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    • The fast paced high tech liquid melodies take over as this the music plays on. It has an exciting and progressive edge and is perfect for a wide variety of applications including corporate, news, presentations, flash, video game, documentary, television, infomercial, and much much more. This cinematic inspired soundscape really captures your attention. The powerful percussion and haunting pads scream drama while the melody really brings out emotions. The music is arranged to work great with a wide variety of powerful applications. This music has a very cool business presence while being progress and forward thinking at the same time. The subtle pad is contrasted by a hypnotic and creative mid range that screams pay attention. An atmospheric track with pads and electronic percussions. Good for sci-fi videos or documentary films. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast. Powerful pumping dubstep melody. Mighty bass drum with tiny electric percussion make cool groove. Aggressive synth sound with ambient dynamic sounds. This track is great for all kinds of advertising. Pulsating and dynamic track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums and percussion, the arpeggiator. Perfect for a news, for gaming and other projects. This music uses high tech melodies and echoing synths to create an amazing sound. The music screams this is cool pay attention and is perfect for a wide variety of applications including business, presentation, website, advertising, commercial, and much much more. Calm ambient track. Used digital drums and percussion, electric organ sound. Perfect for underwater filming, space frames, relaxation and other projects Mixed Spaces is a synth based atmospheric melody with some sequencers and effects providing a weird atmosphere Loop with mysterious and sidereal atmosphere, with ethereal and psychedelic sounds. Suitable for projects that require complex sonic textures and highly evocative environment. This film inspired sci-fi music really captures your attention. The strong bass and haunting pads scream drama while the strings just give it that something extra. Upbeat flowing strings combined with electronic keyboard chords provide a very futuristic fast paced track suitable for product or technology launch for background presentations or corporate themes. Track contains digital synths with half step drum beat which suggests time, movement or motion. Lightweight and universal, very beautiful and upbeat music bed for any multimedia presentation, footage and other needs. Calm and quiet ambient track. It would be nice for websites or relax videos. Calm and quiet ambient track. It would be nice for websites or relax videos. Psychedelic rock loop, powerful, obsessive and full of beats. For all projects requiring energy and good vibrations. Sweeping orchestral piece - perfect for big, emotive moments. Sad but majestic. This high energy track inspires the listener to reach for the stars and unknown planets. Dreamy, rhythmic synths give a sense of motion and determination. Great for corporate videos, fashion, or advertising an amazing new product. Energetic techno track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, arpeggiator and atmospheric effects. Perfect for the Web sites, computer games, and for other projects. This horrific tune has a powerful atmosphere and dark tones. The muddy electric guitar is sets the stage for this industrial track. It is arranged so it can be played under a wide variety of applications. submarine beats... Relaxing chill out music with wide pads, electric piano jazz chords and smooth acoustic drums. Good for background music or film soundtrack. Abstract, haunting electronic track. It's's haunting...It's deep!! Purple clouds, red sunrises and purple sunsets. A rare artist in the Solar Empire does not dream to spend a couple of weeks off here! An easel and brushes are not necessarily to be taken there is a discount for artists in local stores all the year round! They say that this planet was once a comet and only a few centuries ago, it has found peace in our system! For several decades modern ski resorts are being built in the most distant planet of the Empire. It was found that methane ice is the slickest, moreover, it shimmers beautifully! Once Mercury didn't have its atmosphere, but decades of terraforming changed the local landscape and weather forever. Now here is a blossoming paradise for tourists and local settlers. At noon, the sun occupies half of the sky and weather forecasters advise not to walk without an umbrella! I've never seen Pluto. The planet's surface is dotted with scientific laboratories and research centers. Scientists of the empire are studying the limits of our system there and Cosmobuses with tourists do not go there! Enchanting entertainment paradise! Cosmic bowling on the rings of Saturn all the year round! Ther is enough space to play the game to more than one million athletes from all over the galaxy! After many centuries of diseases and epidemics humanity has finally been cured! Thanks to superb resorts of Jupiter, where the bath of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia awaken the latent power of human nature. Once people scared green men from Mars. Now my home is here, and next door to me live a few greenskins! An electronic track. Strong synths, percussion and drums make a busy and edgy sound with a sense of power.Great for adverts, TV and radio. Peaceful, calm and soft chill-out tune with a nice full drum beat, gentle electric piano melodies and soft string pads. Progressive ambient / electronic track with oscure, robotic, digital sounds and rhythms. Can be used at any project or short film. Modern contemporary background track suitable for video presentations or transitions to provide a stylish, cool, crisp sense of production. Synth electronics and contemporary piano add a slight futuristic feel to the track. Very useful for documentary, video production and portfolio end use. Upbeat building introduction for something new. Your fine drawing is almost ready. It is necessary to draw some details and it is possible to start creation of the most perfect perpetuum mobile! A mysterious midtempo electronic song. Beautiful space track. Used a synthesizer, digital drums, the sound of the strings. Perfect for web sites, relaxation and other projects. A quiet simple song performed on synthesizers; a few seconds of real cricket sound effect wich turns into another effects. It is like Robotic tune in electric guitar Psychedelic trance loop. Used hypnotic rhythms with massive base and an abstract texture effects. Great musical background for action games, sci-fi/ horror films etc. Cold ambient track with synth sound effects and ambient mechanical ringing in the background. Perfect for sci-fi movie scenes, historical chronicle and so on. Dramatic misterious song, performed on synthesizers, continuos analog bass pattern, sequences on middle-high frecuency range, some synth strings and strong percussion. Suitable for detective movie or tv serie. Light atmospheric track, great for adverts, shows and movies. Consist of electro percussion sounds, strings playing pizzicato, synth pad and bass. Energetic electronic track made with synths and guitar. It would be nice for space videos or documentary films. Dark break-beat song performed on synthesizers. Disturbed, mysterious, pulsating track. Used a synthesizer, arpeggiator, string sounds. Perfect for any type of corporate or multimedia projects. Uptempo space ambient track. Use digital drums, synthesizer, arpeggiator and atmospheric sound effects. Perfect background music for presentations, websites, flash applications etc. Calm and quiet lounge track made with synths . Good for videos about nature or as a background music for broadcast. Cheerful electronic track made with synths. Good for videos about high tech. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast. Sometimes mashine can be more human, and human can be mashine. It depents of point of love Dark uptempo ambient track. Featuring digital synth and drums. Us this background music as you wish. Dynamic space ambient track. Featuring digital drums, synthesizer, arpeggiator and atmospheric sound effects. Perfect background music for action scenes, hi-tech news or radio podcasts. Positive jazzy track made with groovy guitars, smooth electric piano and electric organ. Good for hotel videos or websites. Also it can be used as a background music for broadcast. Fast energetic electronic track with drum 'n' bass rhythm. Very modern urban soundrack for creative projects. Energetic minimalistic electronic track with an arpeggiator synth sound. Perfect soundscape for mutimedia projects that need some movement in the background. This hi-tech energetic background music gives your project a professional finish. Great for business presentation, podcast and video. Sacred meditative track. Featuring synthesizer, percussion, arpeggiator. Perfect as a background music for relaxation.
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