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This dark hip hop music contains a strong and hard hitting hybrid sound that screams dark and gritty. The strong bass and kick create a strong beat while the synth melodies add a futuristic and progressive vibe.
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Anxious, dark, crazy, creepy and very intensive and energetic hip-hop trap instrumental with a horror mood. The beat contains strong bass, gated pads, arpeggios, synths, bells, piano, harpsichord, leads and cool percussion. This scary track fit perfectly for your weird and mysterious Halloween projects. I hope you like it.
1:42 , 3:53
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Dig Deeper is a dark, scary, aggressive, energetic and very powerful trap track with elements of EDM.
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Huge cinematic strings and orchestra over a straight up hip hop beat makes for an exciting and powerful song. Perfect for movie trailers, video games, or youtube videos
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Mischievous/Dark theme instrumental featuring harpsichord, piano, strings, and custom FX. Possible uses can range from horror scenes, set ups, trailers, etc. This track loops seamlessly.
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Underground Hip Hop instrumental featuring bells, strings, harpsichord, piano, & custom FX.
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A Hip Hop track with big beats and catchy melodic synths.
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Get ready for another crazy and a little creepy night, night trip!
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Hip hip instrumental with a dark holiday theme featuring bells, synths, & strings. Possible uses can range from an "evil holiday" scene to a underground hip hop song.
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Spooky Halloween is a sinister, mysterious and scary theme for your halloween projects.
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A hip-hop gangsta style interpretation of the traditional Christmas song Deck the Halls, which is written in a down tempo minor key to give an aggressive dark sinister sound.
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It is made to serve a sequence of background music levels and extra stages game in retro style.
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Revenge is a dish best served cold.
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Energetic, Dark and Dramatic Hip-Hop / Rap Music track featuring synthesizers, percussion and claps in the powerful beat and orchestral staccato strings.
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How to get a flame? It\'s very simple - just press play.
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Aggressive electronic track with a dark atmosphere.
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Dark and powerful mid-tempo Hip-Hop track.
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