1:43 , 2:41, 2:41U
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Warm and relax acoustic music. Best choice for lounge, chill zone, beach holidays and any vacations.
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A smooth, positive chill out tune. Features a laid back beat and an acoustic piano melody. Ideal for presentations,corporate video, podcasts, vlogs etc.
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A smooth and mellow corporate style track.
1:16 , 0:30, 0:59, 2:48
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Instrumental lounge music for tender situations. Piano and guitar recorded with warm sound in a mellow and organic mood. This music will fit well for documentary, media projects, films, voiceover, etc.
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A warm funky piece of summery chillout. Features include a hip-hop style beat, a melodic piano line and acoustic guitar providing the backdrop. Ideal for presentations, commercials, holidays, travel etc.
1:35 , 1:39
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This is my new beautiful melodious chill lounge reggae music with a tender guitar, live drums, bass and fx. This track can be used anywhere – in games and movies, documentaries, on tv, radio, presentations, slideshows, telecasts or background for websites.
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Beautiful romantic background music with piano, acoustic guitar. Perfect for elegant slideshows, beautiful, love, promo or presentations, soft commercials, flowers advertisements, romantic, wedding movies and any projects as beautiful soundscape.
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Calm and quiet lounge track with a minimalistic arrangement. Featured instruments are acoustic and bass guitars. Good for vacation or hotel video, slide show or as a background music for broadcast.
1:25 , 1:38
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Soft Piano music, relaxed and warm.
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A smooth chillout beat with rhodes, acoustic guitar, sax, bass and drums. Ideal background music to create a relaxing romantic mood for voiceover, on-hold music, love story video, or phone app.
1:13 , 1:54U, 1:54
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It's light and happy pop track with elements of country style. It features many acoustic guitars layered along the track, mandoline, digital synths, bass, solid pop drums, percussion and sound effects. This track is great for commercials, Youtube, Vimeo videos or presentations.
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Relaxed and beautiful corporate acoustic music to create a positive and optimistic atmosphere for your projects. Suitable for uplifting and inspiring projects, YouTube videos, educational tutorials, real estate backgrounds and slideshows, app promos and more.
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Tropical chillout background music track.
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Easy acoustic music for documentary, voiceover, media projects, videos. This music is quiet, modern, soft and sensitive. Touching organic music track
1:02 , 0:29, 2:24
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Acoustic music recorded with guitar and piano.
1:35 , 1:01, 2:14, 2:14U
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A great day, a relax and easy mood and a cool soundtrack to describe this moment.
1:20 , 1:56, 1:56U
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Dance background music filled up with tropical vibes.
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Light futuristic sound of digital synth merged with uplifting mood of the acoustic guitar create a uniquely beautiful underscore.
1:40 , 3:05, 1:16U
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Just an Illusion (Relaxed Acoustic Meditation) music track with futuristic sound, featuring a synthesizer, acoustic guitar, bass, bandoneon and drum beats.
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Inspirational corporate background music track with futuristic elements, where digital synth sound is combined with the acoustic guitar.
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A laid back and smooth corporate track with a wide range of potential uses.
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Positive and inspiring track featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar, warm pads, synths, thumb piano, glockenspiel, bass guitar and drums.
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Groovy song with acoustic guitars and a intense rhythm.
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Elegant bohémien track performed with classic guitar and expressive flute, percussions and acoustic drums.
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Calming,chill, organic track with acoustic guitar, piano,and ukulele.
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Tiredness after a busy day can be a pleasant tiredness.
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Hopeful and soulful music recorded on piano.
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Latin vibes with a spaced out bridge section.
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SHOW ME THE WAY is a joyful composition mainly dominated by veritable guitar sounds.
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