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    • Happy, elegant, refined and motivational vital music with the atmosphere of fortune and success. This track will give everyone confidence in the victory and strength! Made with love, soul and skill!

      A lovely melody for kids. Good for children's project, videos, commercials, advertising, apps, websites etc.

      A happy, upbeat track designed with keyboard and electronic sound effects creates a joyful, bright and sunny theme which implies fun and happiness. Electric Guitar is brought in mid way through to add more depth to the theme tune, making it ideal for Children's use, or game theme tune. Great for puzzle game or animation scene.

      Lively song with drums, bass, ukulele, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, piano and fun percussion that imitates a busy craftsman. Perfect track for advertising, commercials, lifestyle, children themes and much more.

      Festive war march for celebrate scene.

      Arcade style retro synth plays along zany electronic organ and bouncy bass creating a whimsical computerized track suitable for video game or technology theme.

      This is a happy and upbeat song featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, piano and drums. Perfect for corporate presentations, commercials, youtube videos and more.

      Vibrant acoustic guitar backed with a happy uplifting beat featuring playful xylophone. A creative track, designed to bring happiness and creativity to projects requiring an everyday style mood containing a simple feel. Useful for children's themes, commercial or advertising.

      A classic rock tune to deliver energy and motivation, ideal for sport, extreme videos, energetic shows, advertising, backgrounds music, presentations

      Peaceful and easy listening instrumental track, perfect for any corporate project. It could fit very well with corporate presentations, product marketing presentations, youtube commercial videos, promotional campaigns and any other business subject. It communicates a sense of upcoming acconplishment and self confidence, perfect to create a successful mindset in your audience. When you need to set your audience's goals and objectives in a relaxing but still resolute way, this track can help you to achieve your set of goals.

      Fun, happy and uplifting acoustic track with guitars, ukulele, piano and drums. Energetic and playful, it's great for parties, kids, motivational videos and commercial promotions.

      Uplifting energetic "wall of sound" instrumental with all the ingredients of an epic modern rock track: a majestic piano and delay guitars over powerful and energetic drums and lush synth textures.

      Funky and groovy background track with a cool and organic sound. Great for explainer videos, documentaries and much more.

      This inspiring, uplifting and optimistic track is based on a groovy synth tune accompanied by motivating dance beat! Great for corporate promotional videos, presentation, background music and more.

      Laidback arrangement of acoustic guitars, accompanied by antique sleigh bells, bass guitar, piano, organ, tubular bells and percussion . Suggested to underscore heartwarming winter holiday scenes depicting cherished times between family and friends. Key of A, 105 bpm

      Happy and upbeat acoustic guitar composition. Featuring duel finger picked acoustic guitars and string backing along with lightly strummed guitar.

      Hopeful and retro styled rocksong. Suits perfect in many background applications.

      Versatile background track with a light and easy listening mood. The frequencies are optimized for use as phone on hold. Perfect music on hold, the weather channel and many more.

      A classic rock tune to deliver energy and speed, ideal for sport, extreme videos, energetic shows.

      Soothing and relaxing melody loop. Performed with piano, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, flute and steel guitar.

      This track gives you a great opportunity to wish "Happy Birthday" in a unique way! A bouncing piano plays the most famous melody in the world with a rag-time style.

      Easy listening bouncing track with a guitar strumming and pizzicato strings with a glockenspiel melody. Perfect for advertising with family and children.

      Dancing music, performed by symphony orchestra, suitable for games.

      Uplifting and successful orchestral pop track for global optimism and united success with motivational feel. Optimistic grand background music. Featuring ukulele strums, acoustic guitars, string quartet, piano melody and big tom percussion.

      A light and happy corporate track. Intro creating an atmosphere of inspiration. The sound track grows with a character of optimism and success.This track featured acoustic piano, light electric guitars, wide strings, bass and drums. Perfect for commercial, corporate projects and presentations promos.

      Glorious and victorious, the perfect substitute for the Chariots of Fire theme by Vangelis. This orchestral track is fit for sports victories, acts of heroism, breakthroughs and achievements in business, inspiring stories and ceremonies.

      This is a feel-good upbeat track with elements of the 60's. Electric guitars, banjo, bass, strings and Drums provide the perfect groove and organic feel.Great for corporate, commercials, television, video, motivated action good time fun.

      Spooky, weird and mysterious waltz brings suspense and fear to your project.

      Capturing the feeling of the fishing village at Ngawi.

      Happy, jolly and carefree, this track breezes along adding movement to any production. Featuring piano, accoustic guitar and a light beat.

      A cheerful happy go lucky tune featuring xylophone, electric piano and various subtle sounds.Uplifting and jolly.

      A rich, developing, inspirational ambient-chillout track that brings together warm pads, piano, glockenspiel, soothing strings and drums to create a great atmosphere of calm, peace and energy.

      Energetic hard rock track with a strong forward drive and impulsive mood. Can be used in slideshows, presentations, video games, commercials and as a musical background for extreme sport themes.

      This inspiring, sweet and joyful pop track brings together a catchy tune with atmospheric strings, pads, bells and a motivating electronic beat! Great for corporate and inspirational business projects.

      A Joyful happy upbeat and fun track featuring a ukulele and some light precusion, creating and warm friendly fun loving and innocent atmosphere, Bringing in that bright carefree and sunny feel to your project.

      Guitars and Ukelele combine to form a light and uplifting melodic tune with tropical influences.

      A joyful, uplifting and energetic groovy track that brings together funky bass, electric guitar, piano and drums!

      Tender and beautiful composition with featuring piano and string orchestra. Great for projects requiring a thought-provoking, expressive musical backing.

      "Bang" is an energetic, modern rock track with big sounding drums and powerful guitar riffs. Inspired by Nickelback, My Darkest Days and similar bands. Works well for action, sports, game show, military scenes, movie trailers, fightings.

      Inspirational and motivational corporate track. Suitable for corporate videos, advertising, and other multimedia projects.

      Long track for your successful corporate movie! Very energetic, dynamic, ambient corporate motivational track.

      A classic rock tune to deliver energy and motivation, ideal for sport, extreme videos, energetic shows, advertising, backgrounds music, presentations

      Easy listening bouncing track with a swinging piano and double bass with a glockenspiel melody. Perfect for advertising with family and children.

      It sounds like indie rock. Performed with drums, bass, acoustic guitar and tremolo electric guitar.

      Very simple, light and merry polka. Very useful track for any kind of project related to kids.

      A joyful, uplifting and optimistic track that brings together catchy whistles, claps, ukulele, playful strings and more surprises :)

      Catchy and ironic theme with marimba and guitar good for cartoons, children's or casual games, video clips, puppet theatre etc.

      Yet another motivating classic rock track with uplifting mood. This melody loop consists of powerful rock rhythm section, bluesy electric guitar licks, rock'n roll piano patterns, funky brass section. Mostly suitable for commercial videos, TV ads, marketing campaigns and etc.

      An inspiring, uplifting and optimistic track that brings together catchy whistles, claps, ukulele and great upbeat drums!

      Classic U2 sound-alike. Echo guitars, pumping bass and atmospheric synths.

      An inspiring, uplifting and optimistic track, with a catchy synth tune accompanied by warm piano, bells, exciting strings and motivating drums!

      A bright, hopeful and victorious march. Full of emotion, grace and dignity. Perfect for a variety of projects as it is neither too serious, nor too carefree. It strikes a perfect balance, making it very versatile.

      A big epic instrumental rock opener with a majestic piano and delay guitars over powerful and energetic drums and overdrive guitars.

      An inspiring, powerful and exciting electronic track!

      Happy and upbeat pace typical to festive atmosphere of Irish pubs. The tune are performed by solo accordion.

      If you have a project related to France, Paris or Eiffel Tower you wont find music more suitable than this. Uplifting melody of a traditional accordion tune, conveys a happy and care free atmosphere of positivity and holiday.

      This inspiring and motivational track brings together a beautiful Pan Drum tune with some strings, piano, bells and an uplifting drums groove.

      An inspiring, joyful and creative electronic track!

      An inspiring, uplifting and optimistic track, with a catchy electric guitar tune accompanied by a motivating beat!

      A classic rock tune to deliver energy and speed, ideal for sport, extreme videos, energetic shows,

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