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Beautiful fun orchestral track with spooky and cheerful mood.
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A playful, spooky and fun Halloween music track.
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A playful, spooky and bizarre theme in fast tempo.
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Spooky and fun music for Halloween projects and events
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Blood-freezing, mind-chilling track.
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A playful, spooky and fun Halloween upbeat theme with funny scary and magical mood.
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Timely clock sounds over-laid with chimes, strings and low spooky oboe combine to provide a mysterious clockwork horror style track suitable for spooky build-ups and scenes of tension or suspense.
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A playful, spooky and bizarre Halloween theme with funny and military mood.
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Quirky and spooky comedy orchestral track, great for ghostly or Halloween projects.
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Creepy, tense and spooky orchestral track is the style of traditional Hollywood scary movies.
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A grotesque and scary children story.
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Spooky, mysterious and suspenseful Halloween music.
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Bouncy, fun, curios, light and cheerful track. Great for funny cartoons videos, circus videos, comic scenes, halloween and more.
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Dark and mysterious orchestral track that conveys a mood of tension and fear.
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Get ready for halloween masquerade! Funny, playful and a little crazy and spooky theme for your halloween projects. Very useful for creating the perfect halloween atmosphere. I hope you like it.
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Another boring day in the toy factory.
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Orchestral track ideal as a backdrop for Halloween or dark New Year.
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A chirpy, lighthearted horror track.
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Orchestral Halloween track with spooky atmosphere.
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Roll up, roll up and enjoy the atmosphere of the circus, funfair or carnival!
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Sprightly pirate party with lots of fun. Cheerful and spooky festive atmosphere created by orchestra. It might also be good for halloween or circus.
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An upbeat Halloween song with a cute and classic melody, reminding us that Halloween is just as much fun as it is scary.
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Simple and intrusive music box, celesta like a lullaby tune accompanied emotional symphonic orchestra.
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Wild and furious electronic music track. Suitable for halloween.
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The mysterious mystical track with a strained mood. Good for tense moments like halloween etc.
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A short and catchy melody in waltz tempo executed in digital piano.
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Groovy funky techno loop-ready track with some jazz harmony and optimistic mood.
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This piece is a bit of orchestral-neodama-funky dance cool.

Fancy Playlists

Sweet Candy Halloween! Small Cover
This Halloween, experience more treats than tricks.
15 Melodies
Bloody Tears of Halloween Small Cover
If your Halloween is all about fear and fright.
19 Melodies
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