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    • This intelligent explainer acoustic music combines a happy and cheerful vibe with business, fun, and optimism. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a positive rhythm while the glockenspiel and strings play melodies which shine with positive energy.

      Calming, organic track with acoustic piano,smooth strings and guitar.

      This is a motivational and uplifting track giving a feel of kindness and happyness.

      A simple and sweet instrumental array featuring Glockenspiel , piano, synths and percussion designed to create a happy, exciting and joyful feel.

      A funny and playful childish tune in the reggae style. This track is perfect for children TV shows and funny advertisments about infants' or children products. Guitars, bassoon, piccolo, steeldrums, bells in a very positive, uplifting track

      This contemporary new age music has a very minimal background style yet is elegant and sophisticated at the same time. The melody has a modern feel that is cool but is not overwhelming. The music works great for a wide variety of applications

      A funny loop with marimba, ukulele, and bell melodies. Tropical sound for holiday movies, commercials, presentations and much more.

      This is music for an adventure video game.

      Mysterious, magical chimes backed with deep bass and piano chords create a fantasy themed background track suitable for spooky, mysterious style projects. Excellent for nervy build-ups or enchanting magical adventures.

      Cheerful and humorous toy's march with whistling theme good for games, flash project, tv program, film, animations, home videos and more.

      Very useful and pleasant track for children! It creates good mood and can be used everywhere in games for children, movies, video etc. Don't miss it!

      This upbeat acoustic music combines a happy and cheerful vibe with lively, fun, and optimism. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a upbeat rhythm while the glockenspiel plays a melody which shines with positive energy.

      A cheerful upbeat song, which promise to bring up your advertisement, movie or any other project to a higher level of happiness! Featuring finger snaps, ukulele, piano, glockenspiel, bass, percussion and drum background line. Enjoy!

      An uplifting, fun track with positive emotion and a bit of quirky. World String instruments, glockenspiel, vibraphone, kalimba and hammond organ adds flavor to this feel good song. Great for commercials and children's media.

      It's light and airy with a really nice 3/4 beat. Just right for a tv or radio commercial. Coming out your front door on a beautiful day and feeling like it's going to be a great day.

      Energetic latin music recorded on Piano, Marimba, bass and drums. Very rhythmic with fast tempo and cool melodies. This Happy and positive music will be great for energetic, travel, holidays and moving situations

      This motivational acoustic music combines a happy and joyful vibe with lively, fun, and bright tones. The ukulele and acoustic guitar strum a upbeat rhythm while the glockenspiel plays a melody that shines with positive energy.

      Cute loop with positive message and trendy sound. Motivational, uplifting, friendly, simple. Gives your promo or advert an optimistic feel.

      A bit fun and with moving parts to give a sense of machines on the move in the workplace.

      Positive and uplifting tune with electric guitars, bells, electric bass and drums. A sense of lightness and delicate euphoria. Jolly, cheerful, jocose. Perfect for childish or children images, people running wildly at breakneck speed. Great for joyful advertisiments, corporate use and funny videos.

      Upbeat, optimistic and fun track featuring musette, mallets and triangles, acoustic guitar, hand claps and catchy strings lines, making it ideal for commercial or corporate use. Perfect for giving that positive feeling.

      Smooth and Mellow musical Passage that can used on Commercials,TV Ads,Games, Padcasts and presentations and more.

      This soothing and peaceful contemporary new age music is a beautiful mix of tranquility meets harmony. The marimba plays out a gentle echoing melody will the flutes and vibraphone capture the stage as the music takes the listener on a magical journey

      A very natural and light loop with a warm sound. Acoustic guitar with glockenspiel melodies, marimba, flute and pizzicato strings for a happy mood.

      That's exactly the music that you can listen in your mind when you're in your lucky day! Happy guitar, strong bass and drum and a sweet glockenspiel.

      This is a playful and light children's melody. Very pleasant and cheerful, happy and funny. The song can be used in apps, movie, cartoon, play, performance, show, puppet theatre, advertising, birthday video and many more.

      This gentle piano ballad turns into a fun and energetic country / pop song. Acoustic guitars and modern drum beat make this one a strong motivator!

      This is a playful and light children's melody. Very pleasant and cheerful, happy and funny. The song can be used in apps, movie, cartoon, play, performance, show, puppet theatre, advertising, birthday video and many more.

      Spice up your upcoming Christmas projects with this snazzy rendition of We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Its Jazzy laid back feel and original take on the traditional song will give your work that extra special touch!

      This is a positive upbeat track which features ukulele, piano, glockenspiel and female choir. Feel the positivity of this track! Suitable for presentations, radio, tv, commercials, etc.

      It's like every year. Suddenly christmas is there. Then you jump up and search in a fever of excitement for a gift. Good luck! :-) A funny jazzy loop draws this picture of being in a hurry with a wink.

      Festive melody well-known song in light reggae for your christmas and new year projects.

      Perfect track for industrial, corporate or factory shots. Tight drums and bass with synth elements. A versatile high tech groove for your impressive promo video.

      Technology News flash loop. Driving and energetic corporate news music. A perfect underscore for current affairs and updates in the digital world. Related to communication, internet, social media, marketing, presentations, product launch, new market, online magazine and general opening themes.

      A romantic and positive jazz track perfect for any production with sentimental subjects. Piano, vibraphone, jazz drums.

      This is a simple, happy and uplifiting arrangement of the famous Christmas song "Jingle Bells" played live with ethnic instruments. For the recording I used, apart bass and drums, a saz from Turkey, a balalaika from Russia, a mandolin, some percussion, an home made mbira (thumb piano) and a small wood xilophone i bought in vietnam. All played live for a fresh sound!

      An uplifting and positive easy listening track, featuring a catchy guitar riff, pulsating beats, strings, jazz organ and textured synths. Perfect for giving that positive feeling!

      "Classical Lullaby Theme" is a soft and cute, gentle and calm bedtime lullaby music with a nice box music, glockenspiel and orchestra. Relaxing and calm. Sleep tight.

      Here is an upbeat, positive and cheerful melody. Dynamic track with plenty of energy and fun is perfect for children's parties, cartoon, games or playful scenes of your video.

      Holidays, christmas, family vacation, travel, adventure... It's here. Jolly tune for cheerful people. For big and small, young and old for a good mood. Enjoy! :)

      Upbeat fun acoustic guitar based track that creates both an uplifting and inspiring vibe. Features lush strings and toy like chimes that create a perfect feel for many uses.

      Buoyant chillout track with lots of asian elements, almost jazzy and out of the box. Catchy and light, moving and funny. Close your eyes and feel this cool vibe go deep into your soul and bring joy to your heart.

      A bright, slightly pensive melody that includes instruments like electric piano, organ, music box. Suitable for advertisements, short movies, or any other project that requires romantic background feel.

      This loop featuring a toy piano sound reminds me of a toy train passing by. In the first version I had a toy train whistle sound in it. It sounded funny but I removed it because of the better flexibility of this piece.

      Traditional arrangement of Adeste Fideles, the famous Christmas song transcribed by Sir John Francis Wade in 1743-1744. A well known theme to inspire the christmas spirit in everyone.

      This is a simple innovative track starting out with piano and building to include pizzicato strings and counter melodies.It creates a sense of precision and unity working together like clockwork letting everything false into place with great ease,satisfaction and confidence.It will work well with any of your projects needing to build that trust and security in your brand or any visuals needing a positive gentle uplifting feel to it. Enjoy

      Ukulele, drums, celeste and joyful whistling come together in the playful romp. Energetic and fun.

      Marimba loop in tropical flavor and dreamy sweet feeling. Rich sound and nice melody. Pacific Ocean, Hawaiian, island related music.

      Silly Pre-school children's/cartoon, game theme suggesting a mini-search or quest with a very weird and strange melody resembling weird jelly creatures or something mysterious happening. Great for puzzle game theme music.

      A happy and carefree track with ukelele, glockenspiel and whistling.

      Play with me is a Joyful, playful children\'s track. With percussion, piano bells and marimba and orchestra in a very Funny and Sweet mood. Can also be for a children's stage show, clowns or circus act, puppet show etc. Kids fooling around, babies and cartoon, games, Podcast and commercials.

      Positive and driving track for intellectual games, puzzles, quests.

      Funny comedy music just like in Charlie Chaplin's old silent movies. Can be used in film, commercials, and games.

      Quirky guitars and music box provide a simple and upbeat tune. A perfect track to brighten your day and provide a positive background. Excellent for use in commercials, TV, Radio and corporate productions.

      Just an amusing tune that will come to the projects relating to children.

      Funny music for children, cartoon, comedy and circus situations. This music was recorded on marimba, piano, bass and drums. Funny with Bouncing feeling and energetic ending

      This music uses a really cool combinations of synths to create a progressive and innovative type of new age music. The beautiful synth rhythm is complimented by a soothing bell melody. The two qualities really enhance the music and it sounds great for a wide variety of applications.

      Happy jumping on the road trip.

      Cute happy relaxing very pleasant story. 2 parts of the song

      A hip and energetic track perfect for a playful and offbeat project.

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