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A high-tech upbeat electronic track, with organic and emotional elements.
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This is an energetic dance music track in pop trance style, which can be used as a background in space battle games, action movies, commercial youtube videos, presentations, tv or radio business news, etc.
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This is a fresh, modern electronic track with atmospheric and beautiful sound.
1:47 , 0:30
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This is an electronic super cool synth pop track.
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Nu Disco, french electro track with cool bass line & groovy beat!
1:23 , 1:30
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Winter atmospheric chillstep music with rhythmic synths, floating effects and laid-back beats.
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Future and upbeat modern motivational background music suitable for various projects.
1:31 , 1:38
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An energetic funny music with hip-hop and dubstep elements.
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Innovative and modern electronic track with a technologic futuristic feel.
0:54 , 1:20
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This is an uplifting 80s Euro Pop track.
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Minimalistic electronic corporate tune.
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A fast sequence with bright and cool melodies.
1:06 , 2:04, 2:04U
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Beautiful hi-tech inspiring track with groovy percussion rhythm, deep synthesizers, and high melodies.
1:33 , 2:13, 2:13U
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A modern track blending a driving, powerful beat with deep digital synths and percussion - composed to go along with stylish, futuristic productions, launches and showcases that stand out.
1:45 , 1:56
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This is light, beautiful, calm and atmospheric corporate music with light and warm sound.
1:54 , 0:42U, 1:42, 1:42, 2:43
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An electronic futuristic track featuring digital synth, piano, glitch-like beats and inspiring melody.
1:16 , 2:22
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Light electronic music with synth arpeggio, pads.
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Dreamy, airy electronica with big, chunky breakbeats and a relaxed, laid-back swagger.
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Technology News flash loop.
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It is a dance style musical sequence with a very playful and appealing melody.
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Hi-tech style contemporary loop with revolving sine wave passage with the merest hint of traditional instrumentation and delayed synthesised horn phrases, very useful for product launches and hi-tech corporate applications.
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Funny and easy-going electronic tune.
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Energetic music in a modern dance style.
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Calm and relax mid-tempo melody track.
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Dancing and powerful short track.
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JUST A HOPE is entirely commanded by brisk techno sounds.
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Abstract up-tempo melody loop.
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Positive, invigorative, sunnyday melodyloop.
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