1:55 , 2:12
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This is peaceful, beautiful, calm and atmospheric corporate music with light and warm sound.
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Cinematic track with piano, ambient atmospheric textures and lush strings.
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Inspirational, atmospheric acoustic track, with a clear cinematic quality and autumn mood.
1:14 , 2:24
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Stylish chill-hop music with glamorous and downtempo elements.
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Stylish, peaceful and future chill ambient music track featuring beautiful synth pads, leads, liquid drum beat.
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A great colorful song to uplift your mood.
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A building electronic track.
1:55 , 2:02, 2:02U
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Positive chillout track in Kygo style.
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This music is a playful blend of underwater adventure and pure happiness.
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Full Symphony Orchestra.
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A tender, new age track.
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A happy go lucky feelgood track.
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Uplifting acoustic dance pop track.
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This upbeat disco-house track with a pulsing funk bass and four to the floor drums.
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Reflective song with acoustic guitar, cello, glockenspiel, celesta and soft pads.
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Stylish modern disco music track with light synthesizer melody, clean guitars, wide strings,lead chords, powerful drum machine groove and bass.
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Small tribute to Pink Floyd .
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Shining atmospheric track.
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Anthemic RnB style pop track with uplifting orchestral hook, cool hip hop drum loop, analogue synths.
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Cheerful Christmas melody with jingling bells sound effects, piano and drums.
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This icy cold winter background music featuring crystal bells brings alive magic atmosphere of Christmas holidays spirit.
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Slow jazz-flavoured composition with soft strings and intimate piano is ideal for creating a relaxed and gentle atmosphere for video, corporate presentation, games, movie scene or main theme.
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Sweet upbeat acoustic arrangements that include melodic chimes of the acoustic guitar, light piano sound and crystal bells.
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There are no turns and no streetlights, just the marvelous landscapes that come one after another as the train rolls clumsily and heavily on the tracks taking you ahead!
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Acoustic bass with processed trumpet and sax begin this loop.
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