0:48 , 1:26, 1:26U
Download Preview
Gentle and bright, featuring sparkly melodic bells and light ukulele that creates a happy and festive Christmas mood.
1:46 , 1:33, 2:37
Download Preview
Bright and positive, festive acoustic music. Excellent for joyful upcoming celebration of winter holidays, warm family evenings near Christmas tree, New Year gift presents, and other projects. Featuring sleigh bells, glockenspiel, strings, acoustic guitar, and piano.
Download Preview
A light, transparent, minimalistic and positive piece which will perfectly suit for advertising, christmas projects, youtube videos, photo albums or any other media projects looking for calm, happy, optimistic and inspirational mood.
Download Preview
Classic festive and traditional Christmas Carol arranged for acoustic guitar. Perfect background for your Christmas projects, festive commercials, Xmas promotions, and more.
Download Preview
Classic festive and traditional Christmas carol arranged for acoustic guitar. Perfect Xmas folk music for your winter holidays projects, promotions, presentations, advertising, slideshows and more.
Download Preview
Magical upbeat cinematic and beautiful track with festive mood and winter holidays atmosphere. Very good for Christmas projects, Xmas slideshow, family or corporate videos, review of holidays gifts, New Year celebration, and more. Instruments: jingle bells, claps, acoustic guitar, piano, flute, choir, strings, glocks, drums.
Download Preview
New Year's melody with acoustic guitars, harmonics and bass.
Download Preview
Happy and easy going Christmas track with inspiring and festive mood.
1:35 , 0:29, 1:41
Download Preview
Optimistic corporate track with cheerful ukulele, happy clapping, sweet bells and festive mood.
Download Preview
Upbeat, positive and uplifting track with a strong joyful feeling.
Download Preview
Christmas background music track.
0:51 , 1:22, 1:22U
Download Preview
Beautiful acoustic guitar improvisation on winter holidays theme.
Download Preview
My new positive celebratory Christmas music track Deck The Halls Acoustic with cheerful happy mood, which contains festive soft acoustic guitars, shaker, congas and live bass.
Download Preview
Christmas is not always happy or sometimes it's just slightly nostalgic for someone, this is the mood I was stuck in while I was composing this melody.
Download Preview
Holiday music and christmas music instrumental perfect for videos, Youtube videos or seasonal music for corporate business advertising ads.
Download Preview
Joyful, lively, pop-folk, looped tune featuring a bright music box sound.
Download Preview
Laidback arrangement of acoustic guitars, accompanied by antique sleigh bells, bass guitar, piano, organ, tubular bells and percussion .
Download Preview
Jingle Bells version with honky tonk piano, harpsichord and vocal fx.
Download Preview
This light calm and mellow tune drives in a loping 6/8 time, evoking images of a pretty light snow falling on a winter night while graceful ice skaters glide around a rink.
Download Preview
Here there is my piano interpretation of "Jingle Bells".
Download Preview
60 second loop featuring layered acoustic guitar, drums and bass.
Download Preview
Sweet upbeat acoustic arrangements that include melodic chimes of the acoustic guitar, light piano sound and crystal bells.
Download Preview
A happy and cheerful pop track featuring an uplifting groove, fun hand claps, and an upbeat vibe.
1:52 , 1:55, 1:00U
Download Preview
Ukuleles and antique sleigh bells play light-hearted arrangement suggested to underscore winter holiday scenes, seasonal ecards, slideshows and film sequences, inspired by images by Norman Rockwell and Thomas Kinkade.
Download Preview
Upbeat, happy, cheerful, and fun, this song adds a bit of holiday festivities with sleigh bells jangling in the background, but is also usable any time of year.
Download Preview
"Happy Time" is a happy ukulele music with bright bells and plucked bass.
Download Preview
Real classical guitar and antique sleigh bells combine for a simple, relaxed, laid-back melodic A/B pattern.
Download Preview
Classical guitars, bass, antique sleigh bells and subtle strings play relaxed, sentimental patterns.
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Acoustic Playlists

Christmas Songs Small Cover
Christmas Songs are all about the melodies that bring back sweet holiday memories.
24 Melodies
Crystal Winter Small Cover
Few things are as beautiful as fresh fallen snow, and Crystal Winter reminds you of that.
17 Melodies
A Magical Christmas Small Cover
You can’t help but feel like a kid again with Magical Christmas melodies.
29 Melodies
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