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This is a slow and dark piano classical music, full of sad emotions. Suitable for funeral and memorial videos, apocalypse and tragedy, post-war and disaster scenes, lyrical and sentimental films, dramatic trailers, depression and sorrow.
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Oppressive music, with slowly building cinematic tension that gives a sensation of increasing menace and inevitable fatal end.
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This is a slow ambient drama film music, full of sadness and emotions. It is great for emotional scenes, apocalypse and tragedy documentary, post-war and disaster, lyrical and sentimental films. As dramatic trailers, dark and mysterious background, depression and sorrow emotions and more.
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Heroic loop with a choir, trumpet, piano and violin.
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A slow, emotional, silent piano piece. This ethereal track is about a broken heart, death and loss, lost love, funeral slideshow and memorial video.
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A sad, lonely piano piece.
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A sad, dark background piano piece. Perfect for a wide range of video and film projects.
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A dark and sad elegy. Perfect for sad scenes and themes. Similar to the ending sequence to Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony, as it keeps descending lower and lower.
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Atmospheric and emotional cinematic track.
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A dark, lonely cinematic ambient piano piece.
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A serene lonely piece that gives a sense of loss or near loss.
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A very sad and dark ostinato piano track, where the notes in the high and low register of the piano are combined with a mysterious melody.
1:31 , 1:47
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A dreamy, smooth horn like synth piece, created from custom created samples.
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Music dark and full of omens, with gloomy sounds of oboe, piano and strings. Ideal for projects that require musical accompaniment full of suspense and pathos.
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Pensive, ethereal piano piece, with a thoughtful mood.
1:55 , 2:15
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Deliberate, punchy arrangement of electric guitars, piano, organ, bass, drums, and percussion suggested for crime-in-progress scenes and dive bar segments reminiscent of retro TV detective series scores.
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A haunting, sad slow orchestral piece featuring violin.
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A very contemplative, deep and soothing piano track.
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Slow motion,minimalistic, romantic, cinematic piano .
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Slow motion, minimalistic, suspense cinematic looped piano.
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Harpsichord, strings and percussion play rolling A/B chamber music style patterns in 63 second loop.
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Mysticism and spirituality in this majestic track, with rich classical instrumentation, male choirs and soloist female voice.
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Simple but touching orchestral track.
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TELL IT LIKE IT IS has a mind blowing thumping effect with a delicate touch by piano work.
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Epic dramatic cinematic music performed with gothic choir and hybrid-orchestra strings.
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