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Anxious, dark, crazy, creepy and very intensive and energetic hip-hop trap instrumental with a horror mood. The beat contains strong bass, gated pads, arpeggios, synths, bells, piano, harpsichord, leads and cool percussion. This scary track fit perfectly for your weird and mysterious Halloween projects. I hope you like it.
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Energetic and strong neo-classical metal with choirs and keyboard. Suitable for military, action or horror films and video games.
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This hard rock music combines an action packed feel with a powerful sound.
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This dark hip hop music contains a strong and hard hitting hybrid sound that screams dark and gritty.
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Cannot be use for a fairy tale.
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A aggressive breakbeat instrumental loop with a lot of bite and influences of modern dubstep.
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Energetic, Dark and Dramatic Hip-Hop / Rap Music track featuring synthesizers, percussion and claps in the powerful beat and orchestral staccato strings.
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How to get a flame? It\'s very simple - just press play.
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Underground Hip Hop instrumental featuring bells, strings, harpsichord, piano, & custom FX.
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Dark, aggressive and very powerful loop in the style of dubstep.
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A short metal loop, useful for videogames, title screens, presentations, web, youtube , sport videos, trailers, teaser, etc.
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Aggressive electronic track with a dark atmosphere.
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Rock Instrumental featuring a semi-dramatic opening build up.
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Very tense and dramatic electronic orchestral loop.
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Think Action dvd befroe hitting "Play" for the movie to begin.
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Powerful, epic modern orchestral/ rock track.
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Free Running through NY City!
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Energetic, driven, fast peace modern orchestral score with tense strings, huge percussion patterns and majestic low/boomy sounds.
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Energetic, fast peace majestic modern orchestral score with big electronic drum beats, huge percussion's and cutting strings.
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Fast, tense and energetic modern orchestral score with fast, edgy string patterns and modern electronic drum beats.
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Aggressive, energetic and powerful metal tune with huge guitar walls and punchy powerful drums.
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A heavy guitar based track which drives along with a steady pounding rhythm.
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Dark and powerful mid-tempo Hip-Hop track.
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Massive guitar attack - the wall of sound with atmospheric sound flying above.
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Groovy rock track with a catchy descending and rising melody
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This track incorporates industrial and orchestral elements.
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A dark orchestral suspense segment for tv/film.
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Powerful orchestral track created for movie, TV show or animation project.

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