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Abstract Technologies is an experimental electronic track featuring technological and glitchy sounds.
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Futuristic high tech track with modern synth sounds, SFX sounds, floating effects and a straight beat. Suitable for technology and science-based projects, fashion show and new product presentations, real estate background , innovation and coolness.
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Modern cinematic music for technological, business and corporate media.
1:42 , 2:49, 0:44U
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Experimental energetic track with futuristic effects, and groovy drum parts.
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A deep futuristic soundtrack for science fiction films, artificial intelligence, high technological reviews, future life. Consists of the piano melody, synth harp, violin part, and high-frequency cinematic bells.
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Minimal background music with easy melody, and progressive dark techno elements. Great for new technologies, experimental science video, building development, innovations, scientific discovery, funny games, etc.
1:59 , 0:32, 1:04, 2:33
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A modern, innovative upbeat track with an energetic and technologic feel.
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Experimental high-tech electronic tune, featuring minimalistic glitch drums, futuristic synthesizer melody, and futuristic sound.
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Future and upbeat modern motivational background music suitable for various projects.
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Electronic experimental mix of dance rhythms, human voice, and digital synth effects. Great for futuristic projects about robotics, androids, mandroid, transmutation, future technologies, fashion and design.
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Light melodic chill tune, featuring acoustic piano, violin, and electronic drums.
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A bizarre, and alluring beat, featuring rhythmic percussion, and digital sound effects.
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Hip hop styled song with lots of effect sounds.
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A glitchy atmospheric track with interesting analog arpeggiator and atmospheric pads laid with strong modern electronic drums.
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A hybrid cinematic track, with oscillating, arpeggiating synths.
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Take your project to the next level by incorporating this energetic track for that extra bite.
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