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1:43 , 2:33
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Cinematic powerful trailer music with dramatic motivational and orchestral mood.
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An emotional melodic soundtrack. Perfect for any heartfelt, or inspiring video, heroic projects, epic adventures films, and more.
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Emotional heartful track with melancholic, touching and reflective melody.
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A dramatic and cinematic piece with piano and lush strings. It has a deep, emotional and epic quality with uplifting tones. Think about «Amelie Poulain» piano soundtrack by Yann Tiersen.
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A dark, dense, and atmospheric pulsing track.
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A quite dramatic background music featuring electric and acoustic guitar merged with epic voices. This emotional and beautiful piece could be used for various projects, such as memorable trailer, video, film or advertisement.
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Atmospheric and emotional cinematic track.
1:02 , 1:22
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Cinematic piano blended with inspiring strings and emphatic drums hints at progression and achievement. The melody itself builds stronger as brass instrumentation is introduced, becoming more inspirational creating an epic scene. This track is suitable for trailers, intro’s or projects to imply success, winning or build up to an event.
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A slow piano drone which is accompanied by deep strings and booms leading to beautiful swelling strings which eventually leads to an epic culmination of parts. Huge percussion, monstrous swelling brass and a simple yet majestic horn lead come together to give this song a big cinematic feel.
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This is a cinematic energetic action drums and percussion, full of intensity and rhythm.
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Epic cinematic trailer music featuring a full orchestra using strings, brass, huge percussion, and piano.
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Steady piano chords backed with serious drum rolls and occasional French horn combine to create an inspirational build up with elements of tension and hope.
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A dark, creepy and menacing orchestral track that conveys a tense mood of mystery, the unknown and fear.
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Mysticism and spirituality in this majestic track, with rich classical instrumentation, male choirs and soloist female voice.
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Dark and haunting acoustic piano plays over mighty drum groove with some ambient sound effects.
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