovy and relaxed lounge track with electric piano, strong bass line, clean guitars and beautiful flute melody.Will work well as video background for any positive moments in your life, advertisement, commercial TV and TV show, entertainment.

    Retro 70s type reggae with small brass section.

    A funny mix of acoustic blues and house music elements. Guitars, bass, house beats in the style of current hits like "stolen dance". Loopable. Great for many footages.

    Some vinyl, some cool, some modern: something new. Rhythmic vinyl crackle sounds combined with synth themes and patterns make this song to an accommodating background track for corporate videos, slideshows and much more.

    A sexy lounge loop featuring smooth guitar, downtempo vinyl drums and a head banging house groove.

    Lush strings and keyboards over a percussion bed create a mood of optimistic yearning with a soaring, emotional chorus.

    Piano Funk loop featuring piano, bass, guitars, drums and female vocal samples. It's great as background loop for any footage about fashion topics, trendy brands, cool subjects with young and beautiful people.

    A groovy disco track with 80s sound. Typical retro string arrangement and funky rhythm guitar. Brings back the good old vinyl days. Have fun!

    Soft latin song with acoustic guitar, trumpets and percussion elements. Perfect for holiday videos, travel guides, dance clubs or maybe a slideshow with all these wonderful travel memories.

    A relaxed and easy song with beautiful bell, piano and flute melodies. Perfect music bed for a wide range of applications like slideshows, imagevideos, travelvideos and much much more.

    A chilled out looped lounge tune with relaxed keys, nice crisp drums and a clean bass.

    Simple lounge song performed on synthesizers featuring two different sections/harmony, in the middle section there is a softer percussion.

    Solid beat with 4 part chord sequence accompanied by space sound effects, and also ocean waves. Inspired by spaceship travelling through the stars and planets.

    Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instruments are synth leads and flute. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow.

    An inspiring and dynamic post rock track that builds from a soft and ambient beginning to a powerful, strong and emotive climax made with guitars lots of delay that combine with huge sounding drums.

    Cool Lounge music with Fender Rhodes melody, bass and drums. Groovy and happy will be great for commercials, corporate, business and Chill out situations

    This powerful hip hop fusion music is a strong mix of drama and emotion. The gritty hip hop beat is complimented with a soft flute that dances to the beat. This dramatic music loop is great for a wide variety of applications including video game, sports, flash, ads, and more.

    Relaxing lounge music track with a very soothing and chilling vibe.

    This is a Chill Out/House/Dance groove track, great for Fashion programs, Style Videos, Catwalk scenes in movies and everything evolving the modelling business. Relaxed and smooth music perfect as a background and Spinning Sport.

    A warm and inspirational track in the style of Thomas Newman with piano, strings and modern percussion and synths sequence. Perfect for a cinematic background or heart-felt productions. A track that conveys a sense of potential, genius, and opportunity and perfect for documentaries.

    Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instruments are synths, trumpet and e-piano. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow.

    That's a smooth track with a simple loop of drum, bass, electric piano and a synth lead. Sometimes you can hear some vocal melodies. Perfect for dreamy and sexy scenes.

    That's exactly the music that you can listen in your mind when you feel good after a big effort. Electronic sounds describe the "crescendo" of your happiness!

    Elegant and charming people all around, sophisticated, stylish, trendy and chic set up. Luxury things, sumptuous, posh. Modern chillout music track ideal for TV commercials, TV serials or movies, Fashion video productions. Instrumental Music. Synths, Drums, Bass, Piano.

    Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instruments are synth leads and atmospheric pads. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow.

    Bossa nova tune with piano trio with cool melodies recorded on acoustic instruments. Very relaxed will fit perfect for ambient, romantic, cool and smooth situations. Music from Brazil

    Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instrument is saxophone. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow.

    Smooth and calm lounge track in a relaxed mood. Featured instruments are trumpet, e-piano and atmospheric pads. Good for vacation videos, advertising or slideshow.

    Lounge background loop, featuring bass, drums and electronic sounds. Enjoy!

    Chillout Mozart- is a bright uplifting and positive classical peace (Mozart Piano Sonata in C ) in a Chillout/Lounge, nice and groovy mood, ideal for background music to video or slideshow or just for relaxation.

    A very warm and natural loop with acoustic steel guitar, piano and smooth strings. Beautiful background for a wide range of applications.

    A dynamic lounge loop great for your hottest nights. Saxophone, piano, flute, vibraphone. Great for your hotel lounge, your company playlist, your TV broadcast and exotic documentary.

    Royalty Free Music with the sounds of Lounge and Bar Grooves, Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion. Perfect for use as Background Music. Buy once and use again and again!

    Inspirational, positive and atmospheric musical piece. Repetitive guitar riff accompanied by drums, bass, piano, flowing pads and sound effects. Building intro, ambient and calm main part, an emotional lift to the second section. Works well for motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations, Film and TV, advertisement, business successful style, high tech product review.

    Cool music recorded with piano trio, great for ambient an background situations. Jazzy, groovy and laid-back

    Medium slow abstrac electonic track with some noise and industrial elements

    Close your eyes and think about a place where you feel completely yourself, just yourself. You will feel in your veins this lounge legacy. Ethereal pads, piano, modern sound effects.

    Positive and uplifting funk track in a good mood. Featured instruments are trumpets, electric guitars and electric piano. Good for advertising, slideshow or a positive video.

    Smooth latin music featuring piano, guitar and percussion. Cool trumpet solo and piano melodies. This music will fit well for vacations, holidays, travel and fun situations. Cafe del Mar like.

    Dance track with wide synths, organic percussions and kind of "Daft Punk" groovy synth bass. Perfect for sport videos or travel videos.

    Latin vibes with a spaced out bridge section. Fun, energetic but effortless. Like watching the sunset over the beach on a summer afternoon with friends.

    A dynamic house track. Featured instruments are trumpet and electric piano. It would be nice for fashion video, presentation or slide show. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast.

    Up tempo dance pop with a catchy acoustic guitar riff layered over thick house beats.

    Stylish Ambient Background Music Loop. Great for television, commercials, corporate ads, presentations about anything urban, modern or fashion.

    Simple easy-listening song performed on digital synthesizers and emulated strings (violin).

    Driving and energetic track. Featured instruments are synth leads and electric guitars. Great for advertising, presentation or slide show.

    A snappy loop with drumbeats, acoustic rhythm guitar sound and synths. Bright bell melodies combined with evolving layer pads for a light feeling. Versatile background track.

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